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USA is killing off African Americans by Vaccines

Robert Kennedy Jr. sends a message to everyone, especially black men and boys, about how “they” have created and produced vaccines (like the N1H1 and the Flu Shot and more) to kill off our people. Generation by generation. Whistleblowers from the CDC have taken this info of the CDC scientists to Congress but they brushed it away. If you have young black children beware! STOP TAKING THOSE VACCINES! WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE! #JusticeorElse


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  1. it's really sad that even when they try to take us down that it only kills them in more rapid speed that it's been taking them years to try to kill us off….and syphilis was when a white man had sex with a fucking sheep…black ppl do ur own research and stop even listening to these ppl they aren't us….wake up read and not wants on the internet…teach ur kids real life truth so they know how to better care for our next generations to come….and vaccines do not last a lifetime…

  2. vaccines are not for your health, doctors are not there for your health, pharma companies are not there for your health

    they all work for PROFITS !!!!! if you get harmed, who cares ? they cannot be sued !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you said that your uncle was JFK's brother have you ever considered running for public office if you do let me know I'll protect you myself and I'm pretty sure about a hundred thousand US Marines that I know which I'm a member of would do the same I hope to hear from you

  4. we are the lost sheep of israel, we are not African american, that's a countiant, we're isralites. Reason why all these media having to demonize my people when they pump drugs and promoted violence in the hood, vaccines and food and oppression has always been the drug. Only foolish people would deny a rebellious people.

  5. I just posted this under another video of Farrakhan talking of this. I saw the movie Vaxxed mentioned underneath. My message is for you, too. So here goes:

    Vaccines are bad. It's true that experiments have been done on blacks, gays, other minorities, & the USA public in general. Eugenics has been around a long time; using "undesirables" or "unfit" for experimentation was "normal." 1932, Cutler did the Tuskegee syphilis experiments on USA blacks, & in Guatemala in the 40s. Nazis started euthanizing disabled & experimenting on Jews in 1939; most well-known being Mengele's work w/twins. 1930s Japanese were performing vivisection on Chinese & USA POWs. Planned Parenthood was great for those in need; but also helped keep the poor from having too many babies. It troubles me that this is being sold as "anti-black:" Both because it implies that vaccines for whites are somehow safe; & because it further divides people when instead they could be sharing what they've learned on how to avoid injury & how to recover from it. This is bigger than black & white & purple. The entire public is being damaged.

    Thimerosal is used as a preservative in vaccines: It's mercury. I don't know of any mainstream drs that will admit mercury or other heavy metals are a danger. They won't admit that parasites are a problem. They only know how to take blood & prescribe pharmaceuticals that mask the problem & cause new ones. Recently they've removed it from some vaccines due to the public waking up, but it's still in many. Vaccines given to everyone. In CA, they give dozens of vaccines to newborns. The following link is to the CDC list of ingredients in vaccines. Think about the truth of "only" blacks being targeted. Vaccines are moneymakers.

    You guys need to get over your own racism & stop listening to what's told you specifically to make you separate. You miss out on too much that way. Some people (friends or foes) act like they're helping you: Maybe they are; but don't assume there's no catch. Google things. If any dr gives you a drug, google it + "danger" or "side effects." If someone (like me) tells you that mandatory vaccinations are a danger to be stopped, google it. I know you hate Jews, htink they're fake Europeans, you're the "true Hebrews," etc. But google Mengele & Nazi experiments. Google Cutler Guatemala. While you're googling, be aware that there are plenty of fake sites out there. I've recently learned about the various white supremicists (they believe the same as you about Jews, lost tribes, etc., btw); & they have countless sites with countless faked documents. The lies are among the most disgusting things I've ever read. Look for sites that are legitimate.

    Here are some final tips: Avoid soda, high fructose corn syrup, processed foods, & cigarettes. I'll say it again: Pharmaceuticals. Though don't just quit a drug if you're on it; that in itself can cause irreparable damage. And don't drink the water. That's not a joke. Filter your water from chlorine, etc.

  6. I have a feeling there are gonna be more whistle blowers about the corruption of our nation, people are picking their sides. either pro-life or nwo. not everyone, whether they are politicians or Hollywood stars and in between, is corrupt. for a Kennedy to come forward and allow us to hear this and give awareness to this nation, makes me think there is gonna be a lot more of this. just being a Kennedy gets our attention. w need more stand up people of great integrity . if anyone other person that no one was familiar with put this video out, . most of us wouldn't listen. how can we be reassured that there isn't harmful substances in these vaccinations. . . We are about to see a lot of controversy. with the biggest topic now being flat earth. I personally believe it is. but there is gonna be a domino effect. exciting times we live in but also dangerous. . It's not the everyday people that are dangerous, it's the ones that are in control. May truth and good fall upon the innocent.

  7. The MMR vaccine is not injuring only blacks as Kennedy said at the beginning of his speech. However as he corrected himself at the end it affects blacks, especially black boys disproportionately. That gives black Americans the right to spearhead the movement against dangerous vaccines, which most of them are. One would thing that Black Life's Matter would be allover that issues years ago but they don't even mention it.
    On the other hand the doctor that confessed to the CDC fraud with covering the side effects of the MMR vaccine is white. He made his confession to another white MD whose white son became autistic after vaccination. It is the second doctor that requested the proof of the coverup from the CDC via the freedom of information act and made public a phone recording of the CDC doctor admitting to the coverup.
    Also there was a black MD (one of the original 3 or 4 team doctors) involved in the original study and coverup that to this day has not done anything to expose the truth about the CDC findings in regards to the MMR being more dangerous to blacks.
    The story of the coverup Kennedy is talking about is wildly publicized in the movie VAXXED and Robert De Niro. The films creators are white. One of them lost his license years ago questioning the safety of vaccines.
    On the other hand had the vaccine affect mostly whites the CDC still would have manipulated the data, because the MMR coverup is not about race but about money, about billions of US dollars.

  8. There was a well known experiment and RFKJr just mentioned the Tuskegee experiment that was a true and real experiment. The FDA, CDC are very corrupt agencies The love money is the root of all evil and the love of money is what fuels the motivations of evil people

  9. You guys can only stand up and kill each other, you cannot protest in anger about what these dogs are doing to you?

    Run to Christ he will safe you and if you cannot I have another advice but it will wipe out half of these dogs…..the power is too demonic it has been for many hundreds of years.
    If you need any thing like that….let me know.

  10. Who invented Aids? Who Invented most of the diseases we catch and spread. Who invented the depopulation rule? Who invented the spread of disease in our food? Why do we have diseased free baby's and yet injected them with numerous of various types of disease. I do not trust my life to this world that need humans parts to keep other humans alive. The sad part is that we all die and it's so hard to enjoy life with people and their nasty behaviors. How can a Jane Doe whom have not had sex in years. Order a sandwich and in hours get sick will full on flu like symptoms. That's not the only thing. That same Jane Doe cause a STI from weeks later after she recovered from the illness. The attempted murder of those whom think they run this system are the one's dying faster than, those whom are honest and fair toward other people.

  11. Its no coincident why you see more Black males in prison, gay, or bombs on the streets. That's where they want to see us Nubian males because they know the truth about us. There also using the Black women to help take us down also! That's why you see more Black women working in downtown cities in  High Rise Buildings, and at prestigious Colleges than Black males.

  12. satanic white supremacists, covertly killing and damaging the black population through vaccine warfare, to degrade us, they are satanic to the core

  13. Moses Howard commenting below – if you're not happy here you take your ass to Europe or to a 4th world country ! People of color still suffer from the jim crow and civil rights era policies which were put in place after the turn of the 20th century !!

  14. blacks have been facing a tidal wave of problems since the start.nothing will changed.if powerful people are doing this why should they stop?this is like torture but you're not genociding yet.blacks has only been 'free' for a short time.and if mean by free you mean ongoing poverty.the whites will do what they have always done.people said fight back there's virtually no way on this earth anymore that isn't a loose its unfortunate but blacks will continue to be begotten

  15. I don't understand why you people always have to put the racist issue in white people do white people do that white people do everything what about the black people bring it damage and HIV all the diseases because of not getting vaccinated like genital herpes and stuff like that that s*** come from another country involving a black people that you don't hear all black all the time people on this channel is so racist

  16. It wouldn't surprise me but my entire family has had there entire regimen of vaccines and none of us have any diseases. So I guess God played a huge part in all this and I thank him for it. Now I will stop receiving flu virus vaccine and just take my chances with my own immunity system. Thank you for the awareness.

  17. How stupid or corrupt doctors are, TV commercial “Smoke Lucky Strike, 9 out of 10 doctors agree”.
    A China study had two little towns, Higher FLUORIDE LOWER IQ.
    Pictures in book "FLUORIDE THE DEVILS POISON", HITLER had TONS at each CAMP, High Dose in Water Keep People like WALKING DEAD they did not try to ESCAPE, HIGER the Dose of FLUORIDE designed by elite eugenicists to chemically lobotomize the masses. So make the people stupid, and then try them to accept their need to accept the facts?

  18. Nonsense. White people in places of power are killing us off with guns. If you don't vaccinate your child, it's really gonna suck when the kid catches the flu, spreads it to all the other un-vaccinated kids in school, and the little ones start dying. These anti-vacc campaigns are dangerous bullshit! Vaccines save lives. There is no conspiracy.

  19. The way they give small babies cocktails of vaccines., makes me wonder sometimes..what has gone wrong with the western school of medicine. I hope people in America rise up and say that taking vaccines should not made obligatory but discretionary. Sweden is the first country to remove the mandatory law. Rise up Americans and unite yourself.

  20. Vaccines are useful and important. But the Flu shot is complete bullshit. My Grandpa almost died and I had to call 911. Tetanus, Diphtheria, Hepatitis is alright and okay. I never took the flu shot and i never had the flu in my life.

  21. Just goes to show the CDC( among all others) is created and run by whites who desire to irradicate most ppl period who(in their view) cannot be allowed to be productive to the society. But these white devils are just what Malcolm X stated in 1959. TheycARE devils AND all these yrs later this nation has a complete recorded history demonstrating that his statements are true and sccurate. Many ppl(incuding whites) are the victims of these devils outrageous plans and schemes. America is dead because of this.

  22. Kennedy is being wise, he doesn't approve with vaccines, he's being smart or subtile. Vaccines can be engineered to target specific people/ cultures based on genetic makeup. You so called blacks are not the colour of a crayon Box, your the Israelites of the bible hence why all forces are out to destroy u, Wake Up.

  23. no vaccinations work, they are all poison, don't get any one, everything on TV is propaganda, we are in the end days, DO NOT GET A VACCINE! especially in 2017, they do not work! they are from the devil!!!

  24. California is forced vaccination state. It looks likes he is under duress. Tuskegee experiment is beyond even to Kenya. The Congress is in it all the fraud. The whole points to dumb done the black race esp. males. Our Males are said no longer needed. That is what the influx of immigrated  Africans in the US, to create a whole new dialogue on the "new" Black America.   Why can't we arrest California Senator Richard Pan.

  25. Are you serious that you believe vaccines kill people! If african-americans were killed by vaccines, then the majority of african-american kids at school wouldn't be talking to anyone, yet they're walking around just fine! What next? Obama and Trump are lizards from space? (Oh wait, that's already a thing… SIGH )

  26. The disclosure of information from the CDC scientist authenticating my feeling that how son being such a smart person who only problem was delayed speech development. that question that with me for many years. this confirm information really hurt me down deep. Today he is a fine conscientious young man who is a technology geek with severe speech impediment.

  27. Wait if their trying to make it law where your kid has to be vaccinated in order to attend schools.. and you decide to home school them only to find that you will be arrested because they are now coming for those people.. then is everyone technically being forced to be vaccinated? what happen to FREEDOM that this country oh so stands for!

  28. Good kill all the niggers there a race feeble minded degenerates that's headed for hybridization but yet are waiting on Jesus lol what a weak minded race we can afford to loose more negros god bless Margret Sanger

  29. No weapon form against "us" will prosper, but "OUR GOD" will turn their evils unto themselves, their evils will inter the house of their nobles, just like Pharaoh of old, there "will" be mourning thru out their lands….. All praise to "OUR GOD" FOREVER !!!!

  30. As if this is a surprise. The whole races existence is based on their recessive dna animalistic blood lust, mass murder and deception. Their is a predatory nature to the most of them that the medical industry is hiding but all truth eventually comes to light. This is why they hunt for sport and not just food. This is why they not only eat meat but like it better raw. The entire caucaoid population are complacent and conforming to the genocidal programs created for people who produce melanin and don't gaf bc they are the most evil passive aggressive gmo'd subhumans to have ever existed on the planet. Only you are your brothers keeper should apply to all melanoid ppl and not them. But they will soon find out that it also applies to them no matter how innocent them and their descendants want to claim today. Idc if I may not be alive to see it, I know for a fact your expiration date is near.



  33. My people take the time and fast at lease 3 days a month for 12month and seek advice from "our" higher power on what we must do to eradicate any evil from ourselves and " our planet", do not slumber in this matter for time is short "supreme evil" has come down upon us so let "us" make haste .

  34. Blacks are not the only ones worried about today's vaccines. Whites are also. Blacks think that they alone are always the target. If we let them…the NWO will kill us all.

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