We Got The Tea On This TRENDING Trump Supporter — And He Is DIRTY!

Here it is, Folks. All you need to know about the raging Trump supporter who said Black lives don’t matter.

You’re going to want to sit down for this. Smh. — Memphis, Tennessee First, the background story. A young man, Brandon Levston, was on his way to Starbucks when he “allegedly” cut off this Trump supporter, Robert Neil Thompson. Yet, according to Levston, the raging Trump enthusiast was nowhere near him at the time he was changing lanes. He states that Thompson, actually, tried to speed up and block him from getting over once he saw the signal. “Apparently, that’s the thing to do in Memphis,” Levston mentions. This Is America’s Reality Levston says that the man began riding his bumper — and when it became possible to get beside him — the Trump supporter rolled down his window and began flipping Levston off while cursing. Eventually, the two came to a stop in the parking lot. And, that’s where Levston started recording the absolute foolery spewing from this supporter’s mouth.

“Hey, Trump! Trump all the way!”

So, Who Is This Raging Trump Supporter?

From the diligent efforts of a few passionate researchers via various social media outlets, many have researched and found all kinds of information on Mr. Robert Thompson.

According to these researchers’ comments, he’s possibly employed with Hopper Roofing & Home Improvement, in Memphis.


I mean, in the video, Thompson clearly states that he doesn’t care, right? He didn’t care if that was being posted to Facebook, as his words put it. What’s even more interesting is the fact that his Twitter handle is the same as one found in a bestiality forum. Imagine that, right?! How “patriotic”!


I guess he’s really making a difference and showing that his life matters. In true “Trump” style, Twitter “tells it like it is.” Thompson might appreciate that. **He should’ve just stayed in his car. Lol.**

Being the Bigger, Better Citizen Nevertheless, these are some of the types of people on Trump’s side —

along with an entire KKK endorsement. What you just saw in that video confrontation is a glimpse of Trump’s Amerikkka. In a Facebook Live interview with NBC-5 News’ Chris Luther, Levston tells his side of the story from the beginning — as well as his thoughts while the incident was happening. Levston mentions that he was raging inside as well. I mean, who wouldn’t be upset by the things this Trump supporter was saying? [A bigot, that’s who.] However, Levston says he preferred to “kill him with kindness,” instead of acting similarly. There are more important factors in Levston’s life than jail time. “I have kids…[and] I don’t have the biggest trust in our judicial system.” Whereas, the raging Trump supporter says his family was in the car as well. Yet, he still was acting a complete fool.



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