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RARE MALCOLM X LECTURE – On Women, Marriage, Leadership & Study


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  1. And you sound absolutely ignorant…….. do your history playa before you begin to profess your thoughts to millions. your statement is extremely incorrect and unaccurate. Farrakhan was a protégé of Malcolm's. The only reason Farrakhan is where is he's at today is because he was a pupil of Malcolms. So, to correct you, Farrakhan sounds like Malcolm and not the reverse.

  2. It's so sad how videos of no positive spiritual benefit such as ignorant rap videos like Nicki Minaj (in my opinion) gets more views than intellectual videos like this one.  Well it is written so must be fulfilled.  Just sad to see.

  3. All he want is for women to do is use their brains and that they are more then just babies and gossip. He wanted you to become a better woman by reading and studying he was all about education RIP Malcolm X !!!

  4. He is so on point and so ahead of his time. The bit about being a man, is what every man needs to listen to, stop complaining your woman isn't treating you like a man, act like a man, and she'll treat you like one.

  5. A man talking about women is dangerous, danger of invasion, foolishness, misrepresentation, misunderstanding, reinscribing of trite and despicable power relations; if a black man doesn't want a white man telling him about himself, –same goes with a woman, listening to a man tell her about herself.

  6. Instead of this, read woman writers; Adrienne Rich, Alice Walker, Anais Nin, June Jordan, many many to read; over this.  Let a woman speak herself, know herself; a man, even a great man, telling her how to be to please, no; how old, how imposing.  One should listen, but be wary; especially a man allied with the Nation of Islam- exaltation of modesty can go awry, needs problematization… a woman scapegoated as an adulteress gets stoned to death in related sects; so much ugliness, in the name of modesty, in the name of a woman meeting standards, pleasing; so much scapegoating of the female when the man can't control his mindless prick…  Let her define her own pride.

  7. Men and women should read about the world today, and history of yesterday. Not everyone man or women is going to be married, but knowledge is power.

  8. 50 yrs ago bro Malcolm spoke about the same problems going on today. When are we going to hear and obey the truth and stop listening to the lies told by the same enemy. The devil's helpers

  9. WHAT A MAN …. WHAT A BRAVE MAN …. JUST HE WANTED TO SE BLACKS TO HAVE THE SAME STATUS AND THE SAME uppurtunities of life …. the same means , the same rights …………………………….. every thing he said was so right ….LISTEN carefully WHAT Malcolm x said … and every word was so right …. the right of any human being needs… carefully… what a man

  10. Being a man is a state of being. That's mandatory. But doing things that most MEN do is optional. That never makes the man when you already was one since 18. Never confuse the words Men and Responsibility. I'm talking to the commenters. Not Malcolm X.

  11. Hopefully women who are listening to this won't take this seriously and realize that women like Alice Walker, Harriet Tubman, Sojorner Truth, etc. are who they should actually take seriously.

  12. The media is constantly brainwashing people, especially women, making them feel inadequate, ugly, fat, unintelligent and allowing it to be acceptable to put those in a slumber from reality.

  13. wallah I live Malcolm x cause he's a clever person and he allways trying to make the people more intelligent and more aware of what's gonna happen if you keeping silent may Allah bless him and grant him the highest level of paradise

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  15. I may not agree with everything this man says as a white conservative male, but I would fight for his right to say it! I do agree though about the way the racism works on both major political parties. This was a great man who we need today to preach the truth about the shit hole we live in today and why it is the way it is, a smart man who has been down with the struggle, not someone who was born privileged and uses skin color ergo more melanin as a way to state that they themselves somehow understand what its like to struggle. Down with the current political system! time for a reset, empty the swamp and put forth non politicians who know what it is like to struggle, that is the only way to bring everyone up from depths to the light! This man was a genius and a scholar and for that I respect him more than any faker that claims to be!

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