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Paul Mooney – Dropping Knowledge

More from Reelblack’s 2010 interview with MR. PAUL MOONEY. In this clip, he talks about the difference between being half-African and half-Black, DNA, his Rip Van Winkle screenplay, Willie Lynch and the fear Black women instill in their sons. A Reelblack exclusive. Special thanks: Helium Comedy Club. Cam + Edit: Mike D.


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  1. "Dropping Knowledge" is a absolutely correct. This fool completely dropped all sense of knowledge in lieu of rhetoric and malarkey!!! He is a racist ass!!!!

  2. when i first came to the us at 5 years old from uruguay i had never been or seen a black person before.. i used to be scared for some reason at first but then i realized how fucking awesome the music , culture ect …i even used to get bullied and laughed at by black school mates when i tried to fit in and be friends with them, i think it was also because i was beginning to learn how to speak english . but that still didnt make me hate a whole race those were just a couple of retards. of course now being here so long you adapt and understand and make friends. i understand that the system way more difficult for blacks thats why i get it. people who are racist are looking at the wrong crowd of that race

  3. this man is so pleased with himself. I'm sorry but this primess that all white people are racist now is plain and simple BULLSHIT. I don't do anything to hurt blacks I don't know anyone who hurts blacks. we don't talk about it, think about it or care about it. why are these race issues are becoming so crazy? just because Trump won the election ? Obama was elected by white people also. I just don't get it. it seems I'm the enemy even though I don't want to be. fair warning – If I have to protect my family, friends and myself I will with no mercy or compassion at all. best regards

  4. if Michael Jackson wasn't a pedophile then water ain't wet. it is just as racist to ignore perversity, criminality, and the behaviour of people that are destructive towards other people because the individual being accused is black. Paul Mooney opinions are affected by the fact that he has an emotional interest in making sure that black people whether they be everyday individuals, or famous black people are not viewed as disgusting, or criminal.

  5. So holding power over someone is racism. NO! All of us have had bosses that had power over us. Our parents had power over us. Our teachers had power over us. Until you are at the very top all of us will have a boss. Please get a correct definition of racism.

  6. Got to hang with Paul at NBC's 100th Anniversary party for "A Different World' at the Hammer Museum in Westwood. Awesome talent and good people. We both class-clowned the event from the back wall of the room.

  7. America is run by slave labor. Why do you see Hispanics working for $30 a day. No benefits. Treated like dogs. People that have criminal records for something they did when they were 17-20 years-old. Forced into slave labor.

  8. Black People need to all decide one thing and one thing only…are you going to be a truth teller or a coon/puppet?? You can only be one or the other and once thats decided then you link with people you feel share your ideology and move forward. Mooney,Pryor,Red Foxx,Dick gregory, those boys come from a diff era.

  9. "DNA was supposed to put BLACK people in jail and what it did was free them . That's God's work"
    The White boy who invented/discovered DNA was found dead out by the railroad tracks.

  10. Paul Mooney rocks! Watched him feature at Yuk-Yuk's in Toronto every night for a week. He is a very smart, very good comedian and a brilliant social commentator! He killed every night at the club. Love seeing him on youtube after so many years.

  11. The Legendary Chi Lites Son Families Story Saga Of Music Legacy Corruption And Corruption(FOR RED’S SAKE) GIVE MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE

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  12. What DNA really proves is we all come from a single point. All human beings DNA are like 99.9% with 0.1% still being a big difference. That's millions of years living in different areas of weather and having different diets has slightly changed our DNA.

    The one we look at primates (and I know it doesn't sound pretty to say we are evolved primates) they line up with human DNA perfectly 98.5% And we have never even found our closest relatives. We match chimpanzees 98.5%+ and yet still believe there are 3 classes of closer relatives that have gone extinct. 99% of all creatures that ever existed on Earth are extinct.

    We know for sure we lived among the Neanderthal man and if we can never extract some significant DNA from their fossils they likely will be above

    See Paul Mooney misinterprets white mixing with black. Cuz if I rape your sister or mother you would think my blood mixed with yours, and if you raped my sister or mother I would feel yours mixed with mine.

    So explain to me how Thomas Jefferson has a black bloodline that lives today. Was he only turning the black women slaves he was having sex with into white people?

    When you think about it you're like that's kind of stupid to say he was turning his own self Black too.
    Don't we look at the ACT the malicious unacceptable act against Mankind and not the mixture of the DNA itself.

    Also I am pretty sure that there are African American slaves whose bloodline didn't get mixed in by white man. The women were raped probably but didn't have the kid. There were slave owners who did not rape they're slaves. Many slaves got away and lived with Mexican and Native people away from the white man.

    So did the Mexican man or the native man take anything from the black bloodline or vice versa? No that's dumb to say blood gets mixed with blood and at the end of the day we're all one blood that's scientific fact

  13. In simpler terms 10 Black men 10 get 10 white women pregnant or 10 white men get 10 black women pregnant.
    In which scenario are the kids only black or white? IN NO SCENARIO WHATSOEVER LOL! IT'S SIMPLE!

  14. Welfare was the new slavery. LBJ said "I'll have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years" they got single black mothers married to the govt, which allowed black fathers to abandon their families. So, the deadly combo of single mothers and high school dropout rate is THE reason for the income disparity and the high number of black inmates (fatherless boys are 10-20 times more likely to be incarcerated) and your beloved liberal party is to blame. They wanted slavery, started the KKK, and started welfare, which has been worse for blacks than slavery was. THESE ARE YOUR PROBLEMS, not racism. White priveledge and institutional racism are both myths perpetuated by the liberals and race pimps like al sharpton and Jesse Jackson because they make their living telling you racism is "alive and well"……. Bullshit. An institutionally racist country could never elect a black president. Full stop

  15. It stopped them from.putting a fake rape case against me in Florida but they never went after the other dude in the cell across from me. Who had the same first name and almost the same last name but with a different middle name.

  16. Paul Mooney Is A Straight UP G,He's Telling It Like It IS!!! A Comedic GENIUS,He's Been In The Game For Four Decades,He Done Seen Some Things!!! He Tells Us About Our History,And Pisses White People Off,I LOVE IT!!!

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