Principal in Pennsylvania admits white students were chanting: Cotton Picker, You’re a N*gger, Heil Hitler.

Southern Lehigh High School students have been subjected to classmates yelling gay slurs and the n-word in the halls, calling black students cotton pickers and using heil Hitler salutes.

That’s according to students and a letter high school Principal Christine Siegfried sent home to families following a special assembly on Wednesday, where the principal urged the study body to treat classmates with respect.

District Superintendent Kathleen Evison emphasized Friday that only a small number of students used the “extremely inappropriate language” and they have been disciplined.

“Our student body is an extremely supportive and collaborative student body,” Evison said. “This is very unusual for us to hear this kind of language and, obviously, very disturbing.”

High school junior Jamie Kish said he hasn’t been a target of any of the name calling or harassment, but there’s been a sharp uptick in such behavior this school year.

“It is noticeable and I do think it is a problem,” Kish said. “I do think it is good the administration is trying to do something about it.”

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