They Not Playing! Credible” plot to kill Baton Rouge police officers foiled

They Not Playing!Credible” plot to kill Baton Rouge police officers foiled



BATON ROUGE — Police have arrested three young people who they say plotted to kill Baton Rouge cops using guns stolen from a pawn shop, officials said Tuesday.

Law enforcement said at a Tuesday press conference they believe it to be a substantial and credible threat on police officers in the Baton Rouge area.

The burglary at the pawn shop, which is in Baton Rouge, happened early Saturday morning, police say. CBS affiliate WAFB reports police believe four suspects broke in through the roof. Tuesday, officials said eight handguns were stolen. Six guns have been recovered, and two are still missing, police said.
Louisiana State Police tell CBS News those in custody are 13, 17 and 20. The 17-year-old was arrested at the shop after an “alert” Baton Rouge police officer responded, police said. The suspect was carrying a handgun and a BB pistol, Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie, Jr. said Tuesday.

That suspect told police the group of four was “looking for bullets” for the handguns in order to harm police officers in the Baton Rouge area, Dabadie said.

“We took this as a very viable threat,” Dabadie said.

Search warrants issued in Baton Rouge police shooting
Another suspect was arrested at his home, and the third on the street, Baton Rouge police tell CBS News. One of the suspects allegedly told police that the planned attack was in response to the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot and killed by police on July 5, reported CBS affiliate WAFB.

Sterling’s death has spurred days of protests in Louisiana, and led to a federal civil rights investigation.

Police are looking for another 20-year-old who they haven’t identified. Dabadie urged the suspect to turn himself in.

On Monday, a raid was conducted at a Baton Rouge home in connection to the case, WAFB reports. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives assisted police in the investigation.

Police have not released the names of the suspects or the charges they are facing.


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