Redman Talks ‘How High 2’ & Reviving the 90’s Essence In Hip-Hop

Redman Talks ‘How High 2’ & Reviving the 90’s Essence In Hip-Hop


Leyla Stacked recently spoke to legendary emcee Redman about his upcoming projects in both music and film. While “Muddy Waters 2” is currently “in the brew,” the Newark native also alluded to releasing a new album entitled “The Preload” in just two months.

Having recently released the video for his single “Somebody Got Robbed” featuring Mr. Yellow, Redman spoke on bringing back the needed “90’s essence” to hip-hop with his latest visual. “It ain’t got a gang of chicks in it, showing a** and titties” and “money flowing everywhere,” he proclaims. “It’s really telling a story about how people get robbed, and you should be careful out there.”

Redman also talked about him and Method Man’s tiff with the FOX network over their short-lived series “Method & Red.” “They didn’t let us have more creativity,” he recalls. “I didn’t wanna be in no coonery kind of s***, I ain’t with that…They wanted to taint us.” He then went on to talk about his upcoming acting gig, a sequel to the hilarious “How High.” “‘How High 2’ is being written right now,” Redman claims, adding that the script should be finished in about two weeks.

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