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THROWBACK: Malcolm X On White Violence

Clip from the Thursday, December 4th 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  1. Well said man it's not about hate it's about learning to coexist in society theirs no reason to hate or use laws or the constitution to affect Browns blacks etc that's when it becomes today we hate Mexicans so let's try to fuck them some how I dint ask my mother in her womb to bring me to the U.S. Can even travel thru my country comfortably Montana Idaho Nebraska some people are nice but some are not Why what's the fucken point of that

  2. You can't blame everyone that is white for the atrocities that happened in the South. To be quite clear, it was a white man that charged the society of white men to defend the liberty of black men in the South during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was probably the whitest motherfucker you could think of, and his ideal consisted of the concept that all men are created equal. Many WHITE men died at Gettysburg, and plenty of WHITE men gave their lives to pursue the freedom of black men, and plenty of BLACK men died as well, such as the 9th regiment. They fought for the freedom of black slaves alongside white men. What really needs to be understood is that everyone has a spiritual concept of unity; we all bleed red.

    The social groups such as the Klu Klux Klan that believe that white people are superior than black men are blinded by ignorance and hate, and the answer to all of the issues surrounding that fact is education. Enlightenment of the true nature of the human spirit is needed here.

    I am a white man. My ancestors are Greek, and Italian, and they never fought in these wars that I know of, but I have never held any contempt for a black man, unless of course they committed a crime against me that could have easily been committed by a white man, but I am an American just like the my black brother and sisters. Am I to be chastised for the ignorant dealings of other families and their consistent beliefs of hatred and racism?


    Color means nothing to me; racism is a man made concept. There is only one race: Human.

  3. I dont like the term "white people" when talking about racism. My family did not arrive in America until after the civil war and lived in non-segregated areas of the US for our whole history. I dont feel as though I should be grouped with KKK members in Mississippi who fought or slavery in the civil war and killed Native Americans

  4. I look to Malcolm X as one of my modern inspiration, fighting for the oppressed, speaking the truth, bringing attention to the racism in society which claims itself to be of moral equality, and fighting slavery, much like the Prophet Muhammed peace and blessings be upon him did. I read the comments and found that people were spreading misinformation. For educational purposes, to credit this man:
    -In prison he recieved letters from his "motivator" to read about Qur'an, which got him started.
    -Years later, he found his group "the Nation of Islam" was astray in comparison to the true teaching of the Prophet Muhammed peace and blessings be upon him, and this thinking grew when he went to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca. He decided to leave the group in good faith, as much as he could, without leaving the feeling of betrayal behind. He left the group (the Nation of Islam), but not the fold of Islam (religion) , he became a Sunni Muslim, the largest branch of Islam.
    -Some followed his footsteps, leaving a power vacuum within the former group, allowing those who had stayed to polarize away from him to some degree (since a few members still remained in touch).
    -The modern accusation of Prophet Muhammed peace and blessings be upon him being wed with Aisha may Allah bless her too, by her own will, has never been raised prior to the 19th century, even though our Prophet Muhammed peace and blessings be upon him had been ridiculed for 1400 years. Read the life of Prophet Muhammed from a Muslim's perspective on actual accounts rather than those made up and processed as "facts" in the 19th century. This is do-able, because this is what separates Islam from other religions, we keep a recorded history of not only what had been said or seen, but also on the character of the person who narrates it.

  5. People still use black violence in the 60's and 70's as an excuse to treat them badly and unequally. That is why MLK's take on protesting was exponentially better than Malcolm X's.

  6. so his only thing is that whites are projecting not using malcom xs own words that do insight violence and the violence black neighborhood were doing with gangs and rioting yep thats some non violence there

  7. reverse racism is a game of reverse psychology. the oppressor is trying to trick black folks into believing we're oppressing them, so they never have to take responsibility for there actions and words. unless black people kidnapped whites from Europe, drowned some of them on the way to Africa, forced whites into slavery for hundreds of years, then after freedom forced them into jim crow segregation while being terrorized by black men in black sheets with bombings and lynching,then two of there greatest white leaders are assassinated by a black government who fears there progress so greatly, they flooded these poor white communities with illegal drugs and guns hoping that will kill most and incarcerate the rest so we can talk down about them on our black mainstream media outlets, which affects how blacks treat whites in education, housing, job opportunities, business loans,film, stage and tv and of course in the judicial system,guess what your lying entitle asses haven't experienced shit let alone reverse racism. you think your cops can shoot our kids, then you protect them, while shitting on the graves of these victims by pointing out every mistake they ever made, then start blaming grieving parents for  how they children were raised.also blaming there music, culture and communities but never blaming the cops who pulled the triggers,who viciously choke or attack them causing fatal spinal injuries and you think you have the right to get butt hurt for being call an evil white devils or crackers etc? base on how you treat us maybe it's the titles that suit you best since you have not problem calling us savages, animals, thugs, criminals, niggers ect. fuck you and your bullshit reverse racism, reverse it back up your lying, dishonest, disrespectful, dishonorable asses.

  8. a lot of Police talk "at you" and not "to you" ..You tell them " I'm choking, I can't breathe! " they continue like your words do not mean anything. So when they murder a person, it's just pawned off as a " accident " in the chaos, and not Gustapo like policing

  9. while i respect the intellectual abilities and i see this guy being amongst the top public speakers of the past century, malcolm x was just a much a racist as you can be.
    and the commentator is super stupid.

  10. Niggas are crazy I would rather die than beg another bleeding, breathing human being for respect or acknowledgement. No one has power over You unless You allow it.
    In other words I wouldn't be strong enough to make it at some point I would have been killed.
    Not everyone was afraid.

  11. lol at "white violence" being posted in 2014 like it's a problem. Blacks commit violence against whites way out of proportion. 90/10. Blacks also commit more murder than every other race combined even though they only make up 14% of the population. way to ignore reality

  12. This is what exactly West is still doing to other countries and Muslims… and current day ''House Slaves'' are Western Muslims who feel honored by the visit of the Butcher and '' Descendant'' of past House Slave in the Oval Office now….. these psychopaths invade, plunder and loot resources of a foreign country, and when they retaliate, they call them terrorists MOSLEMS bla bla bla and use their propaganda Machines to tarnish Islam and Muslims so that western people are subconsciously forced to justify all the atrocities their army and the country itself doing to the invaded country and the people over there… so the system hasn't changed, the same system and different victims…. !!

  13. If a white guy gets killed by a black guy (at a 6x higher rate than the opposite I might add) the media doesn't say a word b/c it's not a story that's profitable for them to cover. They don't objectively report the facts — they're sales people. They exist to make money, not fairly treat what's going on in the world. They cover those stories b/c it's easily sensationalized, provoke emotion, and generate revenue. And rioting, looting businesses, disrupting business operations, vandalizing, etc. is not okay. Quit defending it.

    The media makes it out to be an epidemic, which is total bullshit. 150 black guys are killed by white cops per year. 30 of those are contested. A fraction of those 30 are legitimate crimes. So even if you assume a dozen… far from an epidemic.

    Black struggles in this country are not because of white people… it's due to internal cultural issues. Chinese were once in a worse position in this country than blacks, now they're above whites. Look at Jews. Most discriminated against people on Earth. Look where they stand now. Encouraging the blame game helps absolutely nobody and does nothing to incentivize personal responsibility.

  14. How the anglo-saxon model of integration collapsed personified by this guy!
    Long live assimilation! It's a far better model that doesn't lead to communitarism

  15. Hey u the man who is hosting the show u do see and understand history but what about now what about every thing that is happening to many muslims by America and Europe when they talk trash about islam and talk about terrorism when they are in fact the ones fighting in our countries and killing us when they are the ones that brought war within our people and when they are the ones who fight us within our country far from their backyard while their families are save and ours die every day!! America is a country who can't manage for them selves unless they are terrorizing somebody and they call us terrorist and islam an violent religion. History is repeating itself and i am just sad that our muslin leaders and all muslims are not fighting for their rights as Malcome X (may allah welcome him and grant him Jannah ) did.

  16. Remember history folks: Malcolm X went to Mecca and learned that the Nation of Islam was exaggerating the truth after he saw white men praying the same religion as him, and sharing the same food and drink together. He also learned that Elijah Mohammed was fathering ill-legitimate children. Then…his people assassinated him!

  17. Kyle and his entire list of followers are a bunch of dumbass pussies. Malcolm you are using cultural appropriation, you are wearing glasses and suites and speaking english, if you really appreciated your culture you would be wearing loin clothes saying ooga booga whilst shitting in your dirt floors still in the dumperland. Okay job done fuck ya'll I'm out.

  18. Actually, the first person to bring this issue up and wasn't shy to speak upon segregation and violation of human rights hear in America, was a white man, FDR's Vice President "Henry Wallace" then it echoed on Martin Luther King and Malcom X… He said "we can't go around the world preaching democracy, and human rights, when here in America we can't secure democracy and human rights to African Americans. The he ran in the primaries and lost to Truman.

  19. indians were slaughtering white farmers not unlike slaughter following the end of apartheid in South Africa. likewise since civil rights era 70000 whites been brutally murdered by blacks and white America voting for Trump and new policy

  20. those native americans were fucking savages, ever heard of sclaping? the apaches would attack at night, burn other tribe members at the stake; commanches would lash other indian tribe members with untanned leather and leave them in the sun to suffocate as the leather shrunk; sometimes to be particularly cruel they would lash the the mens' balls. HUMANITY is savage, that is the true irony: not that whites called natives savages; but that anyone, of any race feels they have the right to pontificate, like this fuck. HAHAHA. Fuck this guy, he's lucky to not be baking in the sun.

  21. Too bad blacks are responsible for over 80% of all violent crime in America, looks like white crime doesn't even compare. Blacks are more violent than any other race in the US. If blacks could make it on their own they wouldn't be the number one recipients of government assistance

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