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WTH… White Woman Says She Can Use The ‘N-Word,’ Her Reason Has People Pissed – The Black Loop

WTH… White Woman Says She Can Use The ‘N-Word,’ Her Reason Has People Pissed

Since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, many white people have boldly shown their true colors. Now, there’s a white woman who claims she has the right to say the N-word. Then, to make matters worse she’s making headlines for the ridiculous explanation she’s given to justify her actions.

Meet Valerie Smith:

According to theGrio, Valerie Smith – a white Southhampton, Long Island resident – claims she’s a “pioneer” and that is why she has the right to say the N-word. However, the situation gets worse. Smith actually made headlines during an interview with the Southhampton Press, she spoke about her so-called reform of her neighborhood claiming she “‘rodent infested dump’ into an oasis and often intervened in public disturbances” while calling African Africans the N-word.

“I came into this neighborhood colorblind,” she told the newspaper. “When you are a pioneer, like I am, it’s not easy. I’m the only white person who owns and lives on this street.”

She also recalled an incident back in August where she confronted “a bunch of n—-rs” who were “drinking Hennessy.” The Freedom of Information Law Request obtained audio of Smith’s recount. When asked about her use of the racial slur, she confirmed she’d said it and also claimed it was no big deal. Smith even used Eddie Murphy as an example of how its okay because he’s used the word for entertainment purposes in the past. “Now, all of a sudden I can’t use it?” Smith told the outlet. “Sorry — I live in a black neighborhood, I came here and didn’t see color.”

Dragged To Hell:

Despite her baseless argument, social media users aren’t having it. As expected, her offensive statements have ruffled the feathers of quite a few African-Americans and Black Twitter has wasted no time dragging her to hell. Although she claims to be a resident in a black neighborhood, many people agree she must not have encountered the right black people because the situation could have definitely ended much differently. “She was in the right neighborhood the coon hood? Because I know black neighborhoods that would have stripped her of her color,” one Facebook user said.

Police have confirmed that Valerie has called the police more than 200 times since she moved to the neighborhood six years ago. Many argue that she’s definitely not a pioneer, but she may need to simply relocate.




Source: WTH… White Woman Says She Can Use The ‘N-Word,’ Her Reason Has People Pissed – The Black Loop

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