We don’t have to give him a pass’ Van Jones joins ‘The View’ to rip media for normalizing Trump

Political activist and commentator Van Jones joined the cast of the View on Thursday morning to discuss his post-election comments on “whitelashing” and how to move forward as President-elect Donald Trump fills up his cabinet.

Jones explained the importance of understanding the crisis in the Republican party — as well as that in the Democratic party. “Both political parties right now I think have big problems, and they don’t want to discuss it,” he said.

Jones’ message was clear that both parties need to be held accountable for their problems; however, the country just elected Trump and it is especially important to examine his record and his cabinet picks. For the Republicans, it is imperative to look at its following of racially hateful people, according to Jones.

Host Joy Behar said, “He has some interesting people that he’s appointing. I mean, Steve Mnuchin … He was a former Goldman Sachs partner … Tom Price, the secretary of health and human services is staunchly anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage.” She continued listing Trump’s problematic picks, including Jeff Sessions for attorney general and Steve Bannon as chief White House strategist.

Jones sipped his drink.

Behar asked, “What do you think about these choices?” Jones played nice at first, mocking the mainstream media for its quick normalization of Trump. He said sheepishly, “Give him a chance,” before laughing.

“This is important to me because people keep saying we have to give him a chance,” Jones started. “And we do have to give him a chance. But we don’t have to give him a pass on everything.”

Jones asked, “Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton when she first got in — in the 70s there was a group called SCUM, Society for Cutting Up Men … If Hillary Clinton had put somebody in from SCUM, do you think Republicans would be saying ‘Oh, give her a chance.’”

“Bannon is from an organization that made space for white nationalists, white supremacists and was proud of it,” Jones continued.


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