Tyler Skyy “Friends” Album

Tyler Skyy “Friends” Album


Tyler Skyy "Friends" Album


Vancouver based “hippie rapper” Tyler Skyy has been working extremely hard and creating huge waves of positivity around the city for the past few years. From having four heart surgeries, to working with the Ronald McDonald House, to travelling to isolated First Nations reserves, he has been doing his thing.

His brand new free album “Friends” is a touching feel-good story of worldwide unity, peace, and positivity. With some double-time rapping and light singing, Tyler eloquently solidifies the album’s concept alongside guest vocals from some of Canada’s most talented artists.

The intro track “Going Home” kicks it off with an inspiring, motivational vibe with help on the chorus from singer Erik Chirkoff. Tyler’s determination and willingness to succeed is apparent with lines like “they tell me that the flights long, but that’s fine – more clouds i get to ride on”. Vancouver OG JayKin provides a verse on “Space .Wav” where Tyler continues to demonstrate nothing but positivity and creativeness: “never knew that i could feel like this, cruising along on a space wave” he sings over beautifully airy and spacious production.

Tyler Skyy has never shied away from being honest, speaking on everything from his dark past to where he plans to take his future. Every feature on this project has it’s place and helps bring the overall message to life. It’ll leave you inspired, happy, and feeling extra creative.


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