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Tribe Called Quest : R.I.P Phife Dog

Phife Dog dies at 45


Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders

Still Relevant-

The Midnight Marauders albulm still is relevant. The current mind state that African American and other minority’s are in today this albulm will be like a hip hop sermon from MLK for the conscious listeners. The albulm touches on the HIV infection growth rate in African & Latino Americans community’s. This albulm was made in 1993 , and you can hear the sounds of the Tribe all over music today. One of the featured hits Eltric Relaxation was sampled by two of the juggernauts of the game J Cole & Kendrick Lamar on Forbidden Fruit on J Coles sophomore Born Sinner Albulm.

Q-Tip , Phife Dawg , Ali Shaheed , & Jarobi dropped plenty of jewels on this Albulm. It’s a delight to hear music that translates twenty three years later.

Colossill Certified Classic


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