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Speeches of Malcolm X about Self Defense


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  1. I disagree with going back to Africa, yes that's is where we came from, but that's the OLD WORLD, Africa is corrupt and the Islam over there is corrupt, we would be going back into the same corruption. We the N.O.I. is the NEW WORLD, with a new mentality, we take nothing of this OLD WORLD and bring something new. The same way Christopher Columbus and the Voyagers left England The Old World with a New World Mentality. So is the same today, take off the old hat and put on the new and don't look

  2. The new world mentality is already here, Elijah Muhammad stated that there will be new vegetation, animals , transportation etc, me personally, This world will be built on Peace, Justice, Freedom and Equality. That will be the ideology from here on out, we should focus on personal development, Homes, transportation, food, Medical, all basics humans need to live will be free, I'm assuming Gold and Silver will be the medium of exchange, We will be living examples to other world governments.

  3. and what do you have to offer? Instead of criticizing let your actions speak, personally to me u sound like an operative or agent going around leaving absurd comments to try to provoke anger. It's an information war. This cyop wars don't work anymore, people are aware of false flag attacks now, and misinformation you guys spread, COINTELPRO is still alive , u guys r taking this 4 a joke but Fard is going 2 crush u. but when u c those wheels hoovering over your head then you'll get some sense

  4. Forgive me brothers. I can't believe there is a god watching over us, one that is active in any way. I've been attacked and harassed over & over again in Maplewood. I understand when we do act we allow our attackers to get the wrong idea. Yet, I'm a black man in Maplewood, Missouri. Anyway, if my hearing to get an order of protection doesn't hold in a week, I may need to truly fight for my life only to know I will lose it because I'm out numbered. Be strong and protect your families.

  5. Fortunately, the hearing for the Order of Protection was enough to back off physical attacks. The neighbor let his dog go on me twice and made fun that he would do it again when I needed to pass by again. It was too creepy when he can to my door threatening one day and later shining a flashlight through the window on my apartment's back door. Maplewood police weren't any help and it was as if to get me out. Again, it worked out. My landlord allowed me to leave early. I know how it is now.

  6. Go back to europe and live in caves again. Then get taught by the Moors on how to stand like a man on TWO FEET and not hide behind a screen name on youtube.

  7. hahahah food stamp jokes shows you're mentally deficient. If we didn't have a history of useless prejudice , maybe we could get hired at an office with the right training . Im not gon debate you , your brainpower is minimal at the most .

  8. man originated in africa dumbass, your an african, the africans that left africa for europe where youre great 50x grandparents, years in europe developed the white appearance and features, its called evolution, your history, not that schoolhouse programing bullshit, learn it

  9. There ain't no man standing that can accomplish what Malcom had done. The men use everything to trick the black people, the even use another black man to fool the black people. Now, black people think the fight is over because they see a man with a black skin in the house but they don't see, that there is a black skinned man with a white brain in the house, they don't realize that this man swore to prtect the constitution that brought African brothers and sisters into slavery at the 1st place.

  10. @Lauxin666 Study King after He had a Dream… When he woke up he said he fears he integrated his people into a burning house… Malcolm didnt work against King, study him when he came back from Mecca… A cracker with a gun destroyed King.

  11. First all we never asked to come here! Caucus caveman and cavewoman!! Get your asses and go directly back to the caucuousmountains !!# where you were in caves pissing and shitting on yourselves !! Your devil white history is written in Bloodshed!!!! You are zeroed out !!

  12. Dollabillzs you are children of yakub !!# 666!!# go read of your history you aren't human at All!!# get your ass out of the stolen land you are sitting your dumb ass on now!!!#get your cave ass back up in mountains whence you came out of the belly of the Beast Satan yakub!

  13. Chilling and accurate words… echoing through time. Unfortunately a Deacons of Defense like group would stand no chance again the military grade weapons they have now. We need a revolution that removes both corporate parties and starts anew, regardless of the upheaval. 

  14. I find it a blessing of The Most High I share the same birthday of this powerfully brilliant brother! I have learned a lot from our past elders and men of faith. I'm going to attend a Historical Black College for the first time in my life. Being in a majority white university didn't address my social, spiritual, or intellectual needs. Many professors and students did not grasp the fact that I was young, gifted, and black.

  15. anyone wanna learn an African language l will do it for 6dollars a week but upload whatsup family l will teach you for an hour at a time.00263772472746 thanks family. Learn your ancestral language create ur own community and lock the enermy out. Hotep

  16. im 23 and african american male, life is good. Just stay strong, we will prevail. shoutout to malcom for having the balls to actually stand up to these men with no fear in his heart.

  17. I can worry less about asking the Lord to have mercy on the killers of Malcolm X. Their own of karma is gonna come. Even though Malcolm X embraced the Brotherhood of all men that ticked the MUSLIMS OFF, it didn't mean they had to kill Malcolm X for it. And that's exactly why they wanted to kill him. Their own of Karma is gonna COME to them. God has no pillows to sleep on. He's forever awake.

  18. Just look at me like you not having nice thoughts and you could be the subject of some laceration's, caps in yo ass, and/ or bloody stomp down !! FUCK THE POLICE !! BITCH ASS COWARD CRIMINALS !!!

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