Q & A with Former NBA PLAYER Carlos Rogers

imageCarlos Rogers the number 11th pick in the 1994 NBA draft selected by The Seattle Supersonics but played his first season with the Golden State Warriors. A center Drafted from Tennessee State and birth place of Detroit sits down for a quick Q& A with Colossill.


Colossill: How do you feel about the fans perception of Lebron James ?

Carlos :  How can they keep trying to compare him to players that plays nothing like him… He can break every record in the world and the majority of you can not understand how good the kid really is because they hate so hard.

Colossill: What current players do you follow?

Carlos :  I like 2 players in the league now, Westbrook and James… The two in my error was isiah and dr j… Because how hard they play and how they approach every game…


Colossill : How do you feel about LeBrons decision?

Carlos: No NBA player can win alone, but Bron get flak for leaving Cleveland, really… What about shaq, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Dennis rodman, pau gasol, and many more… You have the talent to go wherever you wanna go… Why not

Colossill: how do you feel about this era of basketball? Is it really soft or new style of play?

Carlos: It’s basketball.. Everything must change, nothing stays the same… According to the guys in the 60s and 70s the 80s and 90s were soft…



Carlos avg 8 pts 4 boards with the Raptors in three seasons . Check out highlights above

1994-1995 Golden State Warriors
1995–1998 Toronto Raptors
1998–1999 Portland Trail Blazers
1999–2001 Houston Rockets
2001–2002 Indiana Pacers



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