Why Did They Kill MLK? Was It Because He Was Coming To Get That Check? (Reparations)

MAKE IT PLAIN •"The outgoing president pointed out that “the effects of slavery and Jim Crow didn’t just vanish in the Sixties” – that these effects continue to plague Black people. But 100 days after first taking the oath of office, President Barack Obama told reporters that he would not consider programs targeted at Black communities — that Blacks would have to depend on a rising tide to lift all boats, even though no such tide has ever risen for Black people in America." Not one federal funded organization, or law has been created to benefit black folk's economic disparity. •And yet we are still being sold subliminally integration, jobs, and to focus on remaining "civil". •I'm here to say that we get the damn point! Tell me who's done a better "job" at working a job, remaining civil socially and economically integrating for other communities than the beautiful mahogany beings of America? I'll wait….. •I mean 12.7 billion of our dollars leave our communities just off of Beauty products and another 3 billion in Liquor alone and there aren't even 12 black billionaires worldwide! •But as a community our 1.1 trillion dollar buying power is spent out over a year to build other communities than our own. Damn. This is a tragedy. •So with all due respect, in this capitalist structure box of how thangs go; how long it's gon' be before a word is said on how majority of America is quite okay with just socially integrating with black folk over beer, sports, music or the latest corporate project for the firm but will never economically integrate; and will only appropriate what is valued from our community and keep all the coins. •How bout that for a boot strap, or what we now know as boat on a rising tide. #melaninharvest #martinlutherking #capitalism #blackbusiness #land #money #manifest #food #atlanta #knowledge #power #holiday #reality #writersofinstagram #life #business #buyblack #culture #history #economics #economicintegration #congress #law #senate #president #reparations #acres #organic #rebuild #sustainability

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