Punish The Refs ? Calvin Johnson Cursed?

Again Refs?
Again Refs?
Again Refs?

Punish the Refs ? Calvin Curse?

In 2011 NFL opener Calvin made a great game winning TD catch that the Refs ruled that Calvin did not complete the process of the catch. This caused the Lions to loose , and created a new rule dubbed “The Calvin Rule”. In the 2014 NFL playoffs Dez Bryant made a catch that was similar to Calvin’s and ruled not a catch. This eliminated the Cowboys from the playoffs. This season the New York Giants played the Dallas Cowboys , in the fourth quarter Rodgers – Cromartie was called for a pass interference. This caused a momentum shift giving Dallas the win. After the game NFL officials admitted that the play was not a pass interference on Rodgers- Cromartie. In 2012 Packers vs Seahawks the infamous replacement ref game , a hail mary was thrown , and arguably caught by the Seahawks giving them the Win. After review it was not a catch. Yesterday Oct 5 2015 yet again another mistake was made by the referress. Calvin Johnson was on his way to an apparent touchdown , but right before Kam Chancellor stripped Calvin of the Football , causing the ball to go into the end zone. Corner K.J wright intentionally batted the ball out of the endzone. The ball was awarded to Seattle , and they closed the Game with a win. The NFL has released a statement that the ball should have been gave back to Detroit. The refs has made another big mistake. Punish The Refs ? Calvin Johnson Cursed??

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