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Rihanna Shuts Down Racist Fan Who Said She Would Look Prettier As A White Woman



Out of all the divas on the planet Rihanna is the last one I would want to mess with.

I dunno, she just seems like the kind of girl who wouldn’t back down in a fight!

So when a so called fan decided to make the ridiculous statement that the stunning pop star would look better as a white woman, RiRi was quick to act.

“You can call me a cracker and all that but this is undeniable proof that the whiter the more beautiful.”

The unpleasant image was retweeted hundreds of times and caught the attention of Rihanna who was quick to respond.


Needless to say, when Twitter caught wind of @Flopstar’s tweet they were not pleased and many blasted the racist social media user.

Meanwhile @FlopStar tried to “prove” she wasn’t racist because she supposedly has a “black boyfriend” (sigh, why do racist always think this gives them a pass?)

The Work singer blocked @Flopstar from viewing her tweets (told you Rihanna don’t play)

@Flopstar was completely devastated and apologized to Rihanna and her fans.

But RiRi’s hardcore fans “The Navy” were quick to point out that @Flopstar only changed her tune after Rihanna blocked her.

After @Flopstar campaigned to get Rihanna to change her mind – she cut her losses and deleted her account.



Source: Rihanna Shuts Down Racist Fan Who Said She Would Look Prettier As A White Woman

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