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Sad…New Orleans Shooting Leaves 3 Dead And 7 Injured

New Orleans is a place for fun as many people were enjoying themselves Saturday night on South Claiborne Avenue. The area is often frequented with crowds of people gathering in the parking lot outside of the daiquiri shop on weekend nights. In addition to the daiquiri shop, New Orleans residents and tourists tend to dine at the Chicken & Watermelon restaurant. As the crowd sipped on daiquiris and danced to the music, gunfire erupted and 3 people were killed as well as 7 people were shot.

New Orleans Shooting Leaves 3 Dead & 7 Injured After Gunmen Opened Fire At A Strip Mall:

The community of New Orleans is in mourning as 3 people were killed and 7 people were injured as a gunman opened fire on a crowd of people at a strip mall. Police officers do not think the shooting was random as they believe that gunmen were after one particular man. Owner of the Chicken & Watermelon eatery, Skipper Nicholas, reportedly witnessed Jeremiah Lee fleeing from his attackers. Two men dressed in hoodies, eventually caught up with Lee and stood over him as they pumped several bullets in his body.

He ran into a crowd of people, said Skipper Nicholas, who said he reviewed video footage of the shooting Saturday night. I think he probably thought, ‘If I run by the people, they won’t shoot me.’ He just got everybody shot, Nicholas said to The Advocate. 

According to The Advocate, Jeremiah Lee was an associate of the notorious 3NG street gang from Central City. Lee was no stranger to the streets as he has a long criminal history. Before his death, Lee was accused of killing a wheelchair bound man, Kareem Dowell in 2016. Dowell’s death was reportedly gang related as well and police believe Lee was killed in retaliation of his death. In addition to the Dowell case, Lee had been slated to stand trial on August 15th on a charge of negligent discharge of a firearm stemming from a 2015 incident. Lee’s brother accused him of shooting at him from a car.

Jeremiah Lee (28)

Gunmen Murdered Two Innocent People As They Targeted An Alleged Gang Associate:

Not only was Jeremiah Lee gunned down, but 2 innocent people lost their lives as well.

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