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Pt 2/15 Dr.Clarke vs. Mary Lefkowitz-The Black Athena Debate




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  1. @moigranespiritu12 "interesting that if a Caucasian and an Ethiopean …"

    it is spelled ETHIOP….i…a…n
    u DUMBASS!!


    where are your SOURCES?!?!? where are the articles and references that confirm this NONSENSE?!?

    NOW you want to claim ETHIOPIANS too?!?! HAHAHA

    How about the MANDE from WEST AFRICA who originated the concept of
    PSEUDO-RANDOM NUMBER generator?!? Are they NEANDERTHALS too?!?! LMAOF

    U r funny DUDE!


  2. @dogons2k12 What's my references?… OBSERVATION OF THE FRUITS OF A UNION BETWEEN ETHIOPEANS AND ANY CAUCASOID… and Genetics you stupid negroid… Ethiopeans are not the same Haplogroup as negroids are which are A and B…

    I already watched your stupid videos, they prove only that you are desperate… of course the Etheopeans were smart, they are of a different Haplogroup that you.

  3. @3iiionem what??.. nothing else to say you stupid negroid parasite, unevolved monkey Gorilla headed negroid that time and evolution forgot?.. better try and think before you post any pathetic, ignorant, afrocentrsit fantasies.. you ape.

  4. @moigranespiritu12 "The Oromo are a native African ethnic group found in Ethiopia and to a smaller extent in Kenya. They are the largest single ethnic group in Ethiopia, at 32.1% of the population according to the 1994 census, and today numbering around 40 million."


    I'll keep making u look STUPID … WHERE ARE YOUR REFERENCES?!?!


  5. @moigranespiritu12 "The Oromo are one of the Cushitic speaking people living in Eastern and North Eastern Africa. Cushitic speakers have occupied parts of north-eastern and eastern Africa for as long as recorded history."


    So if the OROMO as well as NUBIANS, HIMAs, TUTSI(from RWANDA) are all considered KUSHITES where exactly does your so called "CAUCASOID ETHIOPIANS" fit the equation?!

    U r INSANE in the MEMBRANE!!!!

  6. @dogons2k12 GENETICS MONKEY, GENETICS!!!..

    no DNA, nor Archaeology, no Ancient history except as slaves of Egypt…


    your making yourself look stupid.. the typical thing for a negroid though.

    by the way that info that you are giving has nothing to do with the topic since it all has to do with genetics.

    I personally think Ethiopeans are just monkey too, same planet of the apes shit.

    you can't concentrate because your an ape.

  7. see how the devil speaks! the devil have some white people.they speak for him, but once he done with you, he will destroy you! and there nothing that anyone can do about it! @moigranespiritu12:

  8. Ethiopeans are not the same as Sub Saharan negroids.. Any of you negroid begging monkeys wanna ask an Ethiopean if he is negroid like you and they will got your negroid, Gorilla headed baboon asses… No one wants to be related to you negroids.. For a reason, a good one. You have the same craniums as Gorillas, that means you are missing links, you don't even share DNA with the rest of Humanity.

  9. Biology
    Half of European men share King Tut’s DNA: Swiss researchers
    Up to 70 per cent of British men and half of all Western European men are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, geneticists in Switzerland have found.

  10. Biology

    Half of European men share King Tut’s DNA: Swiss researchers

    Up to 70 per cent of British men and half of all Western European men are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, geneticists in Switzerland have found.

    Not Jews, and not blacks.

  11. @THEBLACKAFRICANKINGS Well you typed everything in capitol letters so you must be right. Thanks for showing me the truth.
    Tut does look like Michael Jackson so you must be right.
    The mummy of Ramses II is on public display at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. This red haired Egyptian king who reigned from 1292 – 1225 BC.
    Microscopic examination of the hair which has been carried out has shown conclusively that he had red hair.

  12. Blonde and Red Haired Mummies of Egypt
    by Gary Singh
    Egyptian Female Pharaoh: Queen Hatshepsut, wife of Pharaoh Thutmosis II. The mummy which Egyptologists have identified as Queen Hatshepsut is displayed at the Egyptian museum in Cairo. She ruled Egypt after Thutmosis’ death in 1520 BC. Her long hair and facial structure has been well preserved by the embalming process.
    “The mummy was mostly unwrapped and on its back. Strands of reddish-blond hair lay beneath the head.”

  13. The mummy of Pharaoh Seti I is the most lifelike of the great pharaohs of Egypt, and a tribute to the embalmer’s art. His caucasian features remain crystal clear and because of the excellent preservation process, Seti’s mummy can easily be compared with a relief of his face made in his lifetime at the Temple at Abydos.

  14. @THEBLACKAFRICANKINGS Black people also sunburn.
    African-Americans are more likely to die from melanoma than are whites.
    As few as 48 percent of melanomas in African Americans are diagnosed at an early stage, compared to 74 percent in Hispanics and 84 percent in Caucasians.
    The overall melanoma survival rate for African Americans is only 77 percent, versus 91 percent for Caucasians.
    American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2010. Link. Accessed January 24, 2011.

  15. @THEBLACKAFRICANKINGS 9000 year old Caucasian mummy found in Nevada.
    Chinese History: The White Tribes of Ancient China. One of the most fantastic finds in the last half of the twentieth century, has to be the discovery of a Northern European tribe found in the north east corner of Xinjiang province.

  16. @THEBLACKAFRICANKINGS In the late 1980's, perfectly preserved 3000-year-old mummies began appearing in a remote Taklamakan desert. They had long reddish-blond hair, European features and didn't appear to be the ancestors of modern-day Chinese people. Archaeologists now think they may have been the citizens of an ancient civilization that existed at the crossroads between China and Europe.

  17. @godofthisshit
    Origin of Egypt was never Mixed. The origin of ancientEgypt was very black, it then when to Mixed and today lots of Turks, Arabs, live there.

    Watch this: /watch?v=uA-Mt4y2tAQ&feature=related

  18. oh u dont see it do u,because u r sleeping, u do not understand that africa is the richest continent on the planet…europe dosent really have a rain forest where your medicines come from europe dosent have gold and diamonds,,,ask the de beers europe dosent have the natural resources needed to make steel ask andrew carnagie…no dr clarke is a scholar u r an ignorant fool…

  19. you forgot the cannibals in africa, starvation, genocides, rapes, warlords, drugs, and lack of democracy. leave greek heritage only to the Greeks, no Germans, no Europeans, no Slavs, no Egyptians, and hell no middle eastern can claim that heritage. Each should stick to their own heritage and be happy about it.
    Thats from a Greek.

  20. How would you feel if i say that soul or jazz music is actually from Greece because of the ancient Greek musical scales the African American musicians are using?
    How would you feel if Greeks take credit for Mozart?
    How would you feel if Greeks takes credit for other countries or races inheritance?
    Facts are facts, DNA is DNA, evidence are evidence, stop making feel yourselves better by taking credit for something it doens;t belong to you.

  21. The worst of all, how would you feel, that your personal freedom belongs to the Greeks because we first thought about it?
    How would you feel, that you have the right to be an atheist because Greeks first thought about it?
    How would YOU Feel?
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves stealing and claiming and teaching all those false things. We don;t bother anyone, claim nothing, we are just proud for being Greeks, nothing more nothing less.

  22. Lol, ONE person on YOUTUBE (not a book, not a lecture, not a politician, not an academic) claim about Egyptians being Grecian and you felt threat from the Greek people? Are you serious?
    Unlike Africans, which this guy wrote his mumbo jumbo, and is being taught in fucking universities and then NOT ONE, but thousands trolls are trolling me with this stupid volume and curse on me for being Greek! YEAH! TRY TO COMPARE THAT!!!

  23. @charisaob, you best to go back to your history, & take heed to your ancient forefathers who themselves admitted to getting their knowledge from Egypt. Now we have the Faketians running Egypt, futher denying & trying to white-wash African history! Everyone is denying us OUR history, that they've copied, in some cases, outright stole, & plagiarized! We're not taking your history, we're rightfully re-claiming ours! African history didn't start with slavery, you bitchez!

  24. But Dr. Clarke didn't invent that so-called "invention"; white people did. Dr. Clarke is just fighting white people's invention, which really isn't an invention at all – it's simply white people being true to their own base natures.

  25. see and that's the point where all the progressiveness of his tought – interestingly the very epistemes of his thinking resemble that of Foucault- turn into just a counter-power that function on the same basis as racism itself. Although you recognize that ths is not an invention you fail to realize that there is no white and no black, in terms of physically existent entititities you can put under a microscope. These are constructs, like sexes, genedrs etc.

  26. that function because people reproduce them by believing in them, no by LIVING them. The same is true of you referring to the nature of white people – there are no white people and there is no such thing as their nature – look at all the writing of guys like Gobbineau and such – these guys argued the same way as you. The question is thus why can't we overcome it – or who has an interest in keeping this thing alive, why do we seem to rely on it and which device could we use to replace it.

  27. finally referring to your claim that white people invented race – this is not true, because it came into being, when there was no white or black people in today's sense (similarily as Christanity was not "invented" by christians – there was no christianity when it was born) – orignially it was a term that aristocrats used to talk of their lineage. (Coline Guillaumin)

  28. I didn't say racism wasn't an invention, I said Black people didn't invent racism. So I don't ever fault anything a Black man or woman does to counter the system of racism that white people created; that's only a manifestation of the inherent nature of white people.

    And there is Black and white. I don't know what planet you're on. Gender isn't a construct; it's a biological reality. Race isn't any different, as there are very distinct difference between Blacks and whites.

  29. okay 1.) okay let's transfer this to something else if you construct a weapon and I take it and shoot down s.b. than it's a priori your fault. Nice to know, If I ever happen to visit your planet…
    2.) Gender is not biological per DEFNTION!
    3.) Sex is conceived of as being biological yet it is not -> I suggest you have a look at all the genetics that's in there and inform yourself what a penis is – biologically
    4.) what is the difference between a white and a black person?

  30. 1. If I construct a weapon to kill you and you are able to take it and kill me then it is my fault for constructing the weapon in the first place. Everything that comes about due to racism is the fault of the white man.

    2. Definition be damned, "gender" is about as biological as it gets. There are distinct differences between male and female.

    3. See number 2.

    4. As vast as the ocean. There are physical differences, but the inherent differences is where it really counts.

  31. Pyramid Found in Niger!!!!
    In February 2012, Garba announced his discovery of a pyramid in the village of Dan Baki, 20 km west of the city of Zinder and 2 km north of the village of Tirmini. Garba estimates that the yet unopened pyramid contains more than 40,000 gold objects.
    The Dan Baki pyramid has a twin nearby and appears to be part of a series of pyramids located in the region of Tanout. All the pyramids in the neighborhood appear to have remained sealed.

  32. White people did you hear her while u defending her 03:50 Egypt is just one part of it!
    Even your white Historians know that truth!
    and they know most white people will not handle the truth. U KNOW THE BIGGEST REASON TO HIDE ALIENS CAUSE MORE THEN LIKELY THEY WILL TELL THE TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE! shit they may even have real pictures from back then! who knows but everything about blacks is a cover we are better then what they made us into. and that is what they fear.

  33. Why didn't someone coach the old goat on professional decorum so he wouldn't start vomiting his racist attacks in what was suppose to be a DEBATE and make himself look like the ignorant racist he's so proud of displaying to his audience.

  34. Fuck if he isn't a racist. He's the epitome of a racist and the entire debate was a set up to humiliate white scholars who took the high road and didn't return the multitude of racial insults he threw at them every chance he got. He started the debate with barage of racist insults and answered every question with a barage of racist insult that's how he avoided answering direct questions.

  35. White people "think they brought civilization…"
    Uhh no, there's almost complete consensus that civilization began in Asia.
    The idea that civilization began in Europe hasn't been around since the 19th Century.
    Clarke really is a spastic.

  36. @SuperBabyBuddah Nubia is older than Egypt, so does it make sense that Egypt developed itself out of nothing, but still managed to have the same cultural aspects as Nubia?

  37. This debate was a farce, intedend to make Mary Lefkowicz look foolish. You ought to read Tony Martin's bile literary work "The Jewish Onslaught" after Mary canned his ass.

  38. white people and arabs have lied to blacks for a long time…I am Indian and i remember my grand mother telling me that her grand parents told her that the Africans were the ones who came from ancient Egypt and went all over so called Europe.
    The truth must be said, these people are truly evil and many are in denial because they have been brainwashed and in their mind they cannot accept that africans once ruled the world and thats why they use divide and conquer to confuse people..its quite sad

  39. @superbaby buddah, never a red neck bitch, u worried about my comment i guess i got under your skin i control and I will say it again The lies whites tell about history. Everything comes to light. U Mad as shit and you don't even know me that's why Dr.Clark canned her ass on this debate , in kiss my ass You dum ass Budda Bitch fuck outta here.

  40. Jews subverting everything for the benefit of their self chosen tribe. This Khazar Caucasus Jew tells everyone that that they are Semitic, that they come from Palestine and the ancient Hebrews.
    Yet this same Jew wants to dictate Africans and African culture and history, denying it its full glory.
    Be Aware of them, These people are destroyers and frauds. Deception is their Talmudic game

  41. im with you in that they fighting with insults though not facts..just hurling insults in the air but it doent matter we know now fuck the haters all thet got is hat ,you notice how easy it is for them

  42. " can you hear me ? maybe you don't want to hear me " – Lefkolitz
    PLEASE, don't hate her case. PUT- YOUR- racist- BS- to- the- side and Read her book(s)…
    * Don't take Clarke's side because he's black…

  43. [email protected] pale skin folks calling black folks apes/Monkeys. But if you shave them their skin color matches with pale ppl not us. Plus other races are way more hairy than blacks/Africans. So who is more the APE/MONKEY? I am waiting for facts even though I know I will get lies and insults

  44. Why the ancient Greeks wrote more than 12000 books and ancient Egyptians didn't write a book (apart from the "Book of the Dead") ??? Because ancient Greeks had a greater civilization. The origin of civilization is Greek, not African.

  45. Bermal is totally stupid. He should read 'Timeo" of Plato. There are some details about the fact that Greeks are more ancient than Egyptians. He doesn't want to see the truth…

  46. She starts at 3:29 saying her book is not an attack on Afrocentrism but the rest of the title of her book reads "How "Afrocentrism" Became An Excuse To Teach Myth As History. Is she proclaiming European authors as the only viable truth concerning ancient history? Invaders always invade lands to take from the conquered. I see africans reclaiming lost, suppressed and omitted history. Why would any African choose to believe in more European research that chose to leave the African out in the 1st place? This is very old but I'm sure this lady was just pushing the sale of her book to people who don't want to believe the role of Africa in the civilization of the world.

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