MVP Rose vs Curry

Who You Got


If Rose could somehow elevate to MVP form the Bulls can possibly upset the Warriors tonight. The Bulls are eastern conference title contenders ,but getting past LeBron is a obstacle that the Bulls can’t defeat.

Was MVP D Rose on Stephs Level.

Best Season (no game minimum)
Points Per Game
Stephen Curry 30.0 (2016)

Derrick Rose 25.0 (2011)
Rebounds Per Game
Stephen Curry 5.3 (2016)

Derrick Rose 4.1 (2011)
Assists Per Game
Stephen Curry 8.5 (2014)

Derrick Rose 7.9 (2012)
Steals Per Game
Stephen Curry 2.1 (2016)

Derrick Rose 1.0 (2011)
Blocks Per Game
Stephen Curry 0.3 (2012)

Derrick Rose 0.7

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