What is Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome/ and the Effects/-Dr Joy Degruy –

Dr Joy Degruy explains what is post traumatic slave disorder. And the effects of it. Thanks for watching


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  1. I guess this explains why blacks kill more blacks than anyone due to the fact that they were kidnapped and stolen from their families and sold to the highest bidder for thousands of years.

  2. More like post DRAMATIC slave syndrome. Emancipation proclamation ended slavery (in America) in 1863. I'd like to meet the 150+ year old slaves out there suffering this debilitating condition and offer to send them back to Africa, first class.

  3. post traumatic stress disorder does not apply to family members 150 years after the trauma was experienced. post traumatic stress is specific to the individuals experiencing that specific trauma. you can't blame it on an angry mother or Father passing it on to their children, it's racism they are passing on to their children and then those children choose to allow that racism consume them and so on for generations afterwards. why not choose to rise above, work hard and earn your American dream because black or white each of us living in America today has a choice. move forward and make a better life or fester in the wrongs of generations long gone.

  4. That's why I believe in so called reparations to blacks in the USA. btw Im not American. I just think there have been a great injustice to a part of the American population based on their race.

  5. It's a BS made up unsubstantiated bogus nonsensical theory.
    Just another of the many ridiculous excuses we silly ass black folk crave to justify our inherent dysfunction!

  6. What she is missing is that we blacks were traumatized which gave us mental disorder, which was then worsened by selectively breeding mentally ill slaves. Now the offspring inherit the mental disease even though they didn't actually experience the trauma. Fast forward 500 years. The gene pool is festering with mental illness and only getting worse as more societal trauma and toxins are exposed to us. The bad environment triggers the faulty genes. Thats why we are prone to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ptsd, mania etc. This world is sick and we are simply the byproduct of it. I love being black but the genetics I inherited sucks I have to admit.

  7. Why does she keep asking "Anyone remember therapy back then?" Look slavery was an awful part of history but to claim that slavery directly is the causality of stress disorders in people is just asinine. Ask yourself the question "why is it that people experience stress disorders?" It is not genetic. People develop stress disorders primarily because of their personal experiences and afflictions. Yes I will wholeheartedly say and acknowledge that for the first century and a half of American history was traumatic and awful but it. is. over. It's done with. Black people today do not need treatment for the traumatic experiences of blacks a century ago. To insist they do is victimizing black people and is wrong. "Post traumatic slave syndrome" is not a prominent issue facing the black community because there have been about four generations (in a procreative sense) of people since slavery ended. To claim that PTSD is hereditary through environmental approaches from outbursts from parents is ludicrous. The real issues facing the black community today is not slavery and is not "institutionalized racism". It's that more than 7000 black people have been killed by other black people since 2000, not enough black kids are graduating high school, the single motherhood rate in black communities had risen from 20% to 70% in the span of 60 years, drug and crime infestations, and a lack of police and law enforcement in black communities. Want to help fix the black community? Stop dwelling and commenting on things that happened over 100 years ago and focus on what actually affects black people and kids today. Also to make the claim that children solely learn from parents is utter nonsense and is an copout.

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