Must See Video: Evil White Administrator Drags 7 Year Old Black Child Off School Bus By His Feet

The Beast At Work Again


7-Year Old Memphis Child Gets Dragged Off A Bus By His Feet By A School Employee!

This what we are sending our kids to school to be treated like? You don’t see them doing anybody else’s kids like this!  This racist man should be locked up for a felony for treating this kid like a zoo animal. Look at his face and look at how he he enjoys this shit. For him to have the mentality to even think of doing something like this to a child is out of this fucking world. No if you don’t think that it’s time for you to start homeschooling your kids.  Just take a look at this video. Comment below about what you think should happen to this fucking racist ass person that works in the Public school system in Memphis Tennessee.


White Administrator, Joseph Edwards, Drags Black Child [Full Video] Off School Bus By Their Feet

White Administrator, Joseph Edwards, Drags Black Child [Full Video] Off Bus By Their Feet Kimberly Hardin’s child did not deserve that at all. Yes they had a tantrum, but Shelby County better retrain their staff. #josephedwards #shelbycountyschools #robertrchurchelem #sclc #justice #memphis #tn

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