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Pt 4/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke


Dr.John Henrik Clarkespeaks on Islam and its relationship to african people.


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  1. somalia, sudan, egypt, malaisia, saoudi arabia, oman… NO SLAVERY, REALLY ???
    You need to open your eyes, unless to you the african and south east asian people enslaved there are not human…

  2. what the fuck are you talking about? That has nothing to do with what this man is talking about…1.Major reason why black people are incarcerated is because of of a foolish "Sub-culture" A Drug or street Sub-Culture that was started back in the late 60 and early seventies when black people were respectable and had dignified lives…during the time of the whole civil rights era, The disentegration of the black family household began than the pushing of drugs into the black community,

  3. This is for bigbabybubba…message continued…black people did not own land large enough at the time of the drug craze to mass produce heroin or cocaine, all of these drugs came from foreign countries, black people at the time were unable to get the education build up this imaginary impire your are talking about. Because of the drugs given to blacks from outside sources it caused a drug and violent subculture to emerge, due to the fact that the family structure had been torn down

  4. I admire Dr. Henrik Clarke and admire his prestigious intelligence and dedication. No muslim scholar has ever suggested that everything in the Quran is all arabic. Even many words in the Quran are of different origin. But Spirituality does not belong to a particular group or another. It simply belongs to the peace loving people.

  5. Here is the problem: at 2:51 Dr. Clark admits that blacks started impreialism and colonialism before the slave trade. Dr. Clark talks about black spirituality but loses his when refering to whom he calls Dr. Ali Al'amin Mazrui (bastard of history). Dr. Clark tells about black superior spirituality, at the same time tells us that Tarek Ibn Zayad and his army of moors who initiated and waged war in Giblatar

  6. The concept of spirituality came from the nile…Oldest people, Oldest religion, common sensce. Pay attention to the lectures and debates that you are youtubing.

  7. Not in my Africa dude. Yoo are happy to pull theories out of you ass right? Im sure this is what your European teachers are teaching and also discovery channel. Keep it up reality will meet you someday.

  8. unluckily for your ignorant statements, I am African, Nigerian and one of my best friends is Zimbabwean. In my Africa there is no word for gay unless you put words together to explain the act and that is because it's totally new to us. Also, don't mistake Zimbabweans for Greeks or Italians or French. The skin colour is different and so is the language and physical features. I can't believe you just said that. "having sex with men is part of boy growing up" wow and just wow. Igonrance at most.

  9. Owning a human being started long before arabs made any historical noise. black Africans kings and rulers did have slaves who were black but from other regions of africa. Salvery dates back to the time of the prophet Yossef. Phaoros had slaves.
    Bilal was not Mohammed tutor. where is the proof Bilal was a lawyer if that what I heard?

  10. The prophet Yossef was sold into slavery by whom? Not the arab muslim!
    Amenhotep III ordered forty girls from Milkilu, a Canaanite prince, paying 40 kit of silver for each
    Anthropologists disovered a group of pygme remains in southern africa that were shackled together.
    Hammurabi's code is a detailed outline on law's regarding how to treat slaves
    I can give you countless accounts and depictions by ancient africans regarding slaves. Egypt had a definition for slavery.

  11. @ardtunez If we used to behavior of its adherents to indict a religion, then all religions can be considered dismal failures; this includes African ones. I make no apologies for Islamic African states that got involved in the slave trade just as I make no apologies for non-Islamic African states who the same; of which Dahomey is a crowning example.

    We need to stop this trend of romanticism and victim hood that pervades Afrocentric circles. We are just as much to blame for our plight as others.

  12. @kreal1 Dr Clarke does deal with Arab nationalism vs Islam, but what he is saying is that they so intertwined that it is often difficult to differentiate between them, and that Arabs have used Islam as guise for Arabicism.

  13. @BritHopTV I know what he is saying but he has to be very clear. Negroes will be quick to use this as anti-Islamic propaganda especially the black church. PPL need to know the Arab Nationalist where placed in power by the Europeans. Saddam Hussein, Saudis, Mubark even the new CPA Petreaus helped setup Obama approved is Arab Nationalist and hates blacks. Nationalism is a weapon used by white supremacist to gain control while u think your free.

  14. No Ethiopia never saved Islam, Dr Clarke should have said that Ethiopia gave refuge to few men who fled from Mecca. Ethiopia never saved Islam as a religion. If it did, please cite your source. Dr. Azrui did not mention Bilal or Zayd Ibn harith for the same reason Dr. Clarke did not mention what many witnesses said about who Tarik Ibn zayed was, he cited only Mme Bougiba.

  15. @BritHopTV That is utterly incorrect. Arab nationalism and Islam were never intertwined. If they were plaese mention when, where and who. Islam is against any nationalism. It is very easy to differentiate, you cant find one arab nationalist leader who adopted Islam as a governing tool.

  16. @malfini1 No Ethiopia did not offer shelter to Mohammed, few of his followers were sent there by Mohammed so they can seek refuge from persecution because the king was famous for being a just king.Now few followers are not Islam.If they were not sent there and were killed, Islam would have continued. You mean to tell me if those followers were killed Islam would have crumbled?Many of his followers were utimately killed yet Islam thrived nonetheless

  17. @ballymo85 brother where r people like you.IN MY AFRICA was da most accurate phrase,i say this because you will NEED to have that feeling of africanism inside of you to be completly black.our inner character will is exactly what GOD had created and meant to is fruastrating me especially when a black brother(has not to be african thou blackt) to hate africa n its people.wel they'l say we'd been brainwashed.FUK THAT(so im mad)how come malcom after he visited africa after mecca,he changed ?

  18. @simonpure109 ALI AL Amin. MAZRUI was born in Mombasa, Kenya, on February 24, 1933. He is now Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities and Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at Binghamton University

  19. Dirty fukkin arabs. Ther not even real arabs ther mixed with turk and iran. Thats y they r light skin with dog hair. Ther are still alot of unmixed ones in yemen but most of the original black arabs wer enslaved by the white arabs

  20. @ardtunez GOD IS NOT BLACK.WHITE GREEN RED.GOD exsits without a place he is the creator and we mankind are the created.ALLAH GOD I is not apart of his creation.he is the first and last…GOD dont judge man by the color of his skin

  21. #1 gay is just another human sin know by all Mr ignorant. #2 So is killing Mr I-Wish, just look at cities world wide S. Africa to S. Texas + you'll see your black man killing-murdering 'every day' on the news as the black turns every city from a once beautiful city built by Europeans’ until White-Flight, now it's an Urban sad ghetto windows nailed plywood which may give the excuse why you can't see? My Ethiopian + Nigerian + Sudanese friends DO NOT associate with American black. Rochester, NY.

  22. my dear brother mr.2inchtube i am an african born in america + have a lot of friends from the circle of kush ethiopian, eritrean, somalian, sudanese, i have friends from all over afr. what most of them do get before they r turned loose in america is a briefing from the anglo saxon about us. i am a descendent of slaves that migrated to west africa from what is called egypt once called kemet. the condition that we r in, and u should look up willie lynch, u may innerstand that within ur conscious

  23. if u stop sucking up what u r being poisoned with. true that blacks from africa that came as slaves suffer from a condition known as non-application of law. the law was an is when a nation devastates the other they r required 2 repair the damages. we would have been ordered to fight die and bleed 2 make sure israel got their 4.6 billion 4,, 14 years, indian got theirs, japs got theirs, if u drink a beer in public u get a ticket it's the law.when the law is in our favor it's not applied. non-app

  24. the truth is folks, hate is not a good thing to feel,me myslef personally i love all of god's creations, be they black white, jewish, mexican or whatever. everything on earth is made for love, it's all about how u use or misuse the object that dictates what your yield with that individual is going to be. there was a time that i was being taught hate and never really took to it, i've always been a spiritual person and realized that hate wasn't for does more damage to the hater not the hated

  25. one other thing folks, what harriet tubman did was a great thing, what made it work was white you cannot conclude that all whites r evil. and by the same token you can't conclude that everybody of any particular race is without blemish, with that said we should innerstand that you judge character for who and what it is not the outward appearance. hope that this little chat has helped all the brothers of the world to get an understanding of life. peace to all.

  26. It's not about hate. It's about Africa first. Blacks need to understand this because Europeans everywhere pay homage to Europe as do the Chinese to China; you catch my drift. Blacks will never get respect until they cut off foreign aid, influence and become self-reliant in Africa. Fuck all this brotherhood talk when everyone but us is benefitting. Africa first and foremost!

  27. 2inchtube go back to where you came from. You're a pathetic, self-loathing version of the KKK. You're stupid and ignorant because instead of actually learning our history (which is American history, you disgusting arabized vermin) you believe all the shit ignorant whites tell you about us. Too stupid to think for yourselves. Go away (but not to Africa) and take the KKK with you. Do the world a favor and kill each other off.

  28. -K Real’s word might be right [?], but why does whitie dislike blk [yes even sometimes hate] American blacks? Perhaps because most r-like irresponsible porch monkeys murdering, robbing, impregnating, dropping out, collecting SS or living off other’s, all while destroying every US city. It wasn’t when da Europeans lived there, whites fled when you wonderful balk folk move in, true? Don’t blame others.

  29. I'm back! And do we still see stupid here yes! tommy2cy2k the youngest is mr. stupid – "…blks r taught bad behavior from whites," ha ha ha, idiot kid! We're ALL BORN SINNERS says Jesus Christ, and soon every knee will bow + every tongue will confess that he IS the loving savior Lord, the patient one.

  30. Well love this. You're right. I have a terrific vocabulary. But you should work on your grammar (do you know what that is?). I hate people who come here from other countries and have the nerve to judge African Americans. Especially other people of color. If it were not for us standing up to violent bigots, you all would be nothing more than another weekend lynching victim instead of enjoying the rights and freedoms none of you cowards ever fought for. You're just a new kind of house ni**er.

  31. You wrote the following so you're now OFFICIALLY the dumbest person here:

    "It wasn’t when da Europeans lived there, whites fled when you wonderful balk folk move in, true? Don’t blame others.

    You can't even spell. Again, learn American history. African Americans didn't "move in" here. You confuse me because you're KKK, house ni**er and intellectually challenged all at the same time.

  32. Who is this European you love and celebrate so much:
    People (I'm reluctant to call them people, they're scum) who kidnapped people and sold them into slavery even though their own "holy book" said this is an abomination (old testament), who murdered four little girls in church on a Sunday in '63, murdered Dr. King for supporting workers trying to exercise their rights and helping the poor, lynched people for sport, continue to burn and vandalize black churches, colonized your ignorant ass.

  33. Who is this European you love and celebrate so much:
    They convinced your dumb ass that it's okay to murder in the name of religion (Jesus, Muhammad…they're all the same so pick one) and who continue to this day to use race and religion as political tools (you're a tool too, a garden tool).

  34. No. Homosexuality was NOT created by whites. Homophobia was created by whites. Homosexuality was done in every part of the world that was NOT influenced by the three Abrahamic religions.

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