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The Role of the Bastard (Mulatto) as a Factor in World History – Dr John Henrik Clarke

The date was August 22, 1791. The place was the most profitable white-ruled island in the Western Hemisphere, Saint Dominique (called Haiti today). The major european powers at the time (spain, england, and france) were fighting over control of the island.

christopher columbus and his band of homosexual pirates had been there since 1492, when they began exterminating millions of the indigenous inhabitants – the Arawaks.

As a result of the extermination of the Arawaks, Afrikans were kidnapped, shackled, and brought to Saint Dominique as slaves to enrich the pockets of white enslavers.

After a couple of hundred years of this enslavement, Black men and women in Saint Dominique decided to strike back. The mans name was Boukman Dutty. He was chosen to lead the Haitian people to freedom in warfare against their white enslavers. The Afrikans on the island of Saint Dominique (now Haiti) decided it was time to fight the whites with a new and improve zeal. The Haitian cries for freedom rang out, Death to All whites and Black Dominion.

Boukman Dutty began the rebellion with a prayer to the people:
Boukmans Prayer:

“Good God who created the Sun which shines on us from above, who rouses the sea and makes the thunder rumble; Listen!
God though hidden in a cloud watches over us.
The god of the white man calls forth crime but our God wills good works.
Our God who is good commands us to vengeance. He will direct our arms and help us.
Throw away the likeness of the white mans god who has so often brought us to tears and listen to liberty which speaks in all our hearts.

Boukmans philosophy was Conquer or Die. He was eventually killed and replaced by less effective, Negro, accommodationist leadership. As a result, Haitian independence took much longer than it should have.

By 1802, the revolution had fallen into the hands of a man of the same ilk as Boukman Dutty. He was an Afrikan War General named Jean-Jaques Dessalines. He became the liberator of Haiti.

He was one of the most sophisticated and cunning Race men in our history. Additionally, he was one of the finest generals the Black Race has ever produced. His very name, like Boukman Dutty, struck absolute fear and trepidation in the hearts of whites worldwide. This is a quote from Dessalines on his approach to waging the final revolutionary war against the french enslavers:

Jean-Jacques Dessalines

“I abandon to them (the white enemies) freely the shores, and the places where cities have existed; but woe to those who approach too near the mountain! It were better for them that the sea received them into its profound abyss than to be devoured by the anger of the children of Haiti.”

In 1804, Dessalines declared Saint Dominique free of white tyranny and the home of Black Dominion. He renamed Saint Dominique – Haiti. This was the original name of the island when the Arawaks ruled.

Dessalines forces defeated the entire french army of napoleon bonaparte of france. After the war was over, he kept his promise to the spirit of Boukman and his ancestors. The Haitians had promised to kill all the surviving whites left on the island. Dessalines led the Haitian people in this mighty and spiritual cleansing process. By the end of the war, over 40,000 french troops had be killed – many having been hung, firing squaded, or beheaded. The Haitians were true Afrikan warriors of the greatest character, courage, commitment, and spirit.

For more history on Haiti, click the following link:

Political and Economic History of Haiti

and/or read the book, The Irritated Genie by Jacob Carruthers. This is the best book on the subject found.


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  2. Look here Jason Lind Black people was here first ,,,,,,hundreds of years before that lying ass Christopher Columbus. And there are pyramids and big head statues on amrican land made by Africans hundreds of years before your BS 4 founding fathers. And we was first on earth a black lady bones was found her age over 3 million years old her name LUCY from what America say her name is. Or could it be. Eve ,,,Adams wife. Pick up a book and stop telling lies. .. Go back to Europe. ..

  3. which dark  skinned  person..falls for this..?which dark skinned person..thinks they are more  because of  blackness..what a hutu's and tootsie is the way we  role..what a willie  lynch mess..and  it is bigoted..all blacks are loyal ?all light skin is wicked.. this is insane…..

  4. No nat turner was not a mix breed his mother was straight from africa and his father was straight from africa!!! His father escaped and some say went back to africa !!! He may not have been pitch black just like a lot of full blooded africans are not pitch black !!! Yes he was like many blacks from back then was pure black !!!

  5. RIP TO OUR GREAT FATHERS DR CLARKE AND DR. BEN. These lectures must be shown to our children we must arm the mindsq of our youth with African history and black power. One love family

  6. You would think by now, there would be at least one Negro or African that would have picked up the mantle on this topic and wrote volumes of books on the topic.  But no, we have no true Messiah/Leader/Leader in this day.

  7. Henrike Clark, I can't even address you as a doctor anymore because of yor comments. MULATTO'S are not all like that, they have gotten it from both sides, black and white. You don"t even believe in God, talking a bunch of nothing. People like you love drama and to cause conflict. Now you want to incite hatred among mulattos who are still blacks and still fight for equal rights for all our people. You are to old to act like this trying to cause vonfusion. If you and the people that think like you love africa go and live there. They will not even want you and your kind.

  8. Comments full of sick black people venting their frustration on beautiful Mulatto people. Be angry at God he created you not mixed people.
    Jealousy eats you from the inside out.

  9. I am a so-called bastard and like any other colour people will betray their own out of stupidity, ignorance, or lack of knowledge. I would certainly say the last one is true and has shown to be the main reason for mixed heritage to betray their own. It is simply due to lack of identity. White people call us black, black people call us bastards, mixed race, half caste, bastards etc etc. The bottom line is we are all the same beings of different degrees of melanin from the the very dark people who are full of melanin and then at the very other end of the spectrum are the lightest people with little or no melanin. Henrik clarke spoke the truth, but for that period in time. The birth of the internet which has opened up communication across the globe and has allowed for those seeking answers to questions such as the history and role of the mulatto (as it is not taught in schools!). People from long ago now have realised how the mulatto has been used as a tool against the darker peoples of the world. Were not stupid we identify more with our african negro whatever you want to label it as. The reason is in the DNA. Your DNA goes all through your family. Melanated genes are dominant therefore no matter how much they try to use a person of colour against Africans or darker people now it will turn against them because DNA speaks louder than nay words. They will wipe themselves out with all the mixing but they did not realise this. This generation of peoples of colour know about their past. His-story has been exposed as a lie. The chickens have come home to roost and the white man is panicking

  10. This is classic scape goating. Yet another attempt by a black person to blame someone else for the incompetence of the African race.Of course the audience present wants to hear this because it relieves them of any personal responsibility for the failures of their race.The morbid story of the dinner party is purely anecdotal and has no place in a serious discussion of the Hatian revolution.So a few beheaded "mulattoes" are responsible for the putrid condition of Hati today???

  11. So many have so much negative to say. How can you be enlightened ppl but not able to remove your ego from a spiritual message. Nothing he speaks on is hate, it's all truth. I have mixed family members and I love them no less but that doesn't change the big picture of it all. Journey well Master Teacher.

  12. Thank You Dr. clark my family has been documented hear in america since 1620 in virginia !!! I have many light skin in my family . I'm realy african featured and I can tell factualy he is not lying !!!

  13. Malcolm X was mullato, but Sam bo was dark and killed more blks than the slave master know our history and don't put people against each other. That was the problem in the first place if you go back over 100,000 years ago even before all this in Kemet the had separated the classes by royalty if a king had a baby with a lighter tone slave, servant etc the bastard child was made the slave or servant. We were at war with ourselves and lost everything stop repeating that. If you really want to know what the enemy is its allowing someone to tell you how to accept whats being told to you without proper examination.

  14. The president father is african and mother white, African men mix all the time. Matter a fact the Moors, Muir, Muur, Moores mix wih everything and had darker complexion. I doubt the mind set started with Mulatto "people"..

  15. Obama don't represent mulattoes people. Obama is a traitor like in the history some mulattoes was traitors toward black people. But don't forget Alexander Petion, the mulatto who has fought against Napoleon for Haiti independence.

    Mulattoes are nothing to do with white supremacy. White people are just used some mulattoes people (who were their childrens during slavery) for put slavery black people.

    I am mulatto and i would like to say that black people must contest ODR beacause it's a racist rule. And, i see not many black people contest that and even use stupidly ODR.

    ODR say mulattoes are black because white blood are superior to black blood ''impure''… so for him, mulattoes are impure because mulattoes had black blood.

  16. One of the greatest minds of all times speaks. Hybrids/mullatoes will always have split alliances and can never be trusted. Only those of us who are unaware of their true history would ever consider sleeping with non-human neanderthal apes aka caucasoids.

  17. Somalia is a perfect example we cant go back into our history without some Arab saint, our history was destroyed and the death blows are happening now. Burqa, hijab clad nonsense. Before anyone starts saying Malcolm X remember he might have hated the Europeans but he was just was willing to sell you to the Arabs who were much worse. He sat with them in Saudi Arabia not two years after they made Slavery illegal there. Think about that Dr. Ben was right

  18. Listen to what black leaders say about you my Hestanfell people a.k.a "mulattoes" Look att the comments below. i never had the patience of listening to john clark since he speaks like a slow subhuman retard. But this is the thanks Fredrick Douglas who freed the slaves in America Get. This is the thanks all Hestanfells "mulattoes" get who freed the slaves in jamaica by going around att night and breaking arming the slaves wich lead to the armed revolt that eventually brought slavery to a end in Jamaica. Hestanfells "mulattoes" were the ones who freed the slaves in Haiti. Much of your socalled "black" sucsess is actually our sucsess. and we Hestanfell people are the ultimate race and we need to stop joining black power groups as they are idiotic retards who go against us instead of the people who keept them as slaves. If youre a Hestanfell Join HMTFF for the racially inbreeded inferiour subhumans will only dissapoint you and get you further away from your real identity. We are the enemy?.. you dumb fucking idiots..

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  20. This message is to Long Lance , as I stated before, me myself I don't consider myself as being Black , refer to me as a woman of color a Brown skined Queen of Ethiopia or Egypt or of Africa, do not refer to me as Negro or Black, it's so stereotype,

  21. I am African and i consider Dr John Henrik Clarke as a leader who cares about his race and his ancient homeland. all he says is true . white people breed with black women to rule over black man dark skinned man. i say stop killing you race and you people. African soul is dead for long time . it's time to learn. black organisation is needed. or die forever there will be a warrior in the future who will avenge our race . gather together organise build a system .. stand up not by rioting bat by gathering. peace and work hard .

  22. Mulattoes, all other species of half breed vermin and the black traitors who help create them are sworn enemies of the black race. It is in our best interest as a people too establish for ourselves a culture of racial pride and empowerment that is rooted in the understanding that ours is a blood that is unique. When a people see themselves as unique they begin to understand that they are deserving of the best the universe has to offer but those offerings can only be attained through a will power and determination that is born via the love and preservation of their blood. The black race is long overdue for such a culture and a purging of the genetic filth that continuously poisons our race, that it will bring about.

  23. Also let's not forget the cold blooded murder of thousands of black Haitians in the 1930s I believe between (15,000- 25,000) at the hands of the Dominican Republic's mulattos in the 1930s Pure Evil.

  24. Do people always seem to forget that Barack's white grandparents who raised him were vehement anti-theist, anti-Western communists who believed in class-less race-less utopia. Or in an excerpt from "Tales Of My Father" Obama expressed his zero interest in European culture when taken on a European Tour as a child 'It's not my culture."

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  27. He never called Barak Obama a "mulatto kitchen boy". So, don't put that in the heading. Do not put words in other peoples mouths. Dr. Clarke, as great a historian as he is, is painting with a broad brush here.

  28. The worst kind of hate is self hate. We systematically drag each other down, light skin, dark skin, cut it out. Just be intelligent enough to know your history and, have a sense of self worth without BROADLY painting people without %100 African lineage as the enemy. Hell, if you DNA test all "black" folks, you will find a surprising amount with more than just African blood. I greatly respect Dr. Clarke but, on this subject his brush stroke is to broad.

  29. Y'all complaining about Millattos lol smh, mullatos weren't the ones who sold their brothers and sisters into slavery, but I swear black ppl got short term memory

  30. You guys are really starting to piss me off, if us Mulattoes are your damn enemy so freaking much then stop getting pissed off when we dont call ourselves black WTF .

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  31. Stop claiming Egypt then!!! Egypt was a mulatto civilization. Ooops! Not much black history left after that since Nubia was also mulatto (See the difference between Northern Sudan and South Sudan). The ancient Hebrews were mulattoes too. How about Fredrick Douglass , Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X? Damn! We can shorten black history month to a day if mulattoes claim their own history.

  32. Do those idiotic black supremacists know that Nat Turner was a mulatto?
    His father/owner Benjamin Turner had raped his African mother and, on the "wanted" notices he was described as "bright" but not a "mulatto" to protect the reputation of Benjamin Turner in the white community.All through US history, mulattoes have tried to steal the keys from the white man to free the Africans: Nat Turner, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Dubois, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Barack Obama, etc…
    And you view them as your enemy? Good luck negroes!

  33. Black supremacists are delusional. They are constantly attacking mulattoes while claiming Egypt, the ultimate mulatto civilization. Newsflash: native African do not have light skin nor wavy hair. It takes Eurasian admixture and Neanderthal dna to get the skin tone and the hair of Egyptian mummies. Predynastic mummies, over 5,300 years old have beige skin and wavy hair. They were mulattoes, not blacks. Google El Gebelein mummies and check it for yourselves. The same goes for every single pharaoh's mummy. You will not find a single one with kinky hair. Ahmose, Seqenenre Tao, Tuthmose II, Tiye, Tuya, Yuya, RamsesII, etc…etc… are all mulattoes. Not one single black one. Mulattoes built the pyramids! Stop claiming "Kemet" in the name of black supremacy. You have been misinformed by old crispy angry blind fools like John Henrik Clarke and Chancellor Williams. Wake up!

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    After "White supremacy", negroes are coming up with "the mulatto factor", a new boogeyman holding them down.
    Nothing is holding you crispy blacks down but laziness and sheer stupidity.
    Show me one single photo of one Pharaoh's mummy with kinky hair! You can not!
    Show me one single photo of one predynastic Egyptian mummy with kinky hair! You can not!
    Meanwhile you hold on to the delusional fairy tale of a black Egypt where "blacks" happen to have light brown skin with wavy hair. Talk about cognitive dissonance. You want to bash mulattoes while you worship their civilization.
    The only civilizations worthy of that name in Africa are the mulattoes'. Egyptians, Nubians (North Sudanese), Amhara, Moors, Tuareg,… are the only ones with a writing system.
    There is not one single black African tribe with a script.
    Think about it!!!

  35. To all of the black supremacists who want to try themselves at bashing mulattoes. Here are a few cold facts.
    According to the Eyferth study conducted in Germany in the 1950's, mulatto children raised by German mothers were equal to White German children in IQ tests.
    Blame it on heterosis (hybrid vigor) for all I know…
    On the other hand, every study involving pure black children has so far shown that they do not fare well when compared to other races in term of intelligence. Even in the case of black children adopted as infants by white families and raised in the same conditions as white children.
    Mulattoes built the pyramids and invented writing, not blacks.
    Deep inside, you know it and that drives your insane jealousy. That is the reason why your "proud black women" wear weaves and bleach their skin so they can try to look like us beautiful mulattoes.
    You are not very smart so you should at least try to be nice. Instead, you get nasty and hateful. It will not serve you well in the long run. Haven't you noticed the pattern in history?
    Negroes always end up on the losing end…
    Nuf said my niggaz!

  36. There is no hate like modern day black self hate. Divide and conquer. There are white supremists who feel, blond haired blue eyed Aryans are the true and only white people of consequence. They ate there own during WW 2, killing Jews, Poles, Slavics, Gypsies etc. Now we have black supremists.

  37. The average African American genome is 73.2% African, 24% European and only 0.8% Native American (The American Journal of Human Genetics).
    The average African American is therefore, technically, a sambo (or griffe) which is an individual with 75% African and 25% European ancestry.
    It is therefore very ironic to see a group of sambos conducting anti mulatto propaganda.
    Just saying…

  38. Stop claiming Egypt then!!! Egyptians were mulattoes since prehistory!
    Here is a photo of "Ginger" a natural predynastic mummy from El Gebelein in southern (Upper) Egypt.
    It is 5,400 years old. Look at the skin color and hair texture. Not black! Mulatto!
    John Henrik Clarke has been lying to you negroes!

  39. "Now in the largest study of its kind conducted so far, researchers at 23andMe and Harvard University have published the results of a genetic analysis of ancestry among the American people.
    Broadly, the genomic analysis found that on an average the African American genome was 73.2 percent African, 24 percent European and 0.8 percent Native American."

    What you American black supremacists call black is, on average, only 73.2% African. The average "African" American is a sambo (child of a black and a mulatto parent).
    The native American blood that you claim is , just like in the case of whites, a fantasy. When you have light skin or less kinky hair, it is because of your European ancestry.
    The irony is that you, certifiable sambos, want to turn around and attack mulattoes now. Good luck with that. Eventually, a good portion of your ranks will desert you and join the mulattoes because that is what they are. There is no such a thing as a "light skinned" black person. Do you understand morons?

  40. Here is a photo of a 5,400 year old Upper Egyptian predynastic mummy:
    It is obviously not a negro. Do you black supremacists get it? Egypt was made of mixed people, not blacks, since prehistory.
    Stupid old John Henrik Clarke has been lying to you with his tales of pure black pyramid builders overwhelmed by caucasoids and mulattoes later on. Why is there not one single African black tribe with a writing system? Not a single one!!!
    If blacks were the originators of civilization there would certainly be at least one black tribe with a script!!! Think, people, think!
    The only African people with a writing system are mulattoes: Egyptians, Nubians (North Sudanese), Tuareg, Amhara, Tigray, Berbers, Moors… Stop with the black supremacist lies! Stop claiming Egypt!

  41. His name was Donatien-Marie-Joseph de Vimeur, vicomte de Rochambeau he despised enslaved Blacks and free Mulattos and even set man eating dogs to chew babies alive. He wasn't the worst it actually goes to another French general by the name of Antoine Richepanse who was sent by Napolean to the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean to put down a slave rebellion led by a Mulatto by the name of Louis Delgres and this French general ended up butchering 10.000 people out of population of 28,000. I find it funny that the Mulatto elite dream of being French when the French despise them and want them all dead.

  42. I`m a lightskin man and I can respect how darkskin people feel about lightskin people or mulattoes as they were called back in the day. my thing is if this would help darkskin people come together and fight white supremacy then I`m all for it. if they need my help I have no problem with helping anyone to fight white supremacy. How ever! I do not support black supremacy just the same……

  43. This is one of the worst hate rhetoric coming from a so-called colored person.I think humanity's inhumanity or intolerance towards each other is the factor here,and a loss of identity.

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