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Tupac Speaks On Malcolm X Grassroots Movement 1992

Tupac speech at the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement luncheon (2PacLegacy.Net)


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  1. It's ironic though.. as much as I love Pac seein all these about how great his message was it's like no one really listened to it.. we can't say "oh this was awesome, I miss u Pac, we need our leader back" cuz it's disrespectful.. his message was u stand up, I stand up, WE stand up an be the leader.. if u love his message then represent it an continue it.. I'm a white male but I feel much of the same struggle he talked about in this.. life now ain't the same as it was in his time same as his time wasn't like the 60s.. "it's not about black an white cuz we human".. ppl need to start realizing sex, race, age, religion are all just distractions.. it's the extremely wealthy vs everybody else an it's on those of us that truly feel these messages to stand up, be the leaders an take back that wealth.. do shit for your ppl an by ppl I mean anyone an everyone goin through the same shit u are or have.. please don't just read this comment an blow it off simply cuz I haven't reached his level of fame.. please understand that I have reached his level of understanding and am trying to be that spark he spoke of inspiring to change the world.. don't talk about this stuff to feel good like u support it an then "get back in your car an drive home" ignoring the real life shit.. reach out an help those u see that need help.. I understand u can't help everyone, no one can but those that u can help, help.. if we all do that the world will be better for it… don't do it cuz u want fame or respect or whatever just do it cuz it's right.. DONT PLAY THE GAME, KILL THE GAME!! -AMS

  2. man and this is exactly why tupac is my idol man tupac lived the real shit he spoke through his lyrics man shit makes my cry that we lost the best and now we are stuck with shit like lil Wayne young thug smfh

  3. This is why Tupac is my fav. He was more than a rapper he was an activist and aware of his enviornment. He cared about the community and even at a his young age he was a born leader. RIP Pac

  4. He was truly a revolutionary and could have changed a lot of things. The American government see this as a threat to there "way of life" and just like JFK and Malcom X any such powers that do oppose the government or have a great chance of crippling it r put six feet under

  5. anyone who watches this and dont feel some type of way positively then ur dead inside u have no brain no soul..I wanna see biggy puffy jayz game snoop anyone who thinks they help the world or their race speak like this

  6. So I'm doing a painting and I have Martin Luther king jr malcom x Obama and Tupac and someone told me that it was weird to put Tupac on there when he's just a rapper THIS IS WHY the brother speaks the brother preaches and he was wise beyond his years and he knew what was really going down in the black community and our struggle and THAT is why he deserves to be along side these men

  7. I giv Pac's Mom credit 4 putn a gud effort into raisin her child 2 become someone great, but she didn't do enough by far and that's why her and him are both where they are becuz of the lack of Godly wisdom.. hopefully we all can learn from their mistakes.

  8. This video is just another example of how much of a leader and revolutionary he was at such a young age and a reason why I believe the government (CIA,FBI,etc) feared him and ultimately killed him. If Pac lived to be at least 30, he really would have opened to many mind's and shit could have changed.

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