Why White People Can’t Tell Me Sh*T!

Family, can I be real? White people cant tell me a damn thing.

All my life I had to listen to the opinion of white folks. What I should eat, how I should dress, and how I should think. Can I tell you a secret? 99.999% of that has been hypocrisy and bullshit. What I ate, led to cancer and how I dressed, led to making them wealthy. So called “white people” main goal in life is to make the entire world, live, dress, and think like them. They’re biggest fear is for you to have a mind of your own. They fear the day we realize who we used to be, what we used to eat, how we used to dress, and how we used to think.

In fact, the only thing a white person can talk to me about is reparations. Reparations, reparations, reparations, that’s he beginning and end of our conversation white man. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have anything to tell me, it had be better be about all those wages and land you stole from my people and your plan to give it back. Other than that, a white person can’t tell me SHIT!

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