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Pt 3/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke


Dr.John Henrik Clarkespeaks on Islam and its relationship to african people.


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  1. Black-Afrikans are at least 3.2 million years old. Dinkenesh(Lucy) in Ethiopia proves that amongst the many many other things. Spirituality is the base that all religions came from. All we have to do is look at historical chronology. 1 + 1 = 2. We never look at situations from the root. Whenever u have a problem if u don't look at it from the root,the problems will reoccur. Make time study our ancients.They left it written in stone. All ova the world.Let's end the self hate of the 08 & beyond

  2. The Moors weren't the first muslim but they definitely carried on the Islamic tradition. We really don't know how much Islam has been "whitewashed" sense its inception but there was definitely a major African component in its genesis.

  3. hakk- Do you really believe that the first Moors were not so-called black? Look at the PBS special"Prince among slaves". It is about a Moor that gained his freedom because he was able to prove his nationality. He looked identical to any other slave, but he was able to prove he was a Moor. Study the American Treaty about Moors. The use of the term black, denies your nation,your language and your God. A black belongs to no country.I hope U understand

  4. u are truly a fool. "islam gave the slave dignity


  5. @NubiansRuledTheWorld Slavery flowed in both directions Brotha. There are accounts from foreigners and Africans of African kings having slave women from Africa, Asia, and Europe. The Moorish slave markets were filled with European captives. Dahomey became the predominant seller of slaves to Europeans after two centuries of opposing them.

    You condemn enslavement but have a name like "Nubians Ruled the World". Besides being false, it relates a bias toward ignoring African abuses of power.

  6. @NubiansRuledTheWorld The obviously haven't read the works of Dr. Clarke. In his own writings he deals with the involvement of African states in the slave trade. Furthermore, the statement "we sold our own" is a completely ignorant way of looking at peoples from Africa. In Mali alone there are Fulani, Songhai, Mende, Tuareg, Bozo, Dongon, Bella, and other tribal/ethnic groups who don't see themselves at all as the same. People from two of those afore mentioned groups still live as slaves.

  7. @NubiansRuledTheWorld Do some reading Brotha! I've already mentioned the involvement of Dahomey (not a Muslim state), as well as others who are Muslim. To quote the good doctor "don't get mad, get smart." Prove me wrong! I've stated facts and sources, disprove them.

    Unlike you, I am Nubian. I am Songhai. I speak the languages and drank the history from the lips of elders. Nubians never ruled the world because no one ever has. Even when Nubia was at it's height there were rival Nubian kingdoms.

  8. @NubiansRuledTheWorld What Ben said on a radio show (I've seen the clip) states no facts or evidence. It is well documented, by several writings including Clarke, that Dahomey was among the chief contributers to the trade during the 18th century. Prior to this it had been a stalwart opposition to European power and consequently the slave trade.

    The shift in policy was multifaceted owing mostly to heightened destabilization of surrounding states, weakened economy, and the greed of new kings.

  9. @NubiansRuledTheWorld Africans never collectively ruled the world because at no point did early African states have a completely centralized ruler-ship nor were they united. All of the states you've mentioned were rivals. The "Nubians" never had a single state.

    You live in a fantasy world were old Africa is romanticized as some sort of paradise. We descendants of slaves are the living proof to the contrary.

    I wonder if you've actually been to Africa. Not as a tourist. Have you lived there?

  10. @NubiansRuledTheWorld Do you think only in dichotomy and extremes? Did I say "only"? No I didn't, I mentioned Dahomey and I mentioned the Mende involvement as examples of two state structures, one Vodun the other Muslim, deeply involved in the trade.

    As for the Arabs. Never have the Arabs penetrated Bilad as Sudani "land of the Blacks". The Africans states are far older and far too powerful for them; the Nubians humiliated the Arabs. How then did they get their African slaves?

  11. @NubiansRuledTheWorld What you just said exemplifies your ignorance. I have been to Africa and lived there. I did as Dr. Ben and Dr. Clarke had always demanded of us. "Go to the ground!"

    It is clear to me that you're one of those simple negroes who see the world as filled with "Blacks" and "Whites". Negroes who have no desire to go to Africa and experience the reality because that would require you shut up and do something. I won't embarrass myself by continuing to argue with such ignorance.

  12. @NubiansRuledTheWorld,
    dont bother arguing with muslims. Most of them globally share a mental illness like Christians. The Black muslims have presented nothing solid, they are masters of sidestepping Arab oppression in Africa. I have also been to Africa (Sierra Leone) and many of the black muslims and christians wont hesitate to murder their own people on behalf of the European and Arab.

  13. @360Truthman,
    Arguing with non-arab muslims is a waste of time. They are mostly sick in the head.
    I have tried for years to reason, it does not work, they always worm their way around issues

  14. @NubiansRuledTheWorld I have lost 2 loved ones in the name of religion! And I am not done with these fools! Like he said SPIRITUALLY IS POWER" And with that being said you can imagine where am heading to with my fight! My Sister is what i call a real SAINT" but till date i have never heard that there is a Black saint from West Africa or so. All we hear about are English named saints,Latin etc. religion is EVIL and their founders knows it's agains the CREATOR!!! AFRICA OPEN YOUR EYES!

  15. am a Muslim and a proud African.i like to mention something most Arab and history teacher neglect or forget. prophet Mohamed peace be upon him considered as an Arab,i came across a valuable information. Abraham peace be upon him his wife didn't bring him a child for long time(but she give birth after that to Ishag/Izak) so she advise him to marry a favored maid of her,she was Ethiopian/African she give birth to a child (Ismael) and this child was the great grandfather of the prophet Mohamed

  16. MAAAAAAN serously you ARE LAck if knowledge !!!! if some arabs are representing the Islam in the wrong way you CAN NOT judge the Islam based on those arabs and thier wrong attitude. Islam was against slavery and it delivered the massage which fought the slavery and encourage every muslims to free slaves !! you should read more and not from one source. EDUCATE PEOPLE !!… ISLAM Means peace. SO PEACE!! <3

  17. Wake up fools, religion is man made. The only guidance we have are books that are man written that all share the same garbage if illogical mythic, cryptic talk. We are all gods in this world. The world will cease ti exhist after us, and the world never exhisted before us.

  18. So because his descendant was had sex with an African maid and created the great grandfather of prophet Mohammed ISLAM is a black religion? What? By your logic I can start saying I'm white because a slave master had sex with my descendants. How can you claim a religion that hasn't even started yet? Semantics man……

  19. is he to afraid to say the truth…it is the judeomasonics doing the slaver, the usury and the rest……not whites. Obama is judeomasonic. His mother is jewish isn't she. His grandmother was Hawaii banker for Rothschilds. No big deal.. Why should that ever be in the press? hahahha It's all rigged. If Blacks and Whites unite, then the good will happen. Step back and think about that.I don't know any whites, or blacks that plot against each other because color. We understand and respect.

  20. i saw where the Master Fard Muhammad's ma just happened to be jewish. Odd, huh? We're watching a big judeomasonic banker play being put on. To justify their future evils. The script is already written….they think. It's up to us to unite and believe we've been lied to. Blacks and Whites do NOT hate each other. We both are pitted against each other every way they know how. They hire our own to cheat us and pretend they're our leaders. Farrakhan say's white white white. I know better

  21. True in most parts… Black Muslims need to also look into the Libyan Black township called Tawergha, where pale-skinned Arab rebels ethnically cleansed over 30,000 Blacks in 2011. And now, there is not one soul to be found in that town to this day!

    Not a word of complaint from either the Arab or Muslim world about this tragedy.

    At least back then, some of the Christians were campaigning against the evil slave trade, whereas, you would not find one famous Muslim who campaigned against it!

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