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Never Forget! Clifford Glover The 10 Yr Old Black King Who Was Shot While Walking With Dad

The sun was not yet up on April 28, 1973, as Add Armstead and a companion walked to work along New York Blvd. in South Jamaica, Queens. “We were walking, not saying anything to each other, and this car pulls up, and this white fella opens the door with a gun,” Armstead later said.

It seemed like a stickup, so Armstead and the companion ran.
The gunman hollered, “You black son of a bitches!” Armstead heard gunshots and a cry from his companion: “I’m shot!”

It turned out the gunman was not a robber. He was a plainclothes cop named Thomas Shea. He and his partner, Walter Scott, were looking for two men who had robbed a cabby in the neighborhood that Saturday morning.

In the moments after the fatal shooting, Shea and Scott were recorded on walkie-talkie transmissions to a dispatcher making peculiar comments.

“Die, you little bastard,” Scott was overheard saying. One of the cops added a victory whoop: “The good guys won!”

The celebration ended when a precinct commander arrived, took a look at the dead person and asked Shea, “Didn’t you recognize that he was a kid?”

The victim, Clifford Glover, was 10 years old and weighed 90 pounds. He had been shot in the back. A fourth-grader at PS 40, he often accompanied Armstead, his stepfather, to work at a local junkyard on Saturdays.

“They killed my son in cold blood,” said his mother, Eloise Armstead.

Source: Justice Story: Cop kills boy, 10

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