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The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness – pt. 1

Dr. Amos Wilson


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  1. @arronnov Oh, you agree negroids didn't have "these problems" until contact with Whitey? Well go to Afrika and kick some ass then. The African tribal leaders had nets dropped on your great-great grandpappies and mammies and hauled them to the docks to be sold. You think Whitey macheted his way thru jungles and captured wild jungle people? lol. Get real and face your problems. You refuse to do anything to improve your race, you hang onto the po pitiful me race card b/c it suits your agenda.

  2. @arronnov When are blacks going to quit whining about the past? Every race in the history of mankind has faced adversity. Americans escaped British Rule, only to be followed by the Brits and had to fight for 100's of yrs to win American freedom, thru bloody wars, starvation, inprisonment etc. We don't moan that British people f'd us up 200 years ago. We pulled ourselves up and made the best of it. We fought a civil war to free black people. MOVE ON.

  3. @arronnov Don't you understand, ALL lands have been "stolen" at some time in history, and ALL nations of peoples have at one time or another been under persecution. The Jews have lived and still are under persecution; they are the most persecuted people of all time, but they don't wallow and whine and say poor me, those dirty so and so's f'd us over 100's/1000's of years ago. They picked themselves up each time and got to WORK. They educated themselves. I could go on but think it's useless.

  4. @arronnov Ok, so I see you have followed the hate mongerers like Farrahkan and become a part of the cult Islam. That explains a lot. ANd what exactly do you think these "liars and thieves (Jews)" are going "to get"?? You think Iran is going to nuke them or something? Because if they do, kiss your ass goodbye. Iran is their only threat now and if those diaper-head pencil dicks so much as move a finger within an inch of the "button" they are going to be blown off the map.

  5. @arronnov I re-read your post. If black people were the only people on the planet, then where did white people come from, lol? You are so mixed up, I pity you. Your hate is going to destroy you, not Whitey. YOUR HATE.

  6. @arronnov I don't know what you mean. An entire month has been devoted to Black History for many years. Black people have many more rights than whites do, but we don't whine about it. You are allowed to practice reverse discrimination (Miss Black this and that, Black Men's Assc., Blacks only television), many special programs for blacks only have been developed. It is up to the black person to pull him/herself up by the bootstraps. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

  7. @arronnov It's nice to know that about 80 percent of black people in the US are Christian. I read a story awhile back, wish the heck I could find it now, where missionaries went into remote African tribes and took the gospel of Jesus. Thru translators, the missionaries found out that this remote tribe already KNEW the gospel and worshipped ONE God, and they believed this God had sent a savior — they just didn't know His name. The name of Jesus. Don't let your hate rob you of eternal life.

  8. @arronnov Ok, whatever you say. I've tried, just like w/ some other black people, to find a common ground with you and you refuse. You are like everything was always the black person's to begin with, the black person this that black person that. Can you not see, you are doing the very things to us that you now are mired in hate and anger for? I won't discuss further w/ you. I pray you find peace within someday soon.

  9. @peasah2005 Here's the angry black person. Don't you know what a downer you are to your race? Show some manliness. Work for what your get, get an education, raise your family. Whitey doesn't prevent that. You stand in your own way b/c it is EASY to sit in an office applying for welfare, easier than breaking a sweat outside huh? I have two sons graduated college w/ degrees in the construction industry but they work their butts off rain sleet or snow. No handouts. Handouts are for the LAME.

  10. @peasah2005 That's great, I believe you that you work hard. Believe what you want, I am not a racist. I only try to point out that the HATE that black people keep hanging onto will never solve the racial issues. It may be a blessing MLK is not alive to witness the hate and spite that many black people live by now. That isn't what he preached; he wanted equality yes, but through peace and loving your neighbor, not hate and crime etc.

  11. @peasah2005 You just had to throw in something that is history now didn't you? Can't you grasp the fact that I, nor anyone living in the USA, have ever owned a slave? Why can't you let go of this stupid slave talk? My forefathers were imprisoned, tortured, starved, etc etc by the British but I've moved past that now. Good luck.

  12. @Bombeni You may have not owned a slave but your people benifit from it."stupid slave talk"? Its going to take centuries for blacks to overcome the problems & miseducation of Jim Crow and slavery.Blacks are the only people in the USA who have had laws made against them,your people fought the Brits for freedom while we have waited for it to be given to us.Power is not given it is taken.The MLK fantasy is over,that ideology retarded black liberation thought. They cant fool us with Obama ITS OVER!

  13. @revolutionist1945 I don't know why anyone would want to wallow in the history of their ancestors. Truthfully, you should be glad you ended up in the USA. The majority of Africans have it pretty bad. How would you like to make mud cookies just to have something in your baby's stomach? 90 percent of Africans are infected with HIV. Why don't you TRY looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty? Remember when you laugh the world laughs with you — cry and you cry alone.

  14. @Bombeni 90% lol,where did you get that stat?I should be glad I'm in the USA is a joke,BE GLAD WE DONT KILL YOU.Africa is fucked up do to the robbery from within and outside of the continent Miseducation is rampant among black people,with no knowledge of self you will stay controlled.All blacks need 2 wallow in our history,the problem is that 90%of us dont.Power is knowledge,looking at the glass half full is the reason why we are in this situation.WHEN BLACK GANGS UNITE WE WILL KILL REAL ENEMIES

  15. @revolutionist1945 Like hell you'll kill me. I live in an upscale area of my city. Hell I never even saw a colored person in real life until I was 12 years old other than in Shirley Temple movies. Education? My sister teaches at an all-black high school. The teachers have armed gaurds escort them to and from their cars. The kids are like animals in a zoo, you have to be very careful as though you were trying to train wild tigers. Blacks have the opportunities but they don't take them.

  16. @Bombeni Lol, damn ur funny.These teachers dont know how to teach our kids shit,so if they need armed guards(if what you say is true) they need to find a new job.We should go back to segregation and teach our kids an African centered education not this fake U.S.shit.As long as we try to assimilate into white society there will be problems with the black race.when the black gangs unite & no jobs exist they will be in that upscale area looking for food,like uncaged animals at the zoo KILLING YOU!

  17. @revolutionist1945 Hey I'm down wit ya on the segregation thing. That is a dream though, too much to ever hope for in our lifetime. My sister started her teaching career at a black school purposely. Thought she could make a difference. When little Tyrell or Tyrene would act up in class or not do any homework etc, she tried calling the moms or grandmas (many live w/ grandma). She quickly learned those women don't want to be bothered with no shit about Tyrell or Tyrene's school problems.

  18. @revolutionist1945 (continuation)

    And so she learned to just go with the flow, as the other teachers clued her in. Most of the other teachers are black, and even THEY told her not to bother with trying to get the parent/s involved. You just pass them with a C or D and move on to the next year. Pathetic. Instead of whining, why don't you become an advocate for teens, volunteer to help them apply themselves in school and achieve something. You are your own worst enemy.

  19. @Bombeni If your sister is teaching at a public school it is not a black school because they teach a white curriculum,so the black kids are not interrested in it for good reasons.An all black staff not funded by the state is a black school(African centerted).If they are passing them with C or D the teacher is to blame not the student.You are right we are our own worst enemy as long as we follow whites and try to be like them.I teach at an African Centered school &our graduation rate is 100%

  20. @Bombeni (pt2) They score higher than public schools on state assessment tests. We train them on how to solve problems in our communities,not how to work for white people.We are building a nation within a nation.We have scholarships for kids who are in gangs or low income and teach them who the real enemy is.Most important we teach them about a world before white supremacy and how we are the 1st people to have a civilization and how whites copied everything from religion to indoor plumbing

  21. @revolutionist1945 Ha, higher than state assessments; what rock are you living under? Black teens are lowest scoring students. Half of the girls have babies by the time they enter high school, and another one or two while in high school. It is estimated that 68 percent of all black males will be incarcerated for approx. 10 years of their adult life. YOUR attitude is the problem. 30 yrs ago blacks were courteous decent citizens overall. These days, you know that any black is a potential danger.

  22. @revolutionist1945 Uh yes she is teaching at an all black school and has for 15 yrs. She has special cert. in Vocational Education and tries to teach these kids basic business skills that will make them employable upon graduation. She has had a few kids who excelled and received scholarships, due to HER dedication and staying late to help them when they needed it. So fuck you and your hate-mongering, self-pitying bullshit. There is an old saying, try to figure it out: CAN'T MEANS WON'T.

  23. @Bombeni "self-pitying bullshit"?My school teaches entrepreneurship in other words THE WHITE MAN CAN KEEP HIS JOBS AND STICK IT UP HIS FLAT ASS.We dont have time to beg whitey for employment, we create our own jobs.Yes test scores are higher than public schools,understand that we created civilization and all the teachers have to do is remind kids of their greatness and they will prosper.Our teachers are black and they understand our kids,they do something white teachers will never be able to do

  24. @Bombeni (pt2) your stats are foolish like you,Yes blacks are a potential danger to ourself if we dont find our lost heritage.My attitude is the solution to the problems your people caused.Dont take it personal that we are no longer listening to the ENEMY on how to solve our problems,you people are NOT TRUSTWORTHY.Black males are in jail because they have no knowledge of self. We will work out our problems without you,WE DONT NEED WHITE TEACHERS! No MLK or Obama for us its REVOLUTION OF THE MIND

  25. @revolutionist1945 Hmm. If youre serious about finding "your lost heritage" why don't you migrate back to the motherland, Africa? Seriously, just like the Jews have and still are returning to their homeland Israel, WHAT IS KEEPING YOU PEOPLE FROM GOING BACK TO AFRICA?? I know many people would donate to renting passenger liners to Africa so you could all board for free. The only catch is it would be a ONE WAY TICKET. You like that idea? If not, please answer why. No beating around the bush.

  26. @Bombeni I love that idea but the problem with that is, we dont need you to donate shit but CASH!! Those people migrating to Isreal are not the original people from that land those are WHITE Europeans from Poland, converts to the Hebrew faith, they are over there doing what Europeans do best murdering and stealing everything from land to a religion. Its funny how white people just take on a religion and claim it as their own."Their homeland" what a load of shit, you people are DELUSIONAL!!!!

  27. @revolutionist1945 BUT ———- YOU didn't answer the critical question, in fact, I notice you manage to divert direct questions on a regular basis. I'll ask AGAIN. You say you don't need our money, FUCKING FANTASTIC. How do you feel about relocating to Africa, I mean as a mass movement? And, if you don't need money, is there something you DO need? I would be willing to help you put together a project to begin a mass exodus back to Africa. I'm serious as a heart attack.

  28. @Bombeni Read my last post again, the movement has started, the only thing you can do is donate cash. we dont want nothing but those dead crackers on the money. No bright ideas, no opinions just cash thats it. We have people living there now.

  29. @revolutionist1945 Well damn, how much more cash do you blacks WANT?? We already put the majority of you up in subsidized housing, paying $60 month for a 3 bedroom apartment. We give you food stamps which you trade half for drugs so you can eat and get high too. We give you free medical care. And you claim you want to leave? We couldn't run you out of here with the whole freakin military. You're all talk and no show. Lazy no-account dregs to society.

  30. @revolutionist1945 Haha, it just struck me. YOU yourself will soon be one of those statistics: lounging your life away in a locked cell. Count on it. You are the typical hate-mongering negro, but our society does not tolerate you and we keep building prisons for your stinky mean asses. You'll be there. I'd bet my life you already have. You sound like an ex-con soon to be present-con again.

  31. @revolutionist1945 Of course, we can count on your own people to take some of the worst of you out of the picture altogether. I feel sorry for their mothers, but those no-good "thug-n" gang members are killed daily, by rival gangs. How smart is that? You talk of some goofy movement or whatever, yet the WAR is within your own neighborhoods and that will never change. Lazy blacks who won't go to school have nothing but time on their hands. Idleness is the devil's workshop.

  32. @Bombeni Lol, just like a cracker always quick to point the finger at what you think you do for my people,Wake up call-the majority of people on welfare are white you dumb ass idiot.We want all the money you thieves stole from us&other people.You are right the war is in our neighborhoods,THE GANGS ARE UNITING. All revolutionaries must face the enemy at some point,so your jails dont scare me.I'll just start a riot,we got people inside too ya know.I have no problem KILLING or DIE'N for the cause

  33. @revolutionist1945 Now you just sound like a nut. Hit the crack pipe lately? When you say majority on welfare are white, hey idiiot whites make up 88 percent of the population. The point is probably half of all blacks are on on welfare, and whitey's taxes pay for it. I would ship your ass to Afrida in a New York minute. I'm dead serious. If you agreed to go, I would meet you at the airport in your area and puchase a one-way ticket, which I would hold until your ass was boarding.

  34. @revolutionist1945 And I know you have no problem killing or dying. You blacks are doing so on an hourly basis right now, but the problem you seem to miss is it is yourselves killing each other. As I said I am very sorry for the mothers, but they should beat their kids ass and keep them in the house, escort them to and from school, etc., if they want their kid to not fall prey to "gangsters" — haha, gangsters that's funny. Al Capone would turn in his grave. Nothing but THUGS.

  35. @Bombeni If you go back and read my posts you will see that the"goofy movement" is to retake the minds of the youths and undo the miseducation that white society produces. WE will always be in gangs its a tribal thing from Africa we just got to teach them who the real ENEMY is. Your people cant offer us anything anymore we will no longer follow your lead. In maybe 30 or 40 years our youth will be educated in the proper fashion.. your old ass will be dead by then so mind your own business

  36. @revolutionist1945 Haha, well, whose going to support your race and all the little fatherless kids in the meantime??? Whitey, that's who. If you were SERIOUS, which you aren't, you would refuse to take handouts on a daily basis from the people you say are your enemy. There's no vallor, no honor, in a goofy idea like that. No, you don't know how to be anything but supported by the superior white race and you never will. Mark my words.

  37. @Bombeni Lol,you people dont support squat you only steal.White people have fatherless kids also,whitey aint the only people who pay taxes butt head they take them out my pay check too.As a matter of fact I'm tired of supporting your people,THE MAJORITY OF WELFARE AND CHARITY GOES TO WHITE PEOPLE."Superior white race"LMAO What have you done that is so superior?Besides being superb at deceit & murder.You people used to lynch my people & cut off scrotums for souvenirs.Sick white race not superior

  38. @revolutionist1945 Now that's precious, a black who is tired of supporting the white race. Now I KNOW you are crazy. And I don't believe the white man has ever lived who would touch a black man's scrotum. No way Jose.

  39. @revolutionist1945 Er, ok, I'm the dying breed. Last I checked one of the most profitable businesses is opening a funeral home in large black communities. Your black boys are gunning each other down faster than the cops can lock them up. They are thugs/murderers/thieves, so, it certainly isn't a loss to society. It only helps the cops caseloads. Don't worry about me you hatemonger, go into the gangs try talking turkey to them. You wouldn't get to first base w/ this education mumbo jumbo.

  40. @Bombeni LMAO, You need to stop with all your fake made up stats it makes you look like an idiot, lol…your a fucking joke old dude "thugs/murderers/thieves" fits the history of your people accurately. Read a history book once in a while!! D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L!!!

  41. Is it me or does this guy sounds like Sweet Daddy off of Good Times!!! LOL!!! This brother was deep he was a true eye opener. Too bad I never had a chance to meet him (RIP) Long live Dr. Wilson Legacy!!!

  42. @revolutionist1945 NO, the joke is this goofy AfriKan crap you are talking. This is AMERICA pal and you'll either ACT like a decent American or you're ass will be in the pokey. And if you are so hellbent on finding your roots, get serious about it. Move your family to Africa and see how you like it, you ingrate. We couldn't run you out of here with a 10 foot pole. Your ass is staying right here where you know the food and shelter is gauranteed, you PHONY NUTCASE.

  43. Oh geez, I finally worked up the stomach to listen to this clown for about 3 minutes (have had the volume off the other times). Whine, sniff, snort. Another stupid (doctor my ass) black who wants to hang onto the race card b/c it serves a PURPOSE. Every nationality on the face of the earth has endured slavery and been conquered at some time in history. The Indians conquered the peoples before them. Get off your pity parties and MAKE SOMETHING of yourselves. This is the land of opportunity.

  44. @Bombeni you people hate to see black people showing any form of self rule, it must be some truth to what Dr .Wilson is speaking your DELUSIONAL world will not let you see reality. Wake up!! You know nothing of history,but its not your fault you come from a corrupt system. We all know that the criminals of Europe were cast out to America. The English look down on you, they say you talk like idiots, the criminality existed since you came here..the British know what kind of people you are

  45. @revolutionist1945 Will you PLEASE answer just one SIMPLE question? WHY, if you hate Americans and AmeriCa so much, don't you leave? Africa is accepting immigrants. Answer this question. You live in America, you are an American. Millions of people dream of coming to America but you put it down. Again, tell me, why don't you just leave??? No bullshit beating around the bush just answer the friggin question, I have asked you 10 times already.

  46. @revolutionist1945 P,S. He isn't a doctor anymore than my mutt dog is. He may have paid Thunderbird University, lol, $69.95 for a certificate that says he is a doctor but trust me this guy didn't even graduate high school.

  47. You have proven thru a test of WILLS that you, just like this phoney doc, do not have conviction. In other words you blow hot air. You can't come up with a single answer as to why you don't LEAVE the country you claim has robbed you of your AfriKan, lol, heritage, when AfriKa would take you with welcome arms. Of course, you'd have to fight for tent space and there isn't always enough rice to go around and you have to resort to eating mud. Is that the heritage we robbed you of? lol

  48. @Bombeni You fucking IDIOT who said I live in the U.S.A. If i did it aint none of your damn business why I wouldnt leave… you crackers need to stay out of black people's business. Why are you people so fascinated with the lives of black folk? You fucking homosexuals need to stop fucking each other and get some morals. SICK SICK DELUSIONAL RACE OF PEOPLE!!

  49. @Bombeni ***News Flash*** we were already something until our whole original way of life was disrupted by European and other invaders that gladly got up off of their asses and raped, robbed and murdered untold MILLIONS, possibly BILLIONS of other people. And then had the audacity to impose their foul barbaric way of life people that were doing just fine living in harmony with the earths PURPOSE… Which is to be respected, not robbed and raped at every opportunity.

  50. @doomheart

    I see you re-posted my quote….I was going to remove myself from this discussion, because I saw you were emotional and incapable of dealing with the facts. Since you insist on dragging me into this discussion, I hope you're ready to do you're research because you're definitely writing a check you can't cash. Your page said "404 not found", now view this en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Luzia_Woman estimates of her age range between 11,000-50,000 years old, either way they predate NA's

  51. @doomheart2001

    lol…my emotions are intact sir, no racism here I'm just just stating the facts. You're the one throwing around racial insults because you lack the knowledge and intellect to sufficiently support your bogus claims. Let's deal with the facts, the original people of South East Asia are called "negritos". They still exist there today. Negritos, Australian Aboriginals, the African Pygmy's are all the same people and were the first to populate every part of the world. They are BLACK

  52. @doom

    why did you repost a dead link ?….is that your way of saying you have no knowledge of this topic but did a quick google search in hopes to find something you think supports your belief ? The link is DEAD…it takes me to natgeo's website but the actual page is 404. Judging from the fact that you didn't even know blacks are indigenous to South East Asia and attempted to "one up me" based on this fact shows your lack of knowledge on this topic and you're making yourself look ridiculous.

  53. The sleeping giant is awaken and he is on YouTube, the Most High works in ways that's over our head for example,
    when he says you will have everlasting life he means it. This is proof, Dr. Amos Wilson
    is alive and well and still living on and still teaching a new generation of people in this electronic energy form in the internet, like it is said energy never dies. Give thanks and praises for the kind of wisdom knowledge and overstanding.

  54. @llhillllhill I feel ya vibe on this statement but to answer your question…it ain't paying the bills. Dr. Kaba said it best "Conscious people are lonely people". Supremacy only works on those who "feel" less supreme than others by sheer lack of knowledge of SELF, a dependency of hate of SELF and a compensation of ignorance of SELF…the Willie Lynch plan in full effect. When OUR people come together, we'll get it together. Peace. Qwest Allah, NGE

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