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Pt 1/9 Islam -Dr.John Henrik Clarke


Dr.John Henrik Clarkespeaks on Islam and its relationship to african people.


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  1. Amongst his racial rhetoric he does have some solid points, like the fact that all major religions have been hi-jacked by political movements removing much of the purity which begot them. I do however think he is unfair in his broad generalizations i.e. "Arabs and White people have no spirituality", this is categorically untrue as are most broad generalizations. Governments have no spirituality, most political parties have no spirituality.

  2. watch?v=v2DkwoeKHho

    someone made a counter video to the Zeitgeist video! they're trying to say all of these old religions from Africa and Asia are the devil and the Illumaniti is behind the act of getting people to come together.

  3. Dr Clarke messed up on this one

    The insanity that is islam is similar religious rubbish to christianity

    arabs didn't 'subtract' anything from islam
    One cannot subtract from nothing!

    From IMAGINATION, arabs invented an idiotic ideology, which has poisoned, wasted, & confined minds to unending ignorance

    Every one of so-called abrahamic religions is a system of BELIEFS!

    Traditional African practices are based on DIRECT EXPERIENCE with the world of the spirits
    No believing/imagining is involved

  4. What?
    Why not just accept the islamic insanity for what it is, a product of arab IMAGINATION?

    Why try to involve (or imagine to be left out) African traditions, with no connection to the insane ideology of the Arabian Peninsula?

    Like so many victims of religious brainwashing, Dr Clarke assumed that the islamic insanity has some validity; but arabs erred in its representation. That is a delusional position!

    BEHAVIOR of its VICTIMS over time, is the practical means of judging religious ideology

  5. The "something (that) has to occur for religions to come into being" is IGNORANCE & DELUSION!

    Religion is a BELIEF SYSTEM!

    A lot of what is commonly called cult, is a hint of how religion comes into being

    Religion is like any other idiotic ideology, communism, socialism, capitalism, etc, etc: It is a bunch of ideas, MOSTLY unsubstantiated! Hence the reliance on EARLY brainwashing & believing.

    Remember this:
    No one imposes anything good upon another! Hence religion (IMPOSED) is worthless!

  6. Intelligent people don't do 'opinion; because everyone has one of those; & so there would be no way of separating the learned from the unschooled?

    Intelligent people use the Principles of Inference to look at historical evidence, & then draw the most logical & valid conclusion.

    Fact that you may rely on mere 'opinion' doesn't mean that everyone else does, OK?

    If religion is what every individual imagines it to be, or merely what is written in book, then it is impractical & NOT valid knowledge

  7. If the foundation is bad, then the whole 9 storeys R standing on shaking ground

    Although I can enjoy Dr Clarke for 9 parts on any historical matter, I lost my stomach for the whole islam 1-9 for two reasons:

    1. These mind-wasting & mind-imprisoning religions ideologies from the Arabian Peninsula are mental viruses & usually IMPOSED by criminal invaders

    2. The thinking that religious ideologies have some reality (usually pleasing) beyond the thinking & behavior of their adherents is delusional

  8. WOW! do you believe in Santa clause too? calling someone a quack because they don't have formal training from the academy is one of the worst and most ignorant forms of GROUP-THINK or, as it is called in basic critical thinking the "every body knows" fallacy…

  9. If Islam Has nothing to do with race then why did you have to mention that prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or yourself are Arabs? You contradict your own statements. Think before you speak.

  10. @unonifig Islam and christianity are anti black. Get in touch with native african relitions that love nature and the world we live in. Have pride in your own land, history and religion. Arans and euros are not our friends.

  11. Why do they say, 'if we want the truth, this is what we should do…?

    These are purely individuals ideas, and opinions. If they wheren't opinions and/or ideas, all would agreed.

  12. @munk25 So since you are laughing you must have been able to find his African name.. what is it? Do tell. by the way are you a white person? If you are an African descendant of slaves, what is your African name?

  13. I can trace my ancestry back to the original man just like an African.
    Whites and Asians didn't just fall out of the sky one day.
    They didn't pop out of a hole in the ground and say: "Where is this place? Maybe those dark skinned fellows over there can teach us some of the wisdom they have amassed over the millennia…"
    Whites and Asians have had just as much time on Earth as Africans. It's just that over the years their physiology has changed more.

  14. @DrunkenPoetic if you can create a black child from the white or asian genotype or phenotype then you have a point, if not shut the hell up ,idiot. see mendelian genetics.i also suggest you reseach where the oldest found human remains were discovered.Rather you like it or not these fact should not be denied.You can lighten things but never ever ever create dark from light unless dark is present.So without africans white people could'nt tan.HEHEHE

  15. @DrunkenPoetic I appreciate your'e responce and recognizing truth however that is not pointless at all but the point of your conjecture remains to be seen. Can you elaboratre,o man or woman of pure breeding that does not exist.I would love to see you pedigree all the way back to the beginning of time, please produce it the royals of England assuradley cannot go as far back I am interested to find out how you acconplished it genious!

  16. @M4001G We are all the same mate after all do we not share the same planet?do we not breathe the same air you do?Stop thinking that we are separate we are all one you are only feeding the evil people who want us to be separate,WAKE UP!!

  17. @rolpo2222 No your good, We are all human people are just angry and full of hatred so they hate innocent people also. Im black but I learned that not all white's are bad. But hey there are alot of bad black people and etc. so no one is better than the other. That's why we all must love each other cause we're all we have

  18. @MrStonedprunes what was the first christian state in the world idiot? Ethopia, this state brought christianity to europe. The ignorance of people especially africans is shocking. I like to say african americans have been taught the wrong history in their schools or just onesided. American and europe was late in the slave trade. Arabs and africans have been trading slaves rights up today.

  19. How can some of you dare judge this great teacher when most of you prooly havent studied none of the subjects he mentioned in debth.If you pay attention to the world and how these entities have made their history then you wouldnt have so much to say.

  20. Most real muslims in America of African descent know, or should know that the black man is god and the originator of civilization, culture and so-called religion. The way we express ourselves spiritually has been codified and made orthodox by the greedy and controlling- most of whom are coincidentally… pale. Islam is peace and a way of understanding the universe, reality and our higher selves through words rather than symbols, that is why it has been more transportable and less culture bound.

  21. Discocreator76 your asshole has more sense then your mind. Islam is soley responsible for bringing the known world out of the dark ages. This is a historical fact. You owe your life to the credit of Islam. Sterilization, the concept of pharmacy, most medicine, even the "discovery" of America is all from Islam. Google is free fuck nuts, dont take my word for it.

  22. My so called " black people" remember in grade school when the teach was teaching good need to know lessons and the dumb asses who did not understand the lesson caused a diversion to throw off the message of the teacher? This is what these crackers are doing today as untold facts are given to us. Do not debate these devils for it will do us more harm than good.

  23. first of all it's islam as noun not islamic as an adjective. Second of all please do not talk about anything in this life if you don't have the enough knowledge.

    I know nowadays there are some people who represent the islam as an evil and wrong religion but you can't judge the whole religion just because you saw or you heard some people calling them selves muslims and they are doing bad things which are completely opposite of what islam is all about. So PLEASE do more research about islam.

  24. and don't read from just one source and one view try to read from as many sources as you can.

    Islam means peace.

    So PEACE. and i hope you find the true meaning of islam which you rarely can find in any human being these days.

  25. You know what I love about muslims, they swear up and down that christians are slaves to white people……. but neglect the fact that muslims are slave to the arab people. The first thing they say is ISLAM means peace and they start reading from their scripted islam pamphlets. Damn shame. Blacks need to wake up; religion is for idiots. Shit, we invented it we should know.

  26. I'm Musllim. Listening to Dr. Clarke in this lecture, I find his argument distasteful. The spiritual aspect of Islam is very present in my life(being Arab myself), and many other Muslims that I know who pray 5 times a day can say the same thing. Religion being used for political purposes is a fact indeed.But the doings of a few people should not reflect upon an entire religion, and to take it a step further by reflecting it upon all the followers of that religion is not only false, but offensive

  27. You should understand that by saying that, u are racist yourself. You just said literally millions of people(Arabs) are hateful toward another race(Blacks). That in and of itself is a racial slur. I happen to fall under the category of Arab, so ur racially profiling me. The funny thing about your argument is that I have Black Muslim and NonMuslim friends that I get along with more than I do any other race. And it wasn't until I did research on the Prophet's life that I saw past skin tone. Irony.

  28. Are you serious? I'm racist? So I"m lying about Arabs having blacks as slaves longer than the white man? I'm lying now? What racial slur did I say? Really, I'm lying about the Arabs in Sudan raping, killing, and maiming their so called "MUSLIM BROTHERS"? Tell me I'm lying, about the Arab's hate? I'm lying about Arabs lynching and setting fire to their "AFRICAN MUSLIM BROTHERS" in Lybia? What about the water hoses and sending the black refugees in Egypt back to Sudean? Am I lying?

  29. I'm gonna cut straight to the bullshit. I'm not gonna go thru every argument ur making, youtube isn't the right media for that. Just do me a favor and re-read your comment. It applies to all Arabs. I'm Arab. By your logic I'm racist against Blacks. That's what you're saying, so're lying, and're racist.

  30. So, I'm making it up, right? Arabs didn't have black slavery longer than the white man? I'm lying about the Arabs in Sudan committing genocide on their "black muslim brothers"? I'm lying about the same Egyptian Arabs sending their so called "muslim brothers" SEEKING REFUGE back to Sudan, to get killed in a genocide? I'm lying about blacks getting lynched and set on fire in Lybia? I'm just making that up, right? I'M JUST PULLING THAT OUT MY ASS RIGHT?


    *sucks teeth*


  31. Yeah, I bet if I was in Darfur I'll be your "abid" or "Zurka" right? I'm lying, right? Congrats, you can't even dispute your people's atrocity towards you're so called "BLACK MUSLIM BROTHERS". All you can do is name call, right. GOOD JOB. I just made up the Janjaweed out of thin air right. They don't exist because you said so, right? Us "Abid" are complete idiots right?

    ISLAM IS A PEACEFUL RELIGION? YEAH, when you're not declaring a jihad and killing your "BLACK MUSLIM BROTHERS"

  32. Right!?!? They'll scream from the mountain tops "All Arabs and Islam aren't racist, so don't judge all Arabs because we are brothers." Then let a group of black people come into their store and it suddenly it becomes "ALL BLACKS ARE THIEVES AND IGNORANT SAVAGES". They want us to believe a majority of Arabs aren't racist, but at the same time say they have a legitimate reason to GENERALIZE AND STEREOTYPE black people.

    Your comment about marriage is ON POINT like an Uncle Sam poster.

  33. I hate when turn coat blacks say that. Statistics PROVE you're more llikely to get killed by people you know. In other words whites kill whites, hispanics kill hispanics (THEY LEAD STATS). Turncoats coons is saying is because BLACKS KILL EACH OTHER LET'S JUST EXCUSE THE INJUSTICES OF ANOTHER RACE. Them shiites and sunni Arabs off each other too, when they suffer injustice from whites they don't say

    "DON'T FORGET ARABS KILLING ARABS". They unite despite differences. Wake up! "BROTHER"?

  34. For Yehwah's sake wake up this man is dead right when he condemns religions,We are all brothers and sisters that have been divided by hate created by religions. Love one another please. We are living in end times please encourage peace and love, not hate and murder.

  35. Ever heard of the slavery in Europe, that was done by white people to white people. They were slaves much longer than anyone. And yes they did it to each other, look it up. The Neanderthals of Europe are the only plague on this planet. Religion is just another way of control.

  36. This is an excellent video! An immensely powerful and emotive speaker saying the right stuff at last.
    Exactly the same happened to Hindu India. Christianity and islam are political tools sowing divisive and seditious seeds.
    Readers would do well to listen to rajiv malhotra
    Also see christian deception at work here:

  37. religious dogma how can anyone really believe an invisible being created the earth in seven days, and night when in fact it formed over four billion years ago..God must've some serious patience.All religion is divisive and poisonous made to divide us not unite us together as one human family

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