Racist Home Owners Receiving Backlash After Halloween For “Lynched Thugs” Display


A Florida homeowner has caused outrage with his overtly racist Halloween decoration and the ubiquitous Trump/Pence sign to top it off.

According to Miami’s New Times: ”

There needs to be a hell of a lot of hate in your heart to think lynching people on Halloween is funny. And yet, here we are, Miami. A homeowner in Three Lakes, a small community in suburban Kendall, is celebrating the holiday by lynching two black-looking dummies in his or her yard. It’s also impossible to ignore what’s just in front of the display on the same lawn: A “Trump/Pence 2016” sign.

The two men are faceless, but their skin appears to be dark. They’re each wearing traditionally “hip-hop” clothing: One of the dead men has a sports jersey on and a crooked baseball cap, and the other has his pants sagged low. Black activists have been circulating the photos on Facebook all day and calling for a quick response from the neighborhood. The community’s property manager, Orelys Canas, tells New Times they’ve contacted the homeowner and asked him or her to remove the installation.”

After the story went viral, the homeowner was contacted and said the Halloween display was some form of “tolerance”. The homeowners also made the claim that the Trump/Pence sign was not theirs but according to those in the neighborhood the sign belongs to the house with the display.

Does anyone believe those black dummies hanging from trees in Florida was an innocent Halloween decoration? If they were, wouldn’t the dummies have the usual Halloween blood and gore on them?

There’s absolutely nothing about the two hanging dummies in Florida that would suggest they’re part of a Halloween display. Especially since the are hanging, well, in the overtly racist state of Florida.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the state that looks like America’s very sad penis, it is a hotbed of racism, white supremacy, and old time sexism. I’ve been there, to the backwoods of Florida, and I’ve seen a gas station in Scrambletown, Florida, where nooses hang in the windows with signs that say “we hang em.” If anyone thinks racism like that doesn’t exist in America anymore, they have never taken a road trip to the south.

A ridiculous part of this story is not that blatant racism is still very much alive in this country, but that some Trump supporters are actually saying the family was framed by the Clinton campaign.

The Trump campaign has let slip the facade of the ” Post-Racial America.” Racism in the US has never ceased it was just dormant and Trump campaign is the proverbial pandora’s box.

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