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PRINCE Did Not Pass Away Because Of Drugs! He Was Removed 4 The Same Reason Why Michael Jackson Was!


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  1. Preach it. Look at the violence and lack of progress in Africa for the last 10,000 years! We didn't even get the wheel! That ain't natural! That was the prehistoric white man poisoning our water! Damn white people and their chemtrails messing shit up…

  2. Speaking as a person from Michigan and you know we have a city called Flint Michigan. First they took GM away put everybody in the street took their homes. And then they turn around and poisoned the water with lead and our governor still in office And we're paying for his legal defense isn't that a Kick In The Head. And lady of color that was suing the state somebody broke in her house and blew her brains out. So Obama came to Flint drunk a glass of water and told us everything was going to be alright. Do I believe him hell no because as the president it took them so long to get him that glass of water. Somebody had to run into the bathroom take out some bottled water pour it in a glass it to give to him he asked for it five times the president United States lead Cannot show up for years in your system about time you find out your kid is Artistic or have a growth problem it's too late the factories that were there stop using the water years before this was found out it was eating their machines apart so what do you think it was doing in human beings sad not only did people color live in Flint Michigan Europeans do too the plants are there and the ones that were too poor to leave we're still there so they don't care about anybody

  3. so no body wants the question the fact that prince is dead for the truth, and dick gregory put out first?? interesting … and no one wants to say anything about the fact that, that shit was aired on FUCKINN CSPAN!!!!!!?????? but hes stiiiiiiiilllll walkin around talkin shit .. but PRINCES ASS IS FUCKIN DEAD>!?!??!??!?!? INTERESTING!!! …………

  4. look at Prince in his black n white sissy attire the more I learn about these celebrities being pedophiles, witchcraft demon conjuring doggs I don't give a damn why and how any of them die…die they shall like the doggs they where.. because it's impossible for you to be catapulted to the top in that "eye's wide shut"crew and not have known what it was all about all along…so anybody and I mean ANYBODY!!! who knows about pedophile rings and human blood sacrifices and didn't BLOW the whistle immediately then don't cry foul when it's your turn die at the hands of your puppet master's he was a part of the "eye's wide shut" crew!!! so party over oops out of time

  5. I read thru some of these comments and I'm truly saddened. There is a conspiracy and it's not a theory. Those in power are successful mostly because of their control of media (propaganda) and related outlets. I'm not attempting to discredit D. Gregory in any way, mind you, as he knew only too well how the system was manipulated/controlled. The truth is, 'they' don't care about any of us~black, white or other! They manufacture wars/conflicts for 'their' benefit, not ours! Follow the money..presently we are all slaves to the bankers. There's nothing 'federal' at all about The Federal Reserve. USA, Inc. has been subverted from within. Be proud of your heritage~but, be wary of how emotions can be easily manipulated. If Prince was murdered, I seriously doubt that it was solely because he was black (especially since his heritage is mixed). Question why George Soros donated so much money to the BLM movement, then paid protestors to beat up & attack white people. Same with Antifa (he has paid demonstrators to be violent) or hired crisis actors to participate in the White Nationalists protests. This is the same guy who helped the invading Nazis dispossess the Jewish community of their wealth/possessions(!) when he was a youth, then later continue amassing wealth financing various conflicts. There is potential for another (un)civil war here in the states. At the very least ask yourselves who stands to benefit. Divide & conquer has been an extremely effective and efficient means of total control & world domination. And while the perpetrators are mostly caucasian, these psychopaths don't hold any allegiance to anyone outside of their circle. "Order from chaos" is their maxim, per the (NWO) novus ordem seclorem (nothing 'new' about it, either!):

  6. Wake up!!! its class not color..
    They separating us by class.
    Everyone feeds into the racial divide ,when in fact it is lower class against high class.
    Yes, prince was killed along with many and i mean many others of diffrent ethnicity because they spoke the truth and its not just one ethnicity being poisoned its low class

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