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Why Black People Shouldn’t Work For White People Dr. Amos Wilson

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  1. Great Video. The title sounds pretty much like the TRUTH and needs to be shared and encourages segregation, which probably would be doing the Black Community a favor. Whytes have done nothing but cause harm to Black People. ………. 2- …. 3-

  2. I don't agree as that typically doesn't do anything for the 40% of black men that are out of work. Jobs are jobs right now so I think the black community needs all the help it can get. Are there black owners going into these areas trying to employ people? Not enough of them are so I don't see this as the answer but another excuse to give to black men for doing nothing at all or worse getting into the crime element and repeating the cycle of " fatherless children, poverty, incarceration, HIV/AIDS, spreading the diseases then death. Segregation had it's time but that time is long past and people that are struggling need all the help they can get.

  3. How many jobs are we creating in sports, yet black people dont own any nfl, nba teams, heck theirs barely any black coaches. How many coaching jobs and sports commentary jobs are we creating for white men, they are making millions off black people! when are black people gonna own and control our talents and use it to create jobs for our own.

  4. The urban American black is by and large a pariah on society and a destroyer. Why do you think no one wants to live near black neighborhoods. Blacks destroy everything. Look in their yards and on their sidewalks. Look at their houses. When people walk across the street to put distance between themselves and you…it's for a reason and it's not "Them"…it's You.

  5. a woker is only worth their wages .. when you sign that paper read the fine print ..

    your basically saying I have no clue how to think and process things on my own .. idunno but we still we may still have a choice or atleast thats what some say.

    but Jesus said were slaves to whatever masters us .. much bigger issues go beyond farther than eyes can see … than ears can hear…

    so it's why most will only just say He is the light and the only way ..

  6. Black Music creates jobs?  For the Police and the prison and innocent people- what was that rappers song "Kill Tho Police"  what jobs will that create?  How about the other song about how to rob Asians how they are soft targets and you are to watch your prey before you rob them.   How about black concerts how many people get shoot at these concerts-  That creates jobs-

  7. Best for all is to be color blind, especially for the black community. I live in a majority East Indian community, and believe me when I say blacks ain't black!

  8. This video reminds me of a Black Teacher who made a Video about the 2 "X" in our DNA… This black teacher went on to state that the black X was bigger and there for superior to the small white x and that this meant that the white people are holding back blacks because the white know the blacks are smarter… That's a teacher saying this-  Funny- they don't have a White History Month or a Brown History Month or a Asian History Month but you have to have a Black History month to say what?  That the white man stole all his ideas from the black man..

  9. I watched a video last night of a black thug killed while he was robing a store- had his gun against the store clerks head and the thug was shot/killed by another shopper- The black mother went off saying that the guy that shot her thug had no right and should have minded his own business and walked away allowing her son to kill the store clerk…   Acts like this were the criminal is the victim is "Typical Black".. Ever hear the word "DINDUNUFIN" .. Ever hear white burning down a town when white trash is taken out- Nope! Why, because it's one less POS in this word, but the Black community puts criminal life at the top of the employment chain…

  10. Did you see the video from BLM of the cops taking the kids off the bus and arresting them.. Did you notice BLM refused to play the audio on that video… Did you hear it?  Animals nothing but a bunch of animals- Did you know the cops were called because of the kids fighting on the bus and when the old bus driver lady pulled over to get the kids to stop fighting the kids beat her up! You did not see that in the video did you!  Do you think that is right?  I would like to see a white video show up like that- you won't see it.. they don't act like that… still can be animals but they will not attack the bus driver nor the police…

  11. in Zambia we have copper, uranium, gold, cobalt, emeralds fertile land etc yet we beg for jobs we beg for money from donors to fund our nation's budget. there's surely something wrong with us and I want to come out it. we have different kinds of races from all over the world who come to work here and get 1000 times better pay than blacks

  12. Jobs are not the solution!! Are you hearing this? People don't need jobs. They need the true Elohim and equality. Everyone should be respected the same as anyone else. Somebody taught us that inequality is okay. Even if black people have wealth, they in turn make slaves of their own people as well as white people. If black people are going to run the place just like the white people have, then what difference would it make? Kingdoms run by whites or blacks are still going to be kingdoms of men. The reason black people were taken into slavery in the first place is because they disobeyed the Elohim of the bible. Their memory of their identity was stripped from them and they were brought into bondage. The black race is being awakened to their identity again. They are Israel. Wake up and do what is right and you will be given back your place. The place was not meant to be run by a tyrant, it was meant to be run by the true Elohim. Where every man is truly equal. Not like this where the founders of these governments write eloquent words like "All men are created equal" while owning slaves and clearing lands of it's original inhabitants. History should not be repeated. The revelation has begun, know that most of, if not all black people are the Israelites. Go back to obeying, I'm pretty sure it's Yah, and help the healing begin for the earth and it's inhabitants.

  13. So many people in these comments are fucking stupid. He is not tell I g you to go hungry, he is telling you to do for self. Go tomorrow school with a mindset of coming back to the ghetto and make it a decent place to live. Create our own jobs. Teach our own kids. Keep our money within our communities. Black people need to act as a nation WITHIN a nation.

  14. I totally agree. And would suggest this message holds true for all groups, don't give away your assets and don't look to someone else to provide for you, you have the power to determine your own destiny, take what God has given you, your voice, your hands, your talents, your resources and make the most of them, support yourself and your family, and if you can help some people in your community too. If we were all doing that we would be in better shape economically and socially.

  15. i had black people work for me never again you are to lazy to do your job you all have a chip on your shoulder like i own you something , hey you low IQ racist fuks if it wasn't for the white man you still be living in mud huts , name one country that is run by blacks thats not a shit hole ? the media is hiding all the crime you blacks are doing you POS but that will change

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