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Talib Kweli (Black Star) – Knowledge of Self

Classic from 1998…Produced by Hi-Tek.


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  1. What more can be said? This is one of my favourite Hip-Hop tracks. The lyrics are extremely profound and the flow is absolutely unbelievable. Talib and Mos at their best. Vinia Mojica's voice is beautiful too.

  2. I never realized this was the same sample that was used for A Tribe Called Quest's Check the Rhime but now that I listen I can hear it. Look up Minnie Riperton Baby This Love I have to hear the original. Dope Shit.

  3. yey i have a 'life without knowledge is death in disguise' shirt! πŸ˜€ what an awesome song so few people know about. i guess the black star album was hip hop at it's highest point. from there it almost only went downhill. only some albums since 98' are on the same level..

  4. @AUDI500A yeah you got a point but at least biggie and 2pac were good. plus they spoke about their struggle alot. especially 2pac. pac has songs that anyone wherever they are from or thier story can appreciate and respect.

  5. @ningdoggjyfh It's because just like junk food, junk music is easy to get and it's all over….. but realness like this track, is like organic health food……. It's hard to find because it's that true real concious spoken word that most people do not wish to have on their minds.
    Peace =)

  6. Jewish Star = 6 points of a cube in 3-D
    Christian Cross = 6 sides of a cube spread out
    Muslim Kaaba stone = 6 squares making a cube
    Freedom = finding the seventh dimension

  7. The most important time in history is, NOW, the present
    So count your blessings cause time can't define the essence
    But you stressin over time and you follow the Roman calendar
    These people enter Cona like Gattaca, you can bet
    they tryin to lock you down like Attica, the African diaspora
    represents strength in numbers, a giant can't slumber forever
    I know you gotta get that cheddar whatever
    Aiyyo I heard you twice the first time money, get it together

  8. The most important time in history is, now, the present." Every now and then it's good to go back to such classic, it's like taking a breath of fresh air in a room full of ish … classic never ages.

  9. "Now your blooming like a flower with the power of the evident"

    "all my people where you at 'cause y'all ain't here, and your hero's are using your mind, to paint fear, with broad brush strokes and tales of incarceration. Get out of Jail with that Knowledge of Self Determination, standing ovation, because you put the HU in Human, Cause and Effect Affect everything you do, and that's why i got Love in the face of hate, Stand Live 'cause the mental illustration is straight!"

  10. @tiye777 wow my man, I feel the exact same way. The bible argues that to much knowledge is bad but I'd disagree. I won't hesitate to admit that the more knowledge you gain the more personal world affairs become which some may say becomes a burden. I want to become an English teacher but I know I'd barely make a living off of it. I wonder IF I'd be content as a Poor Righteous Teacher. Peace and respect to you my brother.

    "ignorance is bliss. I love being innocent."

  11. real talk, eh? i grew up through elementary on black star, lupe, nas, and outkast (more notably andre 3000). im happy i grew up with them cause i would be one of those ignorant kids on the corner and not going to classes if i didn't. knowledge is the way out

  12. Seriously, there shouldn't be any reason why anybody should dislike this song…the 4 dislikes of course won't come out and say why they dislike it, goes to show how ignorant they are…smdh

  13. Too bad more people don't have it. And sadly most of human kind still believes a magic being in the sky is watching over us… πŸ™ Especially black people. Which I don't blame them particularly because how else could you make sense of how fucked up they been treated for absolutely no reason. And this as an example ^ Black people have always been killing it in the Art game better than any other "Race"

  14. I really wish I could find an instrumental for this or if someone may make one…my favorite instrumental on the album. Yasin Bay & Talib Kweli always on top. They're in my top 10. & with this album I can put them as my top 10 duos.

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