SMH!! The Real Life Uncle Ruckus! Warning Extreme Racist Language

SMH!! The Real Life Uncle Ruckus!


SMH!! The Real Life Uncle Ruckus!


Now this is insane! You have a black man that speaks as if he is not black. He tells us blacks are savages and how they make up for 50% of murders in America but not why they do the things they do. America benefits from it is a major point he missed. The prisons benefit from black on black crime. Why would they interfere with their money, as money hungry as these people are. He is downing his own people so that he can get love and praise from white people not knowing that half of them look at him the same as any other black man. Unless he is kissing ass and on his best Uncle Tom behavior. Yes black on black crime is bad, but instead of making fun of it. Let’s try to figure out how to break that cycle that has been forced upon majority of the black community.


Look at these comments at how he is being praised for his non-sense video.




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