NFL kicker’s wife says ‘animal’ black player Richard Sherman should be castrated in tweet

Kaela Carpenter started a mini Twitter feud with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman after she suggested he should be castrated for hitting her husband, Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter, during Monday Night Football at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks defeated the Bills 31-25, but Kaela wasn’t going to remain silent about the loss.

She posted an image of an instrument used to castrate animals. “I know what we do on the farm when a male can’t control his own rage,” she wrote Monday. In the hashtags Kaela added: “Lucky I’m Not There,” “Sherman” and “Act Like An Animal Get Treated Like 1.”

Sherman, 28, responded to her post with laughing emoji. “Thank you! Have a great day,” he tweeted Tuesday. Sherman’s response was liked hundreds of times by netizens.

Sherman hit Carpenter, 30, just before Half Time when he jumped offsides while he tried to block the kicker’s field-goal attempt. Sherman was not fouled for roughing the kicker, but the Bills were penalized for delay of game. Carpenter ultimately shanked the ball at a 54-yard attempt.

Sherman denied that he tried to hurt Carpenter. He went to Instagram and Twitter Tuesday to show a still of him going for the ball.


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