Texas Cops Lied About Racial Profiling Stops by Labeling Blacks and Latinos As White

But now, a recent investigation has revealed that police have been manipulating the racial profiling data which was gathered by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
Local KXAN News reported that their investigators reviewed over 16 million traffic citation records. What they found was startling.

The ethnicity of the drivers in many cases were changed on the paperwork, to make it look like police were pulling over far more Caucasian motorists than they actually were.

Four of the top five last names that had been recorded by police as white were obviously Hispanic names, like: Garcia, Martinez, Rodriguez and Hernandez.

The head of the Civil Rights Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law, professor Ranjana Natarajan, said in an interview with KXAN that the DPS racial profiling data simply cannot be trusted.

“I think there could be accidents every now and then, but the sheer number of the reports that you found, where it looks like the people who are not white are being classified as white, means that there is something else going on here,” Natarajan said.
“What it shows is that, there either seems to be a complete lack of training on the part of DPS officers and other law enforcement officers about how to report people’s race. Or there is deliberate, sort of trying to not follow the policy if they have been trained properly on how to report the race of the drivers whom they stop.”

Jose Rodriguez, a Democratic State Senator said that DPS was “playing games” with data to make it seem like they were not racially profiling.

Source: Texas Cops Lied About Racial Profiling Stops by Labeling Blacks and Latinos As White – Counter Current News

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