The Thunder Connection



James Harden leaving the Thunder almost seemed inevitable. As Harden started to blossom into a star there wasn’t to much The team could offer to keep Harden being Russell Westbrook’s back up. After the Thunders final appearance Harden went to Houston to be THE MAN of his own team. In 3 years we have witnessed Harden grow every year , and into a MVP candidate. The players the Thunder received in the trade for Harden became Kevin Martin who was  a easy 20 points per games; jetted after one season back to the Minnesota Timber wolves. The Thunder received draft picks and selected Jeremy Lamb now a Hornet after riding the bench for the Thunder for the last three seasons. The only bright spot from the trade is Steven Adams who plays great D , and brings depth to their front court.Also the Thunder traded away Jeff Green after having heart surgery to the Boston Celtics for Kendrick Perkins.  The Thunder deserves credit for there eye for talent. Making themselves one of the best development programs in the League.



Reggie Jackson

The Thunder recently lost there 6th man again. Is this the curse of having Russell Westbrook arguably the best Dual guard in the League. Westbrook plays the point guard , but at times looks to score more than distribute. So once again The thunder looses a valuable member to there team due to minutes , and money. Reggie Jackson signed a 5 year 80 million contract with the Detroit Pistons, and is now the starting PG. Many was shocked at the pay range for Jackson . Even John Wall publicly commented that He makes the same as Jackson in a negative tone. This season Jackson had a 34 point 16 assist game. Jackson is averaging 19 points 6 assist and 4 rebounds.


Just imagine if OKC could have kept there roster together. The Warriors would be an after thought!

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