Where Did White People Come From? What Is The Origin Of White People? by Dr. Booker T. Coleman


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  1. All unborn's. Actually, yes, what happens is that the unborn develops a tail. The tail is not literally a tail but a skeleton version of the spinal cord. Before the baby is born the body absorbs the tail then magically it creates a spinal cord. Sometimes, the spinal cord fully forms but the tail has not absorbed back into the body so, therefore, it hangs out giving the assumption of a tail. Yep, a old Indian man still has his and a few others decided to keep it. It is a form of the spinal cord, not actually a tail.

  2. Black man was born on land… There had to be a black man who did DNA splicing because european DNA comes from underwater.. WE ALL COME FROM THE WATER. Black women birth albino children.. DNA has been genetically engineered.

  3. Wow! This man should of been my teacher all thru my schooling years and thensome for I know I never paid close attention to the ones I had like I did for this man. He spoke volumes of info to me that I couldn't question for it made sense to me…

  4. White people are different than black people, we are not from black people. You cannot get a white man from black people, and if you dont know that yet, you need to look around. There was no ice age. Negative 800 and you go into the cave to get warm…yeah right. Africans are from Africa…white people are from northern climates where blacks are now trying to live and suffering the results of no vitamin D, no sun. To assume that black people evolve into white people over time is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. we have different bodies, different brains.
    He lies. No African can create a white man and this man should know that. Africans are not created out of white people either. We are different people, and different in every way. The problem with black culture is there are no scientists, just bullshitters like this dimwit.

  5. This video is very interesting but if it takes 16 or however many generations to become white, the process must be reversible with sunlight! This video is at least partial bulljive!

  6. This guy is clueless and needs to watch Bobby Hemmit's Human Artificial. People already know that today's cloning is derived from a rogue group of Ancient Egyptians (they were master scientists) who created non-melanin beings. It is also the coded story of Jacob (Yacub) who breeded them until not one "speckle" a.k.a. aspect of melanin remained in them.

  7. Let's all just step back and have a real conversation without the name calling and ridiculous ideas of what each race's issues are. Anybody?? Here's my issue as a white woman married to a full blooded, card carrying Native american. My children are mixed! They're Lakota, Cheyenne, Irish, and German. What I'm getting at is, I see the issues of the reservations. I live on one and I teach at the high school. Yes, whites did terrible things to the blacks ( other blacks were enslaving other tribes since the beginning of time). Whites did terrible things to the Native Americans. But the Natives are not blaming the whites that are alive now! They are preaching to kill white people on sight!! And yes, the police in cities and towns surrounding the reservations DO profile them! All I'm saying is, how can you blame the whites of today for something that they had nothing to do with? It does not make sense! My family didn't even come to America until the 1920s!!! You know what happens when you stop blaming others for the issues that you yourselves cause??? Then you have to realize that at least half of the black race are drug dealers, gang members, thieves, rapists, murderers. The prisons DO have some innocent men. But not many! Yes, there are these same kind of people in every race! But no other race tries to put the blame on others! YOU choose your destiny! YOU choose to not teach your children that actions have consequences! NOBODY IS TO BLAME FOR YOUR INADEQUACIES BUT YOU!!! When the black youth stops killing black youth, then the BLM members might actually get something done! But as long as black lives only matter if its a cop that kills them, its a dead issue! WHEN BLACKS STOP KILLING BLACKS, THEN BLM MOVEMENT MIGHT ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING! Until then, no one can have any respect for you as a movement, as a race, as a people!!!

  8. He's right, stop complaining who threw you in the pit and move on. Keep the focus on moving forward and if they still trying to control us the people, get off of that thought and do something about it… Stop whining!

  9. holy shit the racism on both sides is fucking disgusting black people talking shit about slavery melanin and blm first of all there were white slaves the melanin is caused by climate if a white person to go to africa he would tan not burn im white and ive never had sunburn and i lived in south afrca for 2 years so that argument is ridiculous and blm is just another racist group using it as a cover for there hate speech no white people are not targeting you neither are the police but some blacks live in a culture of gun crime and violence so the police can be overly cautious but the only thing the news shows is a wgite man and a dead black mn but most black murders are done by other blacks in gang violence or whatever where both human not black not white not asain indian hispanic and all that dividing shit where one race human race if you dont like white people for the fact there white your a racist black people can be racist just as much as whites and while where fighting with each other on this stupid shit the elite and the super rich are laughing there asses of to how stupid and ignorant we are because we all know divided people are easier to ocntrol and to deceive youve ben fed lies by the media yet your all too ignorant to think for yourself and look into everything the elites are trying to break up the typical family wya of life the man the women and the kids you can see this by the rise of feminism and the gay rights movement and for some reason its only white men being demonzied i wonder if youd say the same thing about white women or mixed race women

  10. the most refreshing video to watch…… anum brother…… get rid of the chip… take responsibility of who we are and stop reacting to what others think we are …….much love .xxx

  11. Don Mills . Apparently a cragga stole the credit for the Sail Foam.

    How many shekels, (an exact amount) to repat back to Africa?Keep the cell phones. Ill throw in free service , free lion proof protective cases, and head phones. Whitey has made a mess of great pyramids . Will you fix them please?

  12. Does anyone think the threat from an islamist terrorist attack on home soil is minuscule in comparison to the continued threat of mass killing sprees from white psychopathic males?

  13. Bullshit, even if they had our same skin color(and I am latina) they are so different to us. In EVERYTHING. THEY are weak, haters, full of pride, not funny, dont have flavor, and hey! They hate us! I dont care the color of rhe skin, they are fucking nasty people. They came here, rape my anscestors, took their lands and believe in the name of their God. Fuck them. I aint racist but aint dumb. Whithout white people the world would be in peace. I spit on their believes.

  14. White people are the first humans. Blacks came much later but they still have white genes and you see that when they are born without pigment. Albinism is most prevalent in blacks.


  16. I heard " honorable Elijah Mohammed " and had to stop. If Black Americans researched Islam religion with an open mind theyvwould find that Muslims are giving Black people flatteries to recruit them to enlarge Islam then slaughter those of other beliefs and if it was allowed… After victory then these same Arab Muslims would begin slaughtering other Muslims of non-Arab descent.

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