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You have been lied to Black man and woman

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  1. @funkman70
    Although Khalib and Farrakhan are muslims, they have claimed that they believed in Christ. I've heard both of them speak and they are quoting scriptures from the Bible. As I've noted before from one of my previous quotes, Khalib didn't believe that there was a Heaven for a "G"/Gangster, If that was true then it would be pointless for a person involved in a gang to embrace Islam. Christianity is different. Christianity is based on the love of God VIA Christ……cont….

  2. @funkman70

    Christianity is based on God love through Christ. Through Christ he is the way the truth and the life and no one comes to God but by him. If it wasn't for Christ we would all be in trouble. None of us is perfect and we've all sinned and fallen short. Mary does exist; Khalib also menitoned in one of his speeches (What is a N*****) that the Mosque he was at was named after Mary and Farrakhan has even acknowledged the existence of Mary.

  3. @funkman70

    Farrakhan has acknowledged the existence of Mary even though he used Allah as God's name when the Angel spoke to Mary. He wasn't talking about Horus and Isis but the very people from the bible in the New Testament.

  4. Blasphemy. If God is all powerful, then He can do anything. If God can keep the oceans in heir boundaries, and the planes in their orbits, then He can keep Hell from reaching us.

  5. @CreeWilly Devils can't understand the speech, nor can their eyes see the truth… The wise do not resort to vile anonymous attacks, Idiots are another thing altogether, when they can't prove a point they do what comes naturally… Teach on Blackman!!!

  6. @kkpwd0724: yeah, thats right. unhexable was talking out his rectum without comprehending what he was watching. so you're totally right about not understanding the speech.

  7. First thing there is no god there is over 500 realign on this plant come on humans. And for people that baleve in realign just look up at night and see the stars there has to be life out there. Realign is made up by man

  8. @MrKingagoonz: "lil person energy", lol. yeah, yeah! its the glasses that givin that 'illmatic' vibe, but i see what u mean about the tip thing. unneccessarily hyper!…

  9. so good with numbers, yet using it to further perpetuate the myth of religion. how can you try to use the same science that disproves YOUR religion to try to to disprove another's? God doesn't exist, use your intelligence for something more useful.

  10. Well, you were on point until the last comment because the Hon. Elijah Muhammad was taught and sent by Allah (God) in the person on Master Fard Muhammad to whom praises are due forever. Minister Farrakhan is but a student like you and I brother.

  11. They have science seperate from religion or the word of God so the center of the earth was never hotter than the sun in the Bible. About heaven. Jesus is god's son and Jesus went to heaven. God can make Jesus from earth to heaven at any speed or make Jesus get to heaven real fast. Now lets look at the Heaven, Well God is powerful that he can put heaven father than the telescopes can go. God is almighty and can do many things.

  12. I saw one of his videos in which he said he would answer the question DOES ISLAM OPPRESS WOMEN but he never answered the question. All he did was compare rape statistic in "white" countries

    All he had to do was compare the many rights and opportunities women have I'm
    Western countries vs the few they have in Islamic countries.

  13. @nybrite46 "Opportunities"? Do you mean the opportunities to work 2 jobs and have someone else raise her children, or to strip for a living, or to be a porn star, or to not be able to find a mate? Western society does not have bragging rights when it comes to the treatment of women, NONE!

  14. @MCAmbitious This comment is ridiculous. You are making up things as you go, nothing back by facts "God can make Jesus from earth to heaven at any speed or make Jesus get to heaven real fast." "God is powerful that he can put heaven father than the telescopes can go." This is why intelligent people are leaving Christianity. No one can prove what they believe and everyone can make up their own theories, none of them based on facts.

  15. @know4life I'm making nothing up my friend. The universe is a big place and how you going to get your proof? Do you know who God suppose to be in the first place? No matter if you think he is real or not, God is a person who can think and go anywhere he wants. Has a lot of power no humans on this earth has. Man is limited and that is a fact so stop playing yourself. You think that man with his contraptions can see the whole iniverse? Your the one making things up not I.I did gave you facts.

  16. @know4life or should I call you nonothing4life. If you had a brain you would know that I meant the opportunities like my daughter and I had to go to college, have a career, choose a husband. Basically decide what WE want to do with our live EVEN if it means stripping for money MORON.

  17. @know4life or again should I call you shit4brains. Women in many Islamic countries have to have their vaginas mutilated, cannot choose their own spouses, cannot go to college, are considered property, or even have the right to drive. Are you with your little brain suggesting Islamic countries have more to brag about moron.

  18. @90rashad No one should waste their time asking you questions because it's obvious you are an ignorant racist fool. He best answer you came up with for my intelligent questions was that you have to be racist against those that hate you.

  19. lol, This video is pretty silly. God took Enoch, Elijah went to heaven on a chariot of fire and Christ ascended into heaven as the disciples witnessed him do. If you have a problem with any of those, you have no business believing in God, period. lol

  20. Yes that is true but what does all that mean? where is HEAVEN i bare witness that God took Elijah To heaven heave only meaning that which is above your head and not some paradise that white slave masters taught you of while they establish heaven in front of your face! so NO! the spook-ism Child-like illogical un-provable theology you call Christianity that Jesus did not teach is silly

  21. Islam =complete submission to the will of god does not oppress women. Arab culture and false indoctrination may but dont tie that into Islam like white people want you to believe through their media. Bishop Eddie long rapes little boys should i start saying CHRISTIANITY MOLESTS LITTLE BOYS? how can Islam oppress women when you need the Muslim in order for there to be ISLAM?

  22. I'm saying that the interpretation of scriptures were given to us as lies from our slave masters. They taught us heaven is in the sky and it is foolish to believe that it's no different from believing in the tooth fairy or childish stories. Heaven is a condition of life on earth under the that we can achieve under the circumstances that we follow the example of God through his messengers. The Holy ghost isn't some crazy foolish behavior that it is portrayed in the black church today.

  23. I don't know anyone that teaches the interpretation you speak of or that believes 'heaven is in the skies' above. According to scripture…God is outside of time and is not confined to it as we are. I don't care about how anyone perceives the black or white church, I pay attention to God's word.

  24. Well unfortunately people do believe that there is a Heaven in the sky waiting for the good people who die and a hell in the ground burining fire waiting for the bad people who die.. And im sorry white people have been slave masters i know that you are afraid to Jeopardize your position in political social economical white Amarica. They Lied to us about ourselves the world the people in it and Gods word. Many of them think they did us a favor by enslaving us

  25. I don't live in America nor am I "afraid" of any social politics policing concept you make up. I don't know anyone that believes anything you have said. I haven't seen any videos on Youtube or any other forum, claiming that heaven is in the first skies above us. If there is any, please show me.

  26. I don't understand why he talks about Christianity. Judging or tryna act smart on spiritual stuff is NOT religion! Talking about clouds and miles and Farenheits .. I mean, religion is all spiritual stuff and has not much to do with science! Why not just leave all the other religions alone if you are bothered by them and put ya life and soul for the religion that you love! One love brothers and sisters! We're all family on this earth!

  27. i love how christians switch up their theology when thought provoking questions are asked…lol…the man is simply stating whats in their book…christianity has made black people retarded…

  28. Look when a airplane is up in the air, it is in the heavens. Outerspace is also called heaven as well put those two together and they are called heavens. Don't forget that those people lived a long time ago before the airplane and other things were invented. They also maybe over exaguarate things like you. You think God is some time of being that say a couple of words and boom, what he wants comes out of knowhwere? Come on man stop being simple minded and think some.

  29. LOL please tell this brother that the stratosphere is as high as clouds go. 747's fly "above" clouds. There is no atmospheric conditions in "space" for clouds to travel even at 6 mph, The loss of gravity would slow a cloud down immensely not to mention there is no water in space which is why you see no clouds in space. My question to brother is "WHO" says science is separate from religion? Do the scriptures read that way or did someone say to defend their made up religion?

  30. Aw Brother Abdul you're a great teacher! You make the Truth so simple a fool would understand!
    Keep on teaching my Brother and I will help you awaken the people!
    Brother you are sharp!
    I Love the teachings! They are of God and the Truth!
    All Praise Due to Allah!
    I am one with God!

  31. Muslims always spewing ignorance. I can't take a person who believes Mihammad was a prophet serious. Islam is a 6th century, desert ideology with no basis in reality.

  32. Explain to me how Allah needed another religion to take the place of Judaism and Christianity? And how a murdering, thieving, lying pedophile named Mohammad split the moon in two.

  33. I love the self-respect that Islam has given to black Americans. The men grow into tall, beautiful trees of intellect and sensitivity and the women blossom into the purest sources of womanhood on the planet. I would rather see my people as Muslims, if they are unable to trust God, rather than the niggers they would surely be without Islam. May God have mercy on us all.

  34. The logic here is just laughable. Jesus went to heaven on a cloud.. but clouds only travel at 6 mph, so therefore there is no heaven!?!?
    As if Jesus, who is God, was bound by any laws of nature. It could have been a cloud of fire for all we know.
    Scripture (The Bible) makes it clear that heaven is a real place. It does not tell you where heaven is. Nor does it say that hell is in the center of the earth. Sounds like This guy wrote his sermon on a napkin 10 minutes before he went up there.

  35. I have some thing to say about this video. God don't like people to mock him or his power/word and if you take it on your self to taint the works/word of the lord all that you touch is tainted as well. So you have tainted all the people setting there in your place. you will lose the grase of god and he will spit you from his mouth and all your followers. Be careful of what you say and he will let the devil control your life. This world is not of god he gave this world to the devil a long time ago. He tells you not to conform to the ways of this world because it is not his ways. It is the devils.

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Listen: The Truth About All African-American Women – From A Black Woman’s Perspective!

Listen: The Truth About All African-American Women – From A Black Woman’s Perspective!