Warriors Over 96 Bulls

Warriors Over 96 Bulls

Since the Golden State Warriors have started with a 10-0 start many have started to draw comparisons to Unstoppable Bulls who went 72-10 leaving the milestone of best team ever. The way the season is going it looks as if the Warriors will make an effort to conquer this elusive record even the 2004 Lakers couldn’t reach. Stephen Curry has started the season red hot breaking scoring the most points in the first week of the season ever only behind Michael Jordan.


Lets look at the Chicago Bulls roster to see how they would match up.Looking at their roster the Bulls Clearly have the advantage at Shooting guard and Small Forward. However Steph Curry will be free to murder his now coach at the point guard position. Jordan and Pippen is known to take the defensive challenge , so let’s assume eventually one would switch on to Curry.image

Also we should look towards Golden States depth . They have Ezeli who has emerged as great defender along with Green , and Speights. The three headed monster will keep Rodman busy. Also Golden State has depth at Small forward with Barnes , and Iggy to take turns on Mike and Pippen. Don’t forget Klay Thomason the other half of the Splash Brothers.

The Depth of the roster , and ball movement prove to Much for the Bulls and Golden State wins in 7 … Who you got ?

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