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White Supremecy Effect on The Black Childs Mind [A Dr. Na’im Akbar Study]


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  1. @FMCLAW777 "we were backwards back then, hitting our woman over the head and bla, bla, bla."what gives you that idea that that was a reality,that is just foolishness you have been told about the past,humans 50,000yrs ago had the same capabilities that we have,evolution LOL,what produced the oppurtunity for such leasurely pursuits?if it was just whiteness why did it take so long for whites to create those things you boast of,the fact is whiteness had nothing to do with it only ur delusions say so

  2. @FMCLAW777 500 yrs ago,what it is happening now,500 yrs ago slavery ended in the US 150 some odd years,how many generations is that?legalized segregation ended 45 yrs ago!!!its amazing your ignorance of history,we, you included are a product of history,it is the reason that you view the world through the scope of race,your forefathers did thus you do,racism isnt natural,the social standards of blacks were developed here in america,present black americans are a product of america!!as you are

  3. @FMCLAW777 what blacks that you know of regulated what is or was to be taught to blacks in school,I just took a class where the prof. said that blacks brought nothing with them from africa i know that not to be true but no one raised an eyebrow to the statement because we have all been groomed to beleive such nonesense.why is that you think that blacks exist in the US as some homogenous group who just developed on their own not affected by the world around them?nowhere in the history of man

  4. @FMCLAW777 have an entiere group of people been relegated to subhuman status,no one is complaining what white people have done maybe in conjecture but the point is how this government built its economic base of of human chattle,modern capitolism is a direct result of past exploits,the gov. had no choice but to free the slaves it wasnt an act of philanthropy,FYI the Haitians are the only people on the planet to successfully fight off their chains period

  5. @FMCLAW777 First blacks did fight back many times not just for the freedom of black bt for the independence of different nations but blacks fought blacks rebelled and black were killed n the defence of their life and loved ones. Lincoln didntgive a damn about blacks he freed them cause there was a black man n his saying free the cause they cn b a valuable addition to the army not only that if he freed the slave from the south he'd b damaging the economy of the rebels so he did it 2 hurt not help

  6. @richbullva Where do you think your history comes from?? Is all history fake?? Funny how convenient it is to refer to history when it suites black people, but when you start to refer to how evolution brought us to where we are now, it's a lie because black people are still far behind. Meaning that they did not evolve at all, instead, they still rely on others to support them, feed them, help them!!!

  7. @richbullva 500 years ago, slavery was started by the Arabs and the African blacks!! I never said slavery ended 500 years ago!! The main issues here are that only WHITE people are blamed for Slavery and no one else. It's also a fact that WHITES ended slavery!! We are also the "only" race that still produces most of Africa's aid!! The real issue is that BLACKS took 500 years to be where they are now, and still they are struggling to FEED themselves!! I mean really!!

  8. @richbullva When blacks were taken to America as Slaves, THEY HAD NOTHING, thus brought nothing!! Now, they have everything!! Give me any Black American that will come back to Africa and live as AFRICANS do. You will find no one willing because they are so caught up in what the White man gave them in America. So sad to see this, also give me names of BLACK PEOPLE who are helping their fellow BLACK brothers in Africa. Not even with Haiti, did BLACK countries contribute.

  9. @richbullva Maybe BLACKS were given SUBHUMAN status because they live, act and behave like a bunch of apes. All across Africa this is normal for them, to burn, kill, demolish and break everything civilized. Blacks cannot live by rules and values, this is why America's prison populations are mostly BLACKS. They are no better than the slave masters (African Blacks and Arabs) that enslaved them for so long. Yes, we had part, but fuc, we also ended it and have been blamed ever since.

  10. @TheDoviverse No my friend, the only people who wanted independence for them, was white people. We even tried separating them from each other due to the internal tribal warfare they had. Still today, Africans cannot get along with the fellow Africans due to cultural believes and practices. Africans killing other Africans, AKA ETHNIC CLEANSING. Africans hate each other AND THEY ALWAYS WILL!

  11. People like FMCLAW777 just like to state a lot of shit. Pick up a book and read. Oh I forgot white people fill the history books with lies of blacks being primitive to not crush the esteem of their white children. Bummer. A closed mind should be occupied with a closed mouth. Idiot.

  12. Other ethnicities are still bit players in the dominant areas of the imagination of the west- media, tv, film, religion, and popular literature.
    Representation is defined by race quotas, modern stereotypes, and cash demographics.
    The mind is colonised. and it is accepted as normal by most.

  13. @KumarZimmerman08, I'm a African America Man, And believe it or not, I agree with your point on going "back to Africa". I have said for many years that African Americans should return to Africa, and BUILD OUR OWN GLOBAL RELATIONSHIPS, Technologies, and WAR MACHINE. Along with our GLOBAL ALLIES. NO MATTER WHAT "RACE" THEY MAY BE. And, force ALL RACIST IDEOLOGY OFF THE CONTINENT by logical and or political means. And if that doesn't work SLAUGHTER. So the rest Humanity as a whole can move forward.

  14. @richbullva Why do you suppose Blacks in America live so nicely. The same White people you are trying to make out as racists, are the ones PROVIDING blacks with EVERYTHING. They are also known as LIBERALS, and SOMETHING I do not support. I feel for Black people because they are unable to see the real EVIL behind Liberals. How does one become fully independent when they keep living of other and other's support??

  15. @sferemonk Like the echo of the Black man claiming his race was the only one ever effected by Slavery. Lets recap, Egyptians were said to be black or AKA Nubians. Egypt was build on the SLAVERY of other races, including Whites. So who enslaved who and who is really to blame. Black people are quick to say that Nubians (Egyptians) ruled the world and build an EMPIRE, what they forget is that those Egyptians enslaved millions of people. WHERE DOES SLAVERY COME FROM THEN??

  16. @FMCLAW777 Does your one imaginary black man speak for all black people!?! Was Egypt "built" on slavery!?! Did the Egyptians enslave "millions"
    Who had 'slaves'?- Egypt – Greece – Rome – Arabia – Africa – Babylon – Persia – India – Ottomans – Austro-Hungarians –
    The word slave comes from the name Slav i.e. slavic peoples. But slavery is as old as your point is old.

  17. @sferemonk That was the whole point, Slavery is old and was done by many races onto others. NOT JUST BLACK PEOPLE were enslaved as stated by the millions and millions of them!!

  18. @FMCLAW777 all i do is research bruh! the english did enslave countless whites but not because they were white,,just because you don't understand how it effects blacks nowadays even after listening to this vid it is trully sad

  19. @richbullva Slavery is Slavery, it produces cheap labour, being a white slave is not any different to being a black slave!! if you are a slave, you are there against your will, regardless your skin colour. Just because it effects black people longer than it did white people, brings me to the conclusion that Black people in GENERAL, have a problem letting go of the past simply because they are still the only race to CRY that racism and slavery "effects" them today. fuck sakes, move on already!

  20. @FMCLAW777 it is different dude,thats why enslaving whites in the colonies was less lucrative they could escape and blend in,blacks are the only people enslaved because of there "race"look around you I know you notice all the black women with perms,this vid tells the story of the psycological effects of slavery,a problem letting go of the past,the past still effects all of us,we are subject to the universal laws of cause and effect!the effects still resonates,we aren't crying at all,its truth

  21. @FMCLAW777 maybe if you tried to empathize you would understand,most blacks don't understand how slavery effects us today,do you think that black people thought that they were ugly before having it drilled into there heads by this system that we live in,seriously no one is blaming you you are obviously a victim as well if you can't see how something like this type of slavery can be damaging on a fellow human being come on dude,get over it please,you get over it no one is blaming you or your ilk

  22. @sferemonk yeah and yall are screwed up in the head all of these racist comments that you and your ilk make against your fellow man you are a victim of the lies as well as blacks are,truth is often news to those who believe in lies!!!

  23. @FMCLAW777 when your ancestors came they brought nothing they were the dregs of europe and now since the presence of blacks makes you feel so good the very dregs that came from euro are the most ardent racist of our day,,get the hellout of here,your white self didnt' give me anything its funny when we talk about slavery all you guys say is we didn't do it,but when you say that blacks are better off we have you to think,its sad that you know so little of your own history man seriously READ!!

  24. @richbullva your hysteria is affecting your vision and comprehension.
    Calm down, take your pulse, sip some camomile with a drop of brandy.
    Then look over my posts again, consider and think things thru rationally.
    Your nonsense is rather concerning.

  25. @richbullva When my ancestors came to Africa, they brought EVERYTHING. Their wealth and their minds. With this, they brought Africans everything they know today, STRUCTURES, TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT, SUSTAINABILITY etc. But funny in most African countries, where they chased away the White man for leading them into the future, those countries soon needed additional help from the same Europeans they chased away!!

  26. @richbullva History 101 – Slavery of African people started between Africans and Arabs, not the WHITE MAN and another WHITE MAN. We had part in enslaving Africans, but we were not the cause, as were many other races who had African slaves. Blacks sold themselves into slavery, by their very Leaders and Chiefs and this is a FACT! I never said Whites didn't have anything to do with slavery, but we did not start it! We did however, END SLAVERY for all AFRICAN people, also FACT!!

  27. @richbullva Did you know that SLAVERY still exists in Africa today, as well as other non White countries. Only thing is that WHITES do not have slaves anymore, but for other races this is still a daily practice, which in some cultures are still acceptable today!! Also FACT!!

    Asian countries are a very good example of current age slavery, with their Child labour! Africa is more know for CHILD SOLDIERS, also a form of slavery!! Where are the EVIL WHITE SLAVE OWNERS NOW????

  28. @richbullva Maybe you have been reading the wrong material brother, as the books you read leave out some important facts of history about the white man and what he did!

  29. @FMCLAW777 i never mentioned evil white slave owners but in your rambling you forgot to mention the high level of slave activity in eastern Europe,thousands of women and children are enslaved in Europe as well,stop using the race card,,I never said anything about race being a factor in slavery,YOu know what i said talk to me and quite your ramblings

  30. @sferemonk maybe i did overreact but to think that modern racism doesn't negatively effect whites is silly,it efffects us all,so maybe it is news to you but its true,,there and i prefer Vodka over brandy

  31. @FMCLAW777 dude your ancestors?or dudes who just happened to be white,anything they brought with them could have been left in Europe,seriously taking all of this ownership of history lol,hilarious,your ancestors seriously where are you from name one who traveleds into africa,not to mention africans should have chased them away,unfortunately most didn't and the downfall of africa began,do you think Songhay needed Europeans how about Ghana,your racism is sickening

  32. @FMCLAW777 how did you end slavery and its still going on?in your very next post you said that shit,Euros enslaved other Euros this race concept came after the African SLave trade,I never blamed the white man its to amalogous a term to place blame your silly little mind,,Whites sold white as well the vikings sold countless whites into africa I am sure you are familiar with the word Slav,,your racism is sickening

  33. I'm not black, so I can only guess what the demeaning psychological effects are of having black skin and Negroid features in a white-dominated and white-controlled world, particularly the media. Seeing those young black kids favoring the white dolls is sad too, no doubt. But too many blacks give up and turn to mayhem or despair. If they supported each other and focused on education, strong families, and clean, safe communities, they would succeed just like any other race.

  34. @MyUserNameIsUhhhhhhh ,Your mama not on there
    she laying with the monkey and produced you brother BLOOD BROTHER the APE You and thge Have the Same Genes

  35. @richbullva Well, you referred to them being "MY ANCESTORS" in a previous comment. And yes, they were "OUR ANCESTORS" seeing as we are made up of their different cultures, French, Finish, Dutch etc!!!!!!!!!!!! You clearly know nothing about by culture or how it originated. The downfall of Africa came when power was given back to Black natives. All over Africa this can be seen in what has become of civilized, developing countries into countries filled with Aids, Corruption, Crime and much more!

  36. Jesus isn't white he is hebrew. back in the day 1980's jews would feel insulted if you called them white but of course so much race mixing thy do not care if you call them white today. Besides…. This is USA if you want a less racial based stress then move to aftrica. besides I being white feel more stress among whites. no im not a self hating white. im just tired of the shiiit they spout.

  37. Not sure if the video is on youtube but there was a request for any white person who thinks they are no racist to please join the tv program. then they ask each white person blah blah this or that…Oh even if you have just 1 black best friend they still found her racist even if her husband was black. LOL!!!

  38. @90rashad
    Also depends how much you read about other people depression. Take 5 american blacks VS 5 African black whos moved to USA. Now which 5 will succeed in life and not go to jail? THe africans who came to USA will succeed over those black americans. If you keep your mind in sadness then nothing bad stuff will happen. LIFT YOURSELF UP!

  39. If we Nuked south africa and removed all whites from africa and started over and introduced whites to africa then I am sure the samewould happen to whites as it is black in USA even today. It is a Human superiority complex to be Alpha male. Does this mean more whites want to be king of the hill than blacks? The difference is in how we grow up. THe diff is tribe intellect. There is no tribe intellect among whites. We live in the singular. blacks live in the tribe intellect.

  40. I see that so called mind control even passivly on the streets.
    I drive down the street and a caddilac white boy driver tail gates me to move over.
    Well fuck him… I break and slow down just to piss him off.

  41. @90rashad
    Also depends on what you call evil. People keeping to themselves is not evil. Peopel always wanting to get into everyone elses crap is evil. Why can't people keep their hands to themselves?

  42. Have any of you black americans tried and visit Africa? I mean any part of it. THe rich part. THE middle class part or even the poor part? Of any part of it more than anything negative more blacks there point fingers towards the jews and not whites in geneal. THey know the truth and those africans who work here do not put up with that crap and I witnessed it first hand. black lady pointed at a jew and said YOU DO NOT TALK TO ME!

  43. @90rashad
    The original ones responible who started the whole fad of slaves and the first who were non white were teh arabs. As of still today who are slaves in Africa are black men in africa. it happens today so go down there and beat them up

  44. @90rashad
    I imagine you know fuck all about human history beyond "thuh slaverih." Mongols weren't cruel? Tamerlane who made pyramids out 10 of thousands of human skulls from conquered cities wasn't cruel? The Huns? The imperial Japanese? Read about what they did to Chinese on WW2. Imagine how they would have treated Africans lol. You do know that an ancient African culture was already conquered & destroyed by Chinese invaders right. Madagascar?

  45. @90rashad
    Its obvious you blacks look at other races with rose tinted glasses looking for allies against evil YT but you need to get more perspective. Remember who set you free and gave you equality. Who has the highest immigration rate in their native countries who contributed the most to scientific, technological and intellectual knowledge. Who is more likely to accept you as one of them a European or an Asian? Think about that and show some fucking gratitude.

  46. @90rashad
    What about the Hutus they massacred 1 million Tutsis in one month. Weren't they cruel or evil? Naturally stronger aye. Thats not racist at all is it. Bet you convince urself that ur just as intelligent as us too. Want the best of both worlds. Says you live in Europe. What the fuck are you living in a White country for if thats how you feel. Go back to Africa and stop using White inventions (electricity, computer, teh internets) you ungrateful cunt.

  47. @90rashad I know they are stronger (physically) and I never said they were not. What they are not, is MENTALLY STRONGER in the sense of inventing or evolving through time. History has shown this over and over. Even today, they are "backward" or in better terms, underdeveloped or under evolved!! Slavery was started between ARABS AND BLACK CHIEFS, NOT WHITES AND AFRICANS WITH GUNS. Yes, we had part in slavery, but we also ended it and also did not start slavery for Africans. Go read some history.

  48. No use whinging & blaming us for your well warranted inferiority complex. Just fall in line, keep your head down, & get a job scrubbing toilets or whatever suits your general mental ability. Be happy, stick with your own kind, live a quiet dignified life. Stop committing crime & being a drain on the nations resources. Stop relying on welfare & leeching off the hard work off others. People will like you more. Thats my advice to your average joe Black whos basketball career doesnt work out.

  49. Look…lots of blood was shed due to conquest and power. But I pray of each of you NOT to go backward but forward. If we keep doing this then we will never evolve. Black white yellow green WHO GIVES A ISHT!! We cant change the past and everyone has suffered. Black ppl are more racist to themselves(and Im Black) Its time for us whos smart to say uckf tradition and start thinking for ourselves!!! THE ONLY RACE I BELIEVE IN IS THE PSYCHOLOGICAL RACE. To u RACIST sheeple..BURN IN 1000 HELLS!!

  50. While I love Dr. Na'im Akbar, the famous "white doll v black doll" test NOT his study. This study was originally done by Dr. Kenneth B. Clark, a clinical psychologist whose work on the effects of racial segregation on the minds of children formed much of the evidence upon which the United States Supreme Court relied in its famous Brown v Board of Education decision in 1954.

  51. @art12mind12 Lying and conniving not in a black man's nature?? OMG now I have heard it all. You clearly do not know AFRICAN BLACKS my friend!! They have been deceiving, murdering, raping and stealing from WHITES ever since whites set foot on African soil and they still do. If they are not lying or conniving, why is it then that in America, 8 out of 10 blacks will become criminal and why are blacks 8 times more likely than whites to become criminal? You clearly do not even know your own country.

  52. @thetwentyfourth Funny you say, US WHITES. You suffer from White guilt and should go see someone for that. There are more to Blacks and Whites that meets the eye. Yes Whites caused genocide, murder, wars etc, I never denied this, BUT WE EVOLVED INTO SOMETHING BETTER, while the Black man still drags his feet behind and tries to point fingers at White people for his own inability. Blacks do not have cognitive ability (planning, problem solving) and is a GENERAL PROBLEM with them.

  53. @thetwentyfourth to generalise is not a bad thing, if you have 90 percent people act the same way, do the same things etc, than the GENERAL PUBLIC is guilty of doing the same things. Where is the problem in that? Since when did speaking the truth become a problem? O. I know, always, especially when it comes to the shortcomings of black people and why they do not evolve. Instead of solving the problem, you are making it worse. When blacks are "bad", tell them they need to change, instead of ….

  54. @thetwentyfourth ….blaming others for your mistakes, inability, unwillingness and issues. Whites are guilty of a lot of things, BUT CAUSING BLACKS TO BE WHAT THEY ARE TODAY, is not one of them. You are probably Left / Liberal, which mean you are one of those USEFUL IDIOTS that Marxists use in the name of LIBERATION, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY etc, the same people who is brainwashing you into thinking you need to pay back black people for what your ancestors did to them. Guess what, they were not WHITE

  55. @thetwentyfourth but Muslim Arabs and their own tribal Chiefs / Kings that enslaved them and started this hole evil cycle of BLACK SLAVERY which BLACKS still blame WHITES for to this day. Just as there were black slaves, you had white, indian, asian and other slaves. Blacks are not special in this regard as they make out to be, BUT THEY ARE THE ONLY RACE THAT NEEDED HELP FROM OTHERS TO OVERCOME THEIR SLAVERY, and then still has the nerve to BLAME us for their problems!! Good GOD MAN…

  56. @thetwentyfourth .. open your eyes and ears and go do some research into History facts. How long are you going to let these people tell you how to think and how to feel about your own history. The greatest inventions ever created was created by Whites, not blacks and you want to call yourself and your race a virus? Viruses / Parasites looks for hosts and live off them, much like Blacks are doing today in America and Europe. In Africa, they live of constant AID and support from others!!

  57. @thetwentyfourth Honestly, you need to get your head and facts checked about the black man and his abilities, inabilities and were he has his limits. History has shown the limits and destructive powers of BLACK people, you just choose not to listen to these facts because they are not accepted in the liberal world we live in. Stand with the World, and you stand against God. Stand against the World and you stand with God, REMEMBER THAT MY ILL INFORMED WHITE FRIEND!!

  58. @thetwentyfourth Yes history has shown the destructive powers of all people, but unlike White people, Black people have not, nor will they ever evolve beyond that point. It's like expecting a dog to use a toilet and then flush. Maybe you will find one in a million that can, but they are the EXCEPTION, not the rule!! Why not generalize, they surely do it. White people are still blamed to this day for slavery, are they not. And surely White people are the only racists on earth according to them??

  59. @thetwentyfourth O, so when you see White on Black racism, you scream WRONG, but when blatant Black on White racism takes place, it is acceptable to you. Simple fact, in the USA you have many form of Racism against whites, one being BEE and AA, so you accept that kind of racism. What about when Black people call white people, honky, whitey, pink pig etc. You also find those acceptable? There are many forms of racism against Whites, you are simply not seeing them clearly enough. Just look as SA.

  60. @serious7231 you obviously have not read about the cognitive ability of black people and sure as hell have not read history books like I have. Blacks did not even have a written language nor written history before white people. So maybe, JUST FUCKING MAYBE, it's the black people making up SHIT as they go along in order to gain more AID, SUPPORT and DEVELOPMENT

  61. @thetwentyfourth NO, maybe it's just being a REALIST and not a racist. Look, they are physically more superior than whites, but when it comes to cognitive ability, research have shown that they are very limited in that department, meaning they are unable to sort out problems and cannot plan in advance, thus that is why they keep on having children while only being able to afford 1. That is just one example. Knowing the limits of your own race and others is not racism. Its being REALISTIC!!!

  62. @thetwentyfourth If black people have the ability to evolve, why is it then that they are still lacking behind the rest of the word in EVERY ASPECT OF SOCIETY!! If they are not constantly aided, supported and funded, they reach nothing! Also, if they were able to EVOLVE, WHY WERE THEY STILL LIVING SO PRIMITIVELY WHEN WHITES DISCOVERED THEM? They have not cognitive ability (planing and problem solving abilities), thus they are unable to EVOLVE beyond a certain point!! YOU SURE ARE UNEDUCATED!!

  63. @ FMCLAW777 look loser, I don't give a shit about your opinions, you aint no better cause obviously your watching videos made especially for blacks, so if blacks were so inferior why are you on these type of videos commenting, I know white people like you are obsessed with blacks that's why you go roaming around these types of videos, putting negative comments to feed your sick egomaniac supremacist minds.

  64. Really? Research has shown that there is no correlation between Race and Intelligence. Look it up before you start making up false arguments. Your comment is just narcissistic bull shit cooked up by your idiotic ancestors who chose to believe in absurdities. Just like Christianity.

  65. Are you sure about your fact on that. The research I have read states that millions of people were tested in the same manner according to actual brain size, IQ levels, Testosterone levels, physicality, sexuality and much more.

    The report (on millions of people from the 3 major races) can be read at the link below. You will not find that this is reported too often as it is not "politically correct" enough to publish widely!! Idiot

    w w w .charlesdarwinresearch. org / Race_Evolution_Behavior .pdf

  66. You are so stupid, so disgraceful, so awful that it may not even be worth to respond to you but alas I will. It seems you not aware why Europe and ASIA developed gun powder. You are not aware about the deposits of metals that happen to be in europe and the right domesticated animals in order to do labor of the land. If you want to educate yourself more read Guns, Germs, and Steel or type it in youtube. Now you know what is interesting is that the early humans who stayed in africa developed into

  67. Who the fuck cares where you came from, whether you were a ape or not. Main thing is, Africa under Africans were, is and always will be the least developed continent on this planet! Always were and Always will be. They are also the least likely to exceed in anything other than mating, stealing, murdering, raping and destroying anything and everything. Please note, you do find the odd exception among them that are not like the rest, but they are the EXCEPTION not the RULE!

  68. This is too ignorant to comment on. It really apears that you possess absolutely not intelligents or an academic prowess of any capacity. Take a college class on World or US history. Study the Spanish Inquisition, The Crusades, European Colonization, American Expansionism. Study a place called Timbuktu. I maybe assuming to much, but you can look it up on Wikipedia. Read a book, stop using the internet for just porn and get smart.

  69. And you need to wipe the bullshit from your eyes, you have been brainwashed too long by Liberalism to think straight!!!! There is really only one book that one needs to read to know the truth, and that is the Bible my friend. Try and find one that was not rewritten in the 80's and maybe, just maybe you will come to your senses!!

  70. My mother tells me when she was little EVERY girl she knew had a black doll.
    It was the normal thing. I can just remember them.
    Then Liberal fucktards started saying this was racist.
    If Black kids chose the white doll that is an issue for Black parents and Black society to deal with.
    Why the video wants to blame Whites for Black kids choices is beyond me.
    Blacks need to form stable families and present good role models.
    Dump this gangster culture and a dozen baby mamma nonsense.

  71. Oh wait, and what of your thoughts of Whites in Trailor parks, America's Shanties, all across this country and they're mostly under welfare thus using taxpayers money? Hello?

  72. The majority population has always historically suppressed and oppressed the manority. This is the human condition. Political equality cannot exist without social equality. How can the African-Amarican become Anglo-Saxon, Judeo-Christian? Answer: Social equiality is an dificult task….rather learn from Jesus Christ & find bridges to cooperation and co-existance.

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SAPD punch black girl

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