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What Malcolm X did not tell you!!! The Wives Speak part 2

The wives of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad speak for themselves in defense of their relationship with T.H.E. Muhammad. They tell of the nature of the relationship, the character of T.H.E.M. and the urging by Malcolm to speak evil against The Messenger. Praise belongs to ALLAH IN PERSON, Master Fard Muhammad for giving to us a Messenger, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!


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  1. i call bullshit. they killed the brutha, then circle back to throw dirt on him and khalids name as of last year.
    why would you even fuck with an organization like that after you seen how they get down?
    he been dead 49 muthafuckin years but you still shittin on him?? come on now, i was gone say white folks had sumn to do with it but Farrakhan insist on showing his cards.

  2. Malcolm will always be my HERO. And for all you cowards who want to come and visit me, BRING IT ON! But stop by zimmerman's place first. You know, the coward that stalked and kill 17 year old Treyvon Martin? Or by the cop's house that killed Sean Bell, the day before his wedding.  Visit the cop that killed Cory Ward, Ariston Waiters, shall I stop there, or should I continue? It is easy for the noi to go after Blacks for not agreeing with farrakhan, but you are a COWARD of the worst kind when it comes to the white man. That proves that you are still full of the Black self hatred that you peace so much about. That's why is was easy for you to kill Malcolm, because he had to courage to expose the TRUTH!  DEAL WITH  IT

  3. How is this cult still standing?  It requires 50+ years of constant PR to repudiate a single man's ardent dissent.  Reflecting on this Illuminates both the weakness of this cult (surprised it isn't defunct by now), and the incredible strength and power of Malcolm X.

  4. The first wife (Sister Clara Muhammad) of the Messenger of Allah, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, became jealous of having to share her husband with the younger wives and tried to destroy the Messenger and the Nation of Islam. She out of jealousy, pain, and feeling scorned by her husband and the Arabs who were working for the CIA and FBI poisoned the mind of Warith Deen Muhammad who in turn poisoned the mind of Malcolm X.
    Even the least knowledgeable Muslim knows that it is permissible according to Qur'an to have up to 4 wives and Malcolm X knew that also. So why would he act surprised and betrayed when he found this out? I will tell you why! Because Malcolm X was jealous of the Messenger and wanted to take his place the same as his son Warith Deen Muhammad did! History tells us that their have been many rulers betrayed by their closest confidents and sons. Malcolm X allowed himself to be played by the forces of evil (FBI, CIA and others) and Warith Deen Muhammad and Sister Clara Muhammad. How many great men have been brought down by their own wives in history?

  5. I read the negative comments of the devils and dumb negroes who never had a love for Malcolm X. The crackers jumping on the bandwagon for Malcolm X is hilarious indeed. Malcolm X even when he left the Nation of Islam never had any love for white people. He may have softened his position about Caucasian Muslims but he clearly understood that the white devils in America were his and my enemies and when talked about the "Ballot or the Bullet" he referred to armed struggle against white people. You negroes claiming to love Malcolm X but you would not have lasted one day with him if he were alive today. Malcolm X advocated killing drug dealers and pimps and he never would have condoned Black fools calling themselves niggers and bitches and whores. So you phonyass bandwagon jumpers I have to laugh at your sorry asses for being so silly.

  6. +Rodney Muhammad I would like to know sir, the "real" purpose of showing this video clip? Am I to give more thought on the so-called "inappropriate indiscretions" that took place between prophet Elijah Muhammad and these women? Weren't the women in this video very young (a few teenagers) at the time when they engaged in sexual relations with the messenger, most honorable prophet Elijah Muhammad? Are we seeing the honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam condoning "adultery" in the name of Allah? God forbid. I think you have to show the full video or get the "true" information out because this video clip can cause confusion to the viewers. Peace.

  7. 1. None of these people are Malcolm X's wives
    2. If you actually knew what islam is then you would know that Elijah Muhammad is not the messenger of Allah
    4. Islam teaches us that the last prophet was Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah who was sent the Quran not some random people
    5. MAlcolm X followed the true path of Islam and for that he will be granted Jannat inshallah

  8. Pink folk calling themselves Christians are quick to criticize they seem to forget the very first book of "their" Bible where Adam and Eve and their offspring had to resort to incest in order to bring forth the rest of humanity.

  9. To quote the first lady speaking " I know it's a hard pill to swallow….", but I have an empty tomb to prove MY savior lives, Jesus, THE RISEN CHRIST! I believe that Elijah Muhammad is still in his grave….Hmmmmmmm

  10. Is it just me or are these women's body language betraying them? When the sista was talking about not knowing of any wrong doing and that he was the messenger of Allah she was shaking her head no. The louder she spoke the more she shook her head no. Curious.

  11. I believe he was an adulterer. MLK did great things and he too cheated on his wife. Elijah didn't have all those kids from one woman. Nor was he married to all of them.

  12. This video makes me look at Elijah's marriages in a whole new light. Can you please reconcile Elijah's marriages with the statement of the Prophet Muhammad's wife Aaisha: It was narrated that ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) said: "The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Any woman who gets married without the permission of her guardian, her marriage is invalid, her marriage is invalid, her marriage is invalid."

    Dear sirs who were the guardians for these women Elijah married? Without a guardian the marriage is Islamically illegal.

  13. If researched correctly Elijah Muhammad is not a messenger but a folk teller yeah the nation of Islam has teaching of the Muslim faith but does not line together with the faith. From Elijah to all the sincere ignorant men an women who follow him blindly man you all rot in hell for killing the true profit Malcolm because we still look to Malcolm for great teaching

  14. Im sorry let me know if im slow or ignorant to the fact that this man Elijah Muhammad is called honorable for taking teenage girls getting them pregnant sound like an honorable pedofile to me, This guy was old enough to be their grandpa. Men who have daughters will not want no man older then them to even look at their daughters sexually or marry them its an easy way to say he was a horny old man who used religion to justify his sickness. He did the same thing the white man did during slavery rapped or teenagers.If this was the right thing to do why was these kids announced as wives back then no one new it was hush hush. It has nothing to do with religion wrong is wrong no matter who does it

  15. alslm alukm brother am from the land which's the birth of Islam I hope inshalh will benefit u prophet Mohammad pbuh said no different white or black, or no different between foreign or Arabic in allha opinion expect  Piety, so brother plz what happened in the  past allho will judge for it but, in ur grave u will be asked for only u and in the day of judgment no body will help u if u belive the Elijah mohmmed was allho or prophet cause allha clearly said in holly al qruan prophet mohmmed was the last , if u want me to clear further more I will be more then happy

  16. Coolie Gee your 100% correct this 100% Hypocrit of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is condoning a Lie put out there by the Hypocrit son of Elijah Muhammad (Wallace Muhammad) Elijah said this hypocrit in these last days ,would make Malcolm's Hypocrisy look like child's play,and that ALLAH would shame him in front of the world, what a total disrespect of the messenger

  17. DUDE WAS A FRAUD , doesnt mean those w/ the Nation are now, but Elijah was freakin' groupies, Malcolm caught on, they killed (and they meaning Farrakhan and his camp) and now they are plotting to throw dirt on Malcolm because his reign will forever out live theirs. END OF STORY

  18. This man was married to one women, and had affairs with other women, and had outside children with them. It is what it is. He was cheating on his wife. Forget the "Honorable","Minister" part. He was just a guy who cheated on his wife. He acted no differently than any other man who does this. He gets no pass. Minister or not, he was flat out wrong. Trying to call them "Wives", give me a break!!

  19. They Sound Stupid. …. I'm like What Bitch?Go sit yall Dumb Ass Down.Elijah Muhammad is an ordinary pimp!That nigga gets no respect from me….. Yall Brainwashe. That nigga used Religion to justify his wrong doings…… Messenger my Ass……. He killed Malcolm X

  20. There is no way in the world they can convince me that Malcolm was wrong for exposing his teacher for having sex with underage girls. He destroyed his own nation;  his lust and indiscretion coupled with the jealousy played a role in Malcolm X's assassination and this is the reason why Black people are divided today. No man should be above the law. Everybody should call him out on his wrong doing because he betrayed the trust and  intelligence of Black America. It would have been a blessing if he would have resigned from his post and let Malcolm lead. History will hold everyone accountable that was involved in the death of Malcolm X and the dumbing down of Black America. They should not  try to  cover up the mistakes their leader made with brain washed individuals and fantasy words. if I was in the nation having sex with  children I would be attacked  and then arrested by the police. This is sad to watch, at one time they offered so much hope.

  21. this is bs. They were not his wives when they conceived his illegitimate children. Malcolm was kicked out of the NOI because Elijah Muhammad knew that is Malcolm spoke on it, the Muslim nation would've followed him, and left Elijah. He had Malcolm assassinated. If it weren't true, why would Elijah claim the reason for Malcolm dismissal from the NOI being his comment he made after the assassination of kennedy

  22. These are some dumb women who just were told what they wanted to hear and got knocked up.  Then they slander MX because his eyes were opened and exposed the fraud EM was.

  23. Elijah is a big ass Lier who used black suffering to take over these poor people's rational. HE IS NOT A PROPHET, FARAD IS NOT A GOD, THIS IS NOT ISLAM.

  24. Dr. Zakir Naik has spoken on many aspects of Islam and is known for his authoritative viewpoint on all things Islam. He has said some of the most outrageous things going, yet the world hardly notices him. He recently said that the movie Gravity should be condemned because it showed the earth as spherical, not flat.Not long ago, he also stated that a man can have sex with a sheep or goat as a way of dealing with his “lust.” Essentially, this allows the male Muslim to have sex with an animal (beastiality) if a woman is not available. There are a few conditions though.the sheep or goat must be killed afterwards because it is now tainted, andthe meat cannot be eaten by the people in that particular village though it can be sold to a neighboring village Classic example of a woman being prepped for stoning under Sharia law.I’m wondering why the animal is tainted after a Muslim man has sex with it? If this is acceptable practice under Islam, then why must the animal be killed? It simply doesn’t make sense. Then again, telling Muslim men that’s it okay to have sex with an animal doesn’t make sense either, but that’s just me.In Islam, it is fine and expected to practice the brutal arts of execution by stoning when a person is caught in adultery. A person is buried in the ground waste high with her hands buried at her sides. A circle is made around the victim from which the rock throwers may not pass. They must remain outside that circle. Rocks are then thrown at the half-buried person until she is dead. Sex with an animal in Islam? No problem. Sex with the same gender? Prepare to die.If you are gay in an Islamic country and you are discovered, prepare to be executed, either by hanging or stoning. However, if you’re just having sex with a sheep or goat, no worries. But do remember to kill the freakin’ goat, all right? Thanks!Why is Islam given a pass on these and other things? It’s almost as if it is being protected.What I find most annoying is the fact that rumors persist alleging that social network sites are starting to clamp down on those people who are critical of Islam. If true, then the question is why would they do that? Out of the so-called goodness of their hearts? No, it has to be something bigger – $$$?Though we have quotes from individuals like Dr. Zakir Naik and I’m simply repeating what he has stated, this article is certainly critical of Islam though it contains the truth of what at least some within Islam teach and practice.

  25. Thank you for this video, Bro. Rodney. Great info directly from the wives of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Unfortunately, the disbelievers will be averse even with manifest proof.

  26. Elijah Muhammad was a lustful man, he had all these so- called wives, yet he still found time to impregnate his brothers daughter whom he had a child by-her name is Leola Muhammad. that man was no saint & Stop try'na pretend he was, bruh. Malcolm was a More honorable man than Elijah was- Period!!!

  27. Sister June was mistress #4 of 7 mistresses. She had 2 illegitimate children for the old hypocritical pervert. The fellow that Farrakhan introduced is named Abdullah Yassin, born Dec. 30, 1960. His mother's other child is Ayesha, born Sept. 4, 1962. Elijah impregnated 3 other young members all in 1960 and each had one child. At least 4 of his illegitimate children are only 3 to 5 months apart. The old bastard was busy to say he was afflicted with severe diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and bronchitis. Elijah's extramarital affairs affected his wife Clara, so badly until she developed stomach ulcers which turned into cancer, which she died from a few years later. Elijah wasn't interested in having a meaningful relationship with those young teen-aged girls. How could he have a meaningful relationship with them when they were 17, 18, and 19 years old and he was in his 60s? He was only interested in getting some young pussy.

  28. How can this stupid bitch who calls herself "Sister June", call Elijah decent and upright, when he was fucking her and many other young teenage girls all while he was married to Clara ? That bitch has got to be on some serious drugs. I can't reiterate it enough; "Something is severely mentally wrong with people who call themselves Nation of Islam members."

  29. Elijah Muhammad is a big fraud!!! She so stupid, she said "we lost without Elijah," bitch Elijah suffered with all type of sickness because God was punishing him!!!! All I can say is "The blind leading the blind"

  30. you can not unite mankind calling all white ppl devils, that is not Islam and it hurts to see them holding the Quran and believing that Elijah Muhammad is Muhammad in the Quran.

  31. Were these women his "wives" in 1964 when Elijah Muhammad called them "prostitutes" when two of them, Sister Evelyn and Sister Lucille filed paternity suits against the old bastard seeking financial support because he had refused to voluntarily provide for their babies' support on his own?

  32. Did she say, "he came to me when I was young in a vision?" You didn't see his face and only saw his form because the old pervert was sneaking into your bed while his wife Clara was sound asleep. I wonder how much Farrakhan paid these women to disgrace themselves like this?

  33. This is a disgraceful propaganda stunt staged by Louis Farrakhan in an attempt to discredit Malcolm X. What Mr Farrakhan is not telling you is; In the 1960s, when these women were Elijah's young personal secretaries, they were referred to as liars and "prostitutes" for claiming that Elijah Muhammad was the father of all their children, a claim as you can see, turned out to be true. The FBI knew all the mistresses names, ages, addresses, and even their shoe sizes long before any member ever heard of the infidelities. The FBI captured several wire-tapped conversations with Elijah engaging in perverted sex talk with the young women, giving each the same dull line about him spreading his holy seed. Elijah Muhammad sought revenge on Malcolm X for exposing Elijah's pedophilia hypocritical lifestyle. Today these former "prostitutes" seen here are promoted by Louis Farrakhan as "the Messenger's wives".

  34. During this Saviours Day rally, Mr Farrakhan paraded only four of these purported ‘wives’ in what many saw as a transparent bid to dupe his audience into believing that Elijah Muhammad had remained within the ‘up to a maximum of four wives’ matrimonial confines prescribed in the Holy Quran when, in reality, ‘the Messenger’ had impregnated more than seven of his teenage secretaries in clear violation of both Islamic guidelines as well as those of the NOI.

  35. It's all about perspective. Remember, Malcolm was a 38 year old man when he found out Elijah Muhammad had other women other than Clara – that should not have been that surprising. I am much younger than that and am smart enough to know that in a position such as that, women are thrown at you and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to find something like that out. Also, Malcolm and Evelyn dated at one point and I think it's fair to assume that personal jealousy also played its part, as well as Wallace instigating the matter.

  36. I have seen these full talking non sense on 42nd street Times Square.
    I got one thing to say ho get a JOB AND EDUCATE YOURSELF.
    WAKE UP.

  37. he never recognised them publicly as his wives. they were underage and secret/hidden. that is the violation. Quran says uou may have up to four but better you have only ONE. the first wife must allow it or it cannot be. also in those days (60s) women did not seek to become unwed mothers like today. how did these women financially survive? no daycares food stamps section 8 or care for kids then. so were NOI funds misappropriated to support them? i dont beleive followers gave their zakat (charitble contributions which are only 2 percent After taxes and expenses) for this. also the only reason the prophet Mohammed Pbah. had so many wives was bcz it was dif then. women were in households not out in the world alone where anything could happen to them.

  38. Man worship is so self degrading and sad, as can be seen in this video :-(. E. Muhammad slept with teenage girls and impregnated them but he punished or expelled NOI members for doing the same or less. This is the WORST example to set for a people, where the leader is SUPERIOR to the people and is above the law. These women are not to blame and Malcolm was simply revealing the ugly truth, despite his own issues.

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