White Viewers Trash Solange’s SNL Performances, But Black Twitter Comes to Her Rescue

Solange performs on "Saturday Night Live" (NBC screen shot)
Solange performs on “Saturday Night Live” (NBC screen shot)

After Solange celebrated her Blackness during her performances on “Saturday Night Live” last weekend, white Twitter users trashed it.

The singer performed two songs from her widely acclaimed album, A Seat at The Table.

Donning a stunning white jumpsuit, Solange performed “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair.” Both tracks provide commentary on being Black with the latter commanding pride in wearing natural hair. Solange sparkled in a braided halo and accompanying crystal-beaded outerwear over a white two piece for “Cranes.” Then, she proudly showed off her voluminous tresses for “Hair.”

Solange preforming Cranes in the Sky on SNL is the most beautiful live preform i have ever seen on SNL.

— aquafina ? (@SADGllRL) November 7, 2016

But many white viewers did not enjoy the singer’s SNL debut.

As Solange performed “Don’t Touch My Hair” TJ Ross stated she should tell her sister Beyoncé “not to wear ours.”

Solange is telling white people to not touch her hair. She should also tell her sister to not wear ours. #Solange #SNL

— TJ Ross (@TJRossTX) November 6, 2016

But Chasity had an informative response, noting the hair used for sew-in weaves is not from white women.

@TJRossTX are you Malaysian, Brazilian, Indian? Oh ok, didn’t think so. Pretty sure she isn’t wearing “your” hair.

— Chasity♡ (@ChassGrimes) November 6, 2016

Several other users also took on Ross’ critique.

BQ surmised that the user simply didn’t like the song because it is meant to uplift Black women with natural hair; it’s not meant for him.

Seems like @TJRossTX is just mad that DTMH is not for him. And why is it not for you? Because society does not use your hair to oppress you.

— BQ ?? (@vlexiz) November 6, 2016

Additionally, Will responded with this photo.


— Will (@_WillC_) November 6, 2016

Meanwhile, Patrick Donohue tweeted that Solange “can’t sing to save her life” and deemed her performance “pure crap.”

@nbcsnl @solangeknowles..She only got a shot cause of who her sister is..That was pure crap..Cant sing to save her life..ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE

— Patrick Donohue (@PatrickDonohue3) November 6, 2016

Vinniecocoa called Solange’s live show “horrendous.”

Does #SNL know that this is a terrible performance and Solange actually has a bad voice. And this song is horrendous

— vinniecocoa (@vinniecocoa) November 6, 2016

To which Southern_Mouth responded with a GIF of an unbothered looking Solange.


— Southern_Mouth (@OfficialTSEMS) November 6, 2016

And Natalie Schmatalie explained she didn’t understand Solange performing “with a spiderweb on her head and doing jazz hands.”

I am so old and out of touch. Because Solange is on #SNL with a spiderweb on her head and doing jazz hands and I just don’t get it.

— Natalie Schmatalie (@Schmatallica) November 6, 2016

The onslaught of outrage should come as no surprise. Solange’s older sister Beyoncé faced racist backlash after performing at the Country Music Association Awards last week. Among other things, conservative white viewers deemed Bey a police hating anti-American. The backlash seemed to lead to the CMA removing all mentions of Beyoncé on their website and social media accounts. However, the organization denied the accusation.

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