Usher – Chains by Film The Future Ft. Nas, Bibi Bourelly

Usher – Chains by Film The Future Ft. Nas, Bibi Bourelly

Here is the Nas verse. Now, listen and read along and while you’re at it research the people he mentioned.

Yeah, yo check
I am Sugar Ray Robinson, Booker T. Washington
W. E. B. Du Bois, I’m the modern one
Yelling at Senators, Presidents, Congressmen
We got a problem that needs some acknowledgement
I am no prison commodity, not just a body you throw in a cell
For any reason, just to bother me
Just for your quota, so it’s rest in peace to Sean Bell
Sleep in peace Eric Garner (Sandra)
Every street, every corner
Conspiracy, new world order
I spoke to Tamir Rice mom and she told me “be strong”
It won’t be long ’til it’s justice
They won’t have votes but refuse the discussion
On how certain cops stay shoot us for nothing
Revolution is coming

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