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Noose Found Hanging From Tree in Maryland

Another attempt at intimidating black Americans was discovered when a noose was found hanging from a tree in a Montgomery County, MD.

As part of threats to African Americans from racists, there have recently been nooses found at national monuments and a college campus. A black State Attorney in Florida also received a noose in the mail.

Authorities say they responded to a call of a noose hanging from a tree in the Heron’s Cove Condominium neighborhood. The synthetic rope noose found in a tree in a common area near the neighborhood parking lot was first spotted at approximately 8 a.m., authorities said in a statement, according to The Root.

Officers interviewed residents, who did not believe the noose was directed at anyone in particular, it seemed to be more of a general threat. The noose was removed by police and submitted into evidence.



Source: Noose Found Hanging From Tree in Maryland

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