Pastor Went to Heaven and Took Photos, Selling the Pics for 5K a Piece – QualitySharing

JOHANNESBURG – In case the good news hasn’t hit you yet, Incredible Happenings Ministries founder and leader Prophet Mboro went through the pearly gates.

Or so he says, The holy man’s spokesperson – Mr Nkuna – told local newspaper, the Katlehong Weekly, that Pastor Mboro was “captured” to heaven during an Easter Sunday service and took pictures on his Galaxy Smartphone and came back down later that same day.

“I just want to bless everyone with the experience I had talking with Jesus, he’s a great guy and showed me a lot of love I can’t wait to get back up there with him”—Mboro

He went on to say that the pictures are available for 5,000 a piece and can be sent torecipients via WhatsApp.
The public can apparently go via the ministry’s Facebook page for the photo.

The Incredible Happenings Facebook page hasn’t been updated since August 2015.


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