Obama’s Legacy: Interview with Joy DeGruy

Joy DeGruy speaks to TRT World about Obama’s legacy on race relations





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  1. I like the few speeches she gave back in the day, but she got all those degrees and still blind. She got plenty of work under obama,and it is twisted to no all that educated mind can be side tracked by politics and personal favor. F. BHO t B.

  2. This was very interesting. This reporter further confirms what Dr. Degruy confirms in her lectures. She never acknowledged Dr. Degruy as a doctor nor " Obama" as "President" but she did acknowledge "Trump" as President Trump. This may seem petty but the devil is truly in the details…. just an observation!

  3. Dr. Joy Degruy is a GENIUS!! researcher. You must view her work, on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. It's on youtube. Im so glad I ran into here work (video). She exposes white people, like Thomas Jefferson in his cognitive dissonance and other white leadèrs of his time. Also, what slavery has done and is still doing to blacks & whites even today. She is a GENIUS in the psychologial field. Wath her videos NOW!! You will be helped greatly in understanding why blacks & whites behave the way they do. WOW

  4. The unconscious bias of the reporter was so profound. She more than likely did not catch how she never referred to Pres. Obama or Dr. DeGruy by their properly earned titles BUT she did with Pres. Trump. A damn shame.

  5. Dr. Joy handled the last question with class and showed the reporter's ignorance.."what do you think lies ahead for you?"..Dr. Joy knew very well she meant black people in general because it is their habit of stereotyping and generalizing us as if there is only one black experience…she gave her sarcastic smile and answered with class what it meant to her and not black people in general….

  6. Wow, most white people are so caught up in their contempt for black people, this white woman didn't even realize the condescending way she disrespected this brilliant woman by not referring to her as Dr. This really illustrates the level of depravity these savages have regarding black people. Absolutely disgusting!

  7. Regardless of whether she is doctor through the education system or not, her contribution is indeed valuable…… Having a doctorate doesn't mean that she will cure the problem but having the courage and intellect to bring light in a reasonable manner is what counts…… We don't need doctors we need open mindedness because there are still are a lot of brainwashed educated negros out there….. Keep up the good work Empress Joy!

  8. The truth will set us free if we face it. Most white's don't want to face the truth it would have to make us admit we aren't who we pretend to be. We would have to face the lies we have told ourselves for generations and give up the belief we are superior. Something that those who wear the suits and have all the money need to understand will be their downfall with the evolution of humanity. I hope I see this evolution and rise of all beings…as Dr. DeGruy says it has been proven that we are all "literally" the same. We all come from the same species no matter what true ignorance says. We are all from the same family. Let us hope we see that day and can celebrate it together.

  9. I wondered how she was going to respond to the various questions laid out before her, but she answered them all exactly the way I'd would've. Very impressive. πŸ‘πŸ½
    Until we realize that the Monetary System is what's holding back progress (those of you who feel that I'm straying off topic have already failed the I.Q. Test in this area), things will only continue to get worse and worse. As she said, "Things will get MUCH DARKER BEFORE they get brighter.". Race Relations are but one of many elements keeping us all from living in harmony. And I'm not just referring to differing Ethnic Groups, but between Men and Women as well. If we start investing more into positivity and less into negativity, we'll all be rewarded with lives that we never before even thought possible. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ½

  10. who is this awful interviewer? Is she a racist, or just ignorant? Does she not know that the person she is interviewing is DR. Joy DeGruy or is she just disrespectful?

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