Whoopi Goldberg Went In On Donald Trump on The View! “ Black People Not Going Anywhere ” – 11/18/16

Whoop Goldberg Friday discussed reports that Donald Trump intends to appoint Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and retired Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn as national security adviser, telling her The View co-hosts the decision “pisses [her] off.”

Responding to Paula Faris’s suggestion that Trump’s upcoming meeting with former rival Mitt Romney is a sign “that we can set our differences aside,” Goldberg fired back:

Goldberg: No, no, no.

Faris: I’m just hoping for the best, I’m an optimist.

Goldberg: I’m sorry baby, when you see these—I’m an optimist too. This does not make me optimistic, this pisses me off.
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Goldberg lamented the people who say they’re “trying to put stuff behind” them, arguing we “fought in this country” for civil rights. “We’re trying to do stuff in this country to make it better,” Goldberg said, later adding, “’cause this is America.”

“Black people are not going anywhere, they are not going to be slaves anymore so get that out of your head,” Goldberg continued. “Muslims, who were born here as Americans, are not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere, I don’t know why you don’t get this part.”

Joy Behar responded with personal anecdotes of people who are dealing with harassment in New York City.

“What kind of country is this now,” she asked. “People better not sit back and just take it because they have all the power in the White House, in the Senate, in the House of Representatives, the FBI is in their pocket.”
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“We have to be the loyal opposition in this county,” Behar concluded. “That’s what we’re here for.”

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