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White Ex-Cop Who Fatally Shot Daughter’s Black Boyfriend Sentenced to 15yrs

A judge has finally sentenced a former Tulsa, OK police officer to 15 years for the 2014 fatal shooting of his daughter’s 19-year-old Black boyfriend.

After three previous mistrials, the decision to convict Shannon Kepler came after six hours of deliberation.

Kepler claimed self defense saying he fired on Lake because he thought he was armed despite no gun being found and witnesses testifying that the 19-year-old was unarmed when he was shot.

Kepler was sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing Jeremey Lake, the Black boyfriend of his daughter in 2014. Shannon Kepler was also fined $10,000 for shooting and killing Jeremey Lake.

Lake’s aunt, Pam Wilkins, who allowed the couple to stay at her home, said the ex-cop had tracked down his daughter to bring her home and began shooting Lake when he tried to introduce himself by reaching out to shake Kepler’s hand.

At the jury’s recommendation, the judge handed down a 15-year sentence to Shannon Kepler.

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